Beginner Exercises to Try at Home

Just because you spend most of your time indoors doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise and burn that fat. All you need to do is clear away that coffee table or sofa so as to create space. Read this article and take your first steps towards fitness today.

Exercises You Can Do At Home

Below we list a collection of exercises that you can do at home. You simply put your online pokies real money game on Auto-play and work that body out. Read enjoy and get fit while you’re at it!


How to do it

You must get down into a press-up position. Make sure that your hands are placed shoulder-width apart. Also, your back should be flat so that a straight line forms from your head to your heels. You should then lower your body until your chest is about an inch away from the ground. Next, drive up explosively by extending your arms. This grows and strengthens your shoulder joints as it uses many muscle groups.

Dumbbell standing shoulder press

How to do it

You should hold dumbbells, palms facing forwards, at shoulder height. Always make sure that your elbows are in front of the bar. Also, never flare out to the sides. You will then need to press the weights up above your head until your arms are extended fully. Return to start position and repeat. This exercise sculpts your shoulders. As mentioned above, you can put your game on Auto-play or sports betting live odds on hold while doing this. You need to focus to avoid straining your muscles or joints.

Dumbbell squat

How to do it

Hold dumbbells, positioning your legs shoulder width apart. Make sure to keep your head up as well as your back straight. Now, sit back into a squat until the dumbbells are about an inch away from the floor. You must also make sure that you don’t arch you back or lean forward when you drop down. This is an all-round exercise to build overall strength. The dumbbells will allow you to concentrate on technique as well as work on your range of movement.

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