Benefits of Renting a Home in a Community Instead of a Hotel Room on Your Next Vacation

There are a lot of great deals to be had when you book a hotel. Comparing prices is the norm, and saving big is common when you book your hotel, airplane, and rental car at the same time. However, that doesn’t mean a hotel is always your best option.

You have many other options when you’re on vacation. Renting a home in a community is one of them. Whether it’s the upscale Arabian Ranches in Dubai or it’s a house on the beach in Florida, there are some big benefits of renting a house in a community instead of staying in a hotel room the next time you’re on vacation.

More Affordable for Large Groups

There are many ways you can make traveling with a large group more affordable. One of the best ways is to skip the hotel and rent a house instead.

Staying at a hotel can get expensive fast when you have to rent multiple rooms. When you stay in a house, there are no addition rooms to rent. Everyone has their own private space without the need to dish out hundreds, or even thousands of extra dollars on extra hotel rooms.

That’s not the only way you’ll save by having your large group stay in a home. You’ll have access to a kitchen, which means you won’t have to spend money eating out three meals a day. You can save hundreds of dollars by making burgers for lunch instead of spending it all at a restaurant.

It Puts You in the Middle of a Permanent Community

When you stay at a hotel, you’re part of a temporary community. People staying in the building aren’t residents. They’re staying for a little while, just like you are.

If you really want to get a feel for the place you’re visiting, you should put yourself smack-dab in the middle of one of the local communities. By staying in a house, you can get to know what the people in the area are like. The person renting the house can provide you with insider knowledge of the area, as can your neighbors who call the area home all year long.

Live like a Local

By being a temporary member of a permanent community, you can better live like a local. You can see how they spend their time, and you can find non-touristy attractions that you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed.

For example, there may be a small coffee shop located in the neighborhood that is frequented by locals. In contrast, staying in a hotel means being down the street from a coffee shop that is frequented by travelers. Not only will it pull you away from the heart and soul of the community, tourist-based businesses will charge more than local businesses, so your coffee will likely cost more.

Personal Amenities

Hotels used to offer all kinds of amenities for free. Those amenities are disappearing fast. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay for WiFi the next time you stay in a hotel, and you’ll definitely have to pay to do laundry. When you rent a home, many of these amenities are included in the price.

Not to mention, the amenities that a hotel does provide have to be shared with other guests. You can expect to share the pool with a couple of rowdy teenagers at least once while you’re on vacation.

Amenities don’t have to be shared when you rent a house. Amenities that you will have all to yourself might include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Grill
  • Outdoor bar area
  • Adventure equipment, like bicycles
  • And much more!

Simpler Pricing

See that luxury hotel being promoted for $99 per night? That’s not the price you’ll pay. Hotels are notorious for throwing in hidden fees. Avoiding the mini bar isn’t going to solve the problem either. Many of these fees are included in every bill, no matter what services you use.

Because most rental houses are privately owned, their caretakers like to keep things as simple as possible. Most of the time, they include any additional fees in the advertised price so you won’t be surprised at the final bill. The price may seem higher at first glance when searching online, but you’ll likely end up saving in the long run.

Don’t automatically start searching for hotels the next time you’re planning a vacation. Instead, consider renting a house in a community! Not only might you save money, you’re sure to have a more authentic experience.

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