About Vimbai Chapungu

Vimbai Chapungu is currently studying her A-levels after which she plans to study Fashion and International Business at university as her love of fashion is never-ending. Vimbai adores all aspects of fashion and keeps her finger on the fashion world’s pulse by reading magazines to stay updated on the latest looks making her a great source of tips and advice on trends and styling. Vimbai has also featured in model campaigns such as The Face of Colour enabling her to experience life on camera and behind the scenes. Her favourite designer is the inspirational Yves St Laurent.

Fun Festive Fashion


Pull your tents out as the summer festivals have finally arrived. It’s all about getting us fashionable festies together to share our qualities with the rest of the world. We don’t want to feel out of place, but we do want to catch the superlative kind of attention.  Luckily our high street shops have pulled a great deal weight off our shoulders by creating their festival collection.

It is evident aztec prints were truly created for festivals with daring bold colours which allows you to be seen from miles away, and the unique  patterns available in various styles. However, it is becoming more common that people are wearing it as their casual outfit. Indeed there is no fault in wearing aztec print as festivals are unpremeditated  however the real flare is spicing it up with a more safari, African styled look. It still brings that exotic distinctive excellence that aztec-styled clothing brings, yet looks somewhat fresher.


It may seem  inevitable that you may find someone who so happens to have the same outfit as you, but being unique and knowing what best suits you is what takes you a step further. Tie dye has the “it” factor painted all over it right now, and what better time to show your originality than by tie dying your own shorts. It may sound like a lot of work, however you are saving money and expressing your creativity. Just You Tube  the style you want to pursue and the rest is all up to you. It is better to use white short,s as you can create various shades. You can even cut up your own shorts with jeans you feel are no use to you anymore- creating the messy, rebellious but effortless look.

For those rough days

A rain check is necessary this summer as it  is showing unpredictable weather, so we must be pro-active because no rain is going to bring us down. Fashionable raincoats are available at a great price. In New Look they’re just £19.99!  The floral print rain coat available in New Look brings that jolly festival vibe, keeping you and others in a good mood. However, if you do want to keep it simple, the Khaki coloured parka is your best option, it is not too dull as it glossesnwith edginess. Wellingtons are great for treading during bad weather.  They don’t necessarily have to be knee length but they need to serve its purpose and be stylish. The maria bow style wellies show just that for just £15.99 from the online store, daisy street.

Maria Bow Wellington Boot Red Bow

Maria Bow Wellingnton boot £15.99 – www.daisystreet.co.uk/footwear/boots

Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Trends

The bright colours we have seen over the summer  have cooled down for winter and designers  have created new trademarks that are unleashing into the retail stores as we speak. The development of winter pastels have caught the attention of many to keep this winter sweet, while daring biker coats are available to look like a snug rebel this winter. There is something for everybody this winter, and these are just small examples of the autumn/winter trends.

Oh so Velvet! There is something about velvet that reminds us all of winter. Perhaps its the thickness of the fabric that warms us up when we wear it, or the luminosity it brings when it is exposed to the winter light, that reminds us of the festivities that happen during this season. Velvet is already a rich fabric so it’s best worn to a minimum-one item of clothing within your outfit is enough  to create that all winter outfit. To avoid the velvet piece from clashing with the rest of the outfit, try to choose similar colours or compliment with minimalistic colours such as black, navy blue or white. Topshop’s lookbook is a great example to show us how to wear velvet in style.

Clash of the Tartans Just like Velvet, tartan can be overwhelming when deciding how much is too much. With this trend it’s all about being able to complement the material- as tartan checkers range from soft to bold. The most common colour with tartan is red to act as a signal to Christmas. Don’t be afraid to mix checkers together as this creates a modern look- so long as they are the same colours or same texture. To create an effortless look, simple colours such as navy blue, wine red, black and white will do the trick.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s 2011 collection proves to still be in trend with his use of soft tartan material

Faithful Fur 

Fur will always continue to be a winter accessory and is manipulated in forms to keep up with the trends including a fur handbag  or it can be simply be worn as a hat or coat. The best thing about fur is that it is now affordable and with the right eye for quality it can still give you the same warming effect without stretching your pockets. Nothing spells cosy like a fur hat or headband. It is the best accessory to have especially if your constantly on the go- and they have become more inexpensive as well as warmer! Price ranges from £7.00 and vary in the length of the fur. Fur coats can stretch your pockets a bit but they are worth it. It’s best to save up and buy after Christmas as the weather usually becomes more cold around that time.

