About Pia Madison

Pia is a trained Psychotherapist & Trainer who made her first media appearance in 1997 when she was invited by the Editor of the then cutting edge psychotherapy magazine’ Dialogue’ to submit an article dealing with health and emotional intelligence. She was at the time studying on Harley St under the eminent Clinical Psychologist Prof. Petruska Clarkson. Since then she has received acclaim as a regular professional guest on Yorkshire’s award winning Sunