About William Whitby

Will is a student reading Engineering in London. He has always had a great interest in how things work especially on the nanoscale and the particle scale. As well as freelance writing Will enjoys rock and ice climbing, skiing and socialising. Will is also a model and an entrepreneur. He hopes to one day complete the trek to the North Pole with his dad, who he does most of his climbing with. His main drive is the pursuit of knowledge and the most important question, why are we here?

Neutrinos Changing the Face of Particle Physics

Recently the world of quantum physics was thrown into chaos when scientists at CERN in Switzerland appeared to have proved that neutrinos could travel at speeds greater than light. This caused such turmoil as it disproved Einstein’s law of special relativity which, in short, states that mass increases exponentially as … Continue reading

Theoretical Highest Temperatures

In science it is well known that the lowest temperature possible is 0K. However is it possible to put the same thinking into finding a theoretical highest temperature? Having researched this I found that there is no conclusive answer, merely several different popular theories on whether we can find this … Continue reading