Buy John Lewis Faux Fur Head Band Online £15.00

College Fashion: Sixth Form Prep

River Island encourages warmth with fur and long draped jackets. This is an effortless look for sixth form.

River Island encourages warmth with fur and long draped jackets. This is an effortless look for sixth form.

Going to college means more independence as you wave goodbye to the boring plaque uniforms and say hello to the energetic clothes that were once hiding in your wardrobe. Even though there’s more flexibility with what you wear, in 6th Form schools you might find your choice of outfits are limited. With the imposed uniform rules it makes us automatically think we are expected to dress up like our teachers (with unflattering flared trousers and long sleeved shirts, week-after-week) when this is not necessarily the fact. This is the very reason we must be pro-active in thinking of the style we want to pursue for the next few years.

Common Uniform Code:

6th Form schools want to be differentiated from colleges, not because they think they’re academically above, but because the  a-level students are associated with setting an example to the younger years. This makes it all the more difficult in wearing our favorite high-waisted shorts… but with the 3 Rs we can get through 6th form with no problems:

  • Respond well to the rules- you’re already going into a new learning environment so don’t add more stress than necessary 
  • Respect the code- it’s not the end of the world- in fact- your are challenging your fashion ability rather than playing it safe by just wearing simple jeans to school
  • Replace the disapproved clothes with this years A/W trends, that encourage the “less is more” stamina. Such is shown in River Island’s collection- who promote the his-is-hers 2013 trends of oversized coats and hats, also pursued by designers such as Alexander Wang and Stella Mcartney.

It may be quiet expensive to buy a bulk of clothing from high street shops such as River Island or Top Shop, however their cosy collection offers quality over quantity that is sure to last you for a long time. Perhaps buying coats, bottoms and shoes from high end shops, while buying simple and affordable tops elsewhere such as Primark or Select will do you advantage.

Here is to wishing you the best of luck in your results and settling in 6th form!

Image reproduced from irishtimes.com

Fashion Experience in Zimbabwe

“This trip was planned for months” Eva Mutsago confirms as waking up every Sunday morning to buy and organise fashionable clothing for Zimbabwe, comes into the mind of my dearest aunt. She would carefully assess the garments before buying them, ensuring they’re are up to her standards. Then when she is satisfied, she would buy the clothing she believes will make her customers happy. Her collection ranges from River Island dresses for the Zimbabwean teens, to nicely polished suits for adults from NEXT.

The biggest worry that came to mind was how people would put the clothes from the Western World together. The trend in Zimbabwe seems to be colour-blocking which is not entirely far from what we have seen here. However admittedly they seem to abuse this term. Where we involve colours that are in the same colour wheel, in Zimbabwe they tend to wear colours that clash. Criticisms aside, their eye for fashion is progressing thanks to those who inspire people to be involved. ” I don’t wait for people to come to me,” Eva claims “I go to them because fashion waits for no man!”

Every day Eva would carry about 6 bags filled with Western fashion goodies ready to sell to Zimbabweans in Harare – which was 45 minutes away from her home. Eva already had loyal customers who would wait for her next arrival with outfits. They humbly take her advice on styling and look fabulous while doing so. “I love to look good for work, because then I feel confident in what I am doing” one customer tells  me, “by feeling good about your outer self, you feel almost invincible!” Eva’s customers also admitted as to how hard it is to find clothing in Zimbabwe. “There isn’t a lot of different styles here” one tells me, “so we have to wait for Eva to come around so we can harrass her to update us” and everyone was amused by this comment.

Eva Mutsago in her African home demonstrating colour-blocking

Eva Mutsago in her African home demonstrating colour-blocking

It was truly an inspiring moment stepping into Zimbabwe and witnessing it slowly emerging into the world of fashion. Even though it is evident that the economic crisis had affected the country, it has not prevented the people from having a burning desire to be kept updated on the latest trends. Eva Mutsago is just one case study of those who want to contribute in updating fashion in Africa as a nation. There are many people who are aware about bringing fashion cultures to both sides of the world, such as DeciMall, who are holding a massive event in showcasing modern African clothing mixed with Western trends. Look out for their fashion show which will be held in September!

Bags: This seasons hottest

Like clothing, accessories have changed this season to cater for  the flavoursome ambiance created by the  SS/14 trends. They have proven to be rather an inciting challenge with so many ideas blooming from designers; because of this we have a variety of apparel and accessories to choose from this summer.   Here are just a few examples of the summer bags that you might be interested in.

The bag for the the Spic-and-Span 

Clutch bags are convenient to carry all your essentials in complete weightlessness. Nevertheless the controversial see-through clutches are currently a trendsetter’s favourite accessory for going out to exclusive  events. It is a simple, yet a clever idea for exposing ones personality. These bags are perfect for the summer as the season is all about simplicity, weightlessness and freedom to express! There is a time and a place to carry these bags for sure therefore walking with them in a busy street may give you unwanted attention. However having said that,  if you are carrying a few but fashionable items, this is your best bet.

Return of the Backpack 

Whether you’re a student or not, backpacks  are perfect for when you are carrying the world on your shoulders. The old-school trend has been revived to  a range of different styles ; from classy and neat, to urban and chic. The best thing about backpacks is that they are adaptable and adjustable. But how should you choose a leather backpack at https://www.globosurfer.com/best-leather-backpacks/? The  material of the bag you buy can determine the the occasion it can be worn for.  For example Topshop‘s leather backpack is perfect for an effortless weekend out. The adjustable straps of a backpack can also change the function of the bag from carrying heavy college equipment to carrying small, but equally as important, accessories.

Tote Bags 

Tote bags are perfect whether  you are on holiday or staying put .  They are favorable for a more elegant look when you need to carry more than just a few accessories for the day. Stripe or printed pastel bags like the one provided by Lacoste are  desirable for the summer holiday. They represent the modern and effortless look needed for the sea and sand. For the city look- bold and solid colours are your companions.

So whether you are cruising on a beach holiday or exploring the  city- it is always important to stay fashionable and functional this summer with the bags showcased by our favourite brands. Here is to a brilliant summer wherever you are.

Primark: SS13 Fashion Trends

For all you Primark Lovers, and I know you’re out there, we now have the Spring/Summer collection 2013 ready just for you to review. If you think Primark’s 2012 collection was the bomb – get ready to explode with the new trends from complimentary pastel colours to daring leather outfits. We’ll show you the real attributes to looking dapper this summer.

What are the differences between last year and this year’s collection? The advance in fashion conventions means that more floral prints and leather designs will hook the racks of our favourite high street shops. On the contrary, previous collections such as the skinny belts and high waste trousers will still remain in style but you can now mix it up with a more prevalent, contemporary look.

Baseball T-Shirt - £6

Baseball T-Shirt – £6

Primark has also taken the interest on the American-style baseball look, which is sure to hook our tomboy trendsetters. Meanwhile artistic fashionistas can express themselves with the new Aztec range including matching jewellery. The diversity in Primark’s new 2013 collection has attracted a vast amount of customers as reflected in the 118 reviews that Primark received; a rating of 4 stars out of 5 was recognised for the value for money category.

The quality of the 2013 collection is exceptional and this is great news especially for those wanting a classy but affordable look, such as the attractive white boucle blazer for an outing on a beautiful summer’s evening. And for our leather-lovers, Primark has a range of leather goodies, from short sleeved biker jackets (for those really hot days) to a long beautifully designed leather coat.

Styling this year’s collection is absolutely no problem as Primark is known for its ability to mix and match style. However here are two on-trend styling tips:

Printed Trousers - £12

Printed Trousers – £12

1. When wearing one of Primark’s printed items, be it top or trousers, wear a solid colour with it to help the item stand out. For example, try a white or a black top if wearing printed bottoms. This will do just the trick.

2. We all have our casual days and what better to express this by Primark’s new baseball style collection. You can pull the casual look by simple jeans and oversized tees and tank tops. Simple but effective.

It is definitely the season to put our best foot forward. Primark knows this and they have open sandals available for us this year to give our feet some breathing space. They’re not too heavy on the eyes and can just about go with any outfit you will be rocking. For a classy look, there are open heels that are super easy to walk in.

There is no better time than now to buy trendy accessories while they’re available. Nothing is more annoying than to hear your must-have item is “not available in stock”. Sunglasses are on the top of the list for essential summer needs. Trendy and affordable sunglasses are available now in Primark and they are already selling fast!

So Primarkers: ready, steady, summer!

While it is great to talk about the spring/summer 2013 collection but I would love to hear your opinions or predictions regarding the autumn/winter 2013 trends.

Summer Sales Secret Tales

Summer sales are hard to uncover, especially when they’re behind closed doors. The latest sales that will lead you to your trendsetting destiny will be unveiled to your satisfaction . From high street shopping sales, to online trends, the hottest sales will be brought for your eyes only and even styling tips on how to put them all together to make the best out of your money.

Forever 21 – OOTD vs OOTN Special

Forever 21’s sale covers all ranges from clothing to accessories, which is fabulous to create that complete head-to-toe “Outfit Of The Day” look at a generous price. The all-American brand offers the ideal going- out summer look. No need to worry about the clothes only appearing once from your wardrobe. The finest thing about Forever 21 is that it allows  you to make a combination of their styling with your own and no  fashion dangers are involved. After all, what better store to buy summer clothing than Forever 21 that is based on a pledge to keeping up with the trends. The variety of styles that Forever 21 has is perfect to make this season sweet, simple and fabulous.

Maxi Skirt £13.99 £28.75 For a sophisticated look

Damasked Crop Top £7.99 £10.50 Daring and sophisticated. Goes well with the neon blue maxi skirt for a modern look!

In summer, there is definitely an “Outfit Of the Night”. What happens in the day is different to what happens later on. Make that transformation from barbecues to a classy evening meal with friends/family. Polka dot shorts from Forever 21 shows the difference from the teared up casual shorts, to pristine and elegantly designed shorts. If you don’t want to show the legs for a while, the neon blue maxi skirt is also flattering to give you a look that’s pleasing to the eye, along with a damasked crop top to make it look more contemporary rather than just vintage.

Class it up with these polka high waist shorts £8.40 £12.00 Looks fabulous with a white shirt, even the graphic tees

H&M – Beach Haven

H&M’s mid-season sale – up to 70% off its splendid summer outfits, including their famous “beach 2013” collection is sure to send our wallets driving. The eye-catching £10 bikini that’s on sale is undoubtedly a perfect start for a beach holiday . The attractive floral bikini suit nicely shapes up the body to give you that desirable figure. For those evenings then you’re dancing in the moonlight or looking up at the stars, you can keep warm  with a long Californian-style  tunic top in the summer evening for just £7.00.

Floral print Bikini Bottoms £4.00 £7.99
Floral Print bikini Top £6.000 £12.99
Available in H&M stores and online

Tunic £7.00 £14.99
Gives you that effortless finish after sun-tanning at the beach all day
Available in H&M stores and online

Dazzling Designers

For those who like luxury brands or want to meet the expenses of them to wear for the summer, there are great deals where you can recieve 50% off . You can never go wrong with designer accessories as they always compliment even the simplest of clothing. To give you that expensive finish detectable designer  sunglasses are a way forward. They not only protect you from the harmful rays of the sun but they keep you from looking overcast this summer.  Marc Jacob’s caramel Willow sunglasses are perfect to style with the prevalent trends. They look flattering with the yummy pastel colours, as well as with the all in rage fluoro makeup collections that are appearing in our favourite makeup labels. With a combination of these you create a  daring yet delicious summer dream!

Willow round-frame acetate sunglasses by House of Harlow

£60.00 £120
Enjoy Marc Jacobs designer glasses at 50% off online at outnet.com

Those special summer evenings can be made extra glamourous with a touch of designer jewellery and  the reduced price of them is the icing on the cake. An ordinary evening dress can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind with Noir Jewellery that creates an unforgettable look. For more designer sales, don’t hesistate to go online to outnet.com

£110.26 £245
Noir Jewellery is special for this summer as it contributes to a glamorous summer evening
Available at outnet.com

There is a lot of sales out there, we just need to keep an eye out for them.Make your summer different from the rest and stay fashionable!