Best 5 Cake Flavors to Spice up Your Birthday Party

Are you bored with the conventional cake designs, flavors and toppings? Well, it is quite likely if you organize several parties and events every year. Everyone wants to make the birthday a memorable event for his or her loved ones. If there is such an occasion nearby, explore these amazing cakes to add zeal of freshness to your birthday party this time.

Plethora of Options to Customize the White Chocolate Cake

You can add a new zeal to the regular chocolate cake with several enticing flavors. The white chocolate is awesome for making cheesecakes, often paired with tart made of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc. If you are running short of ideas to decorate muffins in your birthday party, you can simply take out some flakes of white chocolate to bestow a snowy topping. The white chocolate cake with peanut butter and almonds are perfect for a memorable cake-cutting event.

The Chocolate Truffle Desire

Some people simply do not like a break up with the ecstatic taste of chocolates. They want it in everything, coffee, pastries, ice creams and what not. You can still revolutionize your regular chocolate cake in several ways. Go with the pure dark chocolate delight or opt for the vanilla essence combination. A raspberry sauce filling inside the sponge layers can also give a savoring delicacy to your chocolate cake. If you want to send cake to Meerut, there are several chocolate cake designs and flavors to choose when placing the orders online.

Pristine White Cake with Tangy Lime and Coconut- Perfect for Fairy Tale Theme Party

Do you want to keep everything in white in the birthday party? Do not let the cake spoil the theme party while enjoying the soft mouth watering bites. While vanilla flavor in the sponge layers give you the color and rich taste, the sour lime tart cream filling will add extra softness to the cake. Nowadays, the outer layer of such cakes is coated with desiccated coconut sprinkled finely all over the vanilla cream base frosting. The cake resembles a snowy playground.

Champagne Cake with Caramelized Nuts and Peach Frosting

Do you want to create an awesome birthday bash for teenagers approaching their college admission this year? Well, this is the cake to remember for long years. You can choose any color for the champagne cake sponge layer- white, pink, mint green etc. Pure peach frosting gives a fine flavor to your cake while the caramelized nuts on the top give you the crunch feel.

Enjoy the Devine Fruit Topping on the Blissful White Cake

Are you bored with all traditional cake flavors? Shun them all this year and opt for a mixed fruit topping to give a fine tune of color contrast to the outer white frosting. You can choose to add exciting fruit flavors between the cake layers including strawberry sauce, blueberry or pineapple jam. There are manifold options to personalize these yummy cakes.

Where to Find these Amazing Cakes

Well, right at your doorstep. You do not have to go searching from one bakery shop to another for your favorite flavored cake. Order it online from the comforts of your home and it will reach your destination in a decently secure package all fresh and hygienic.

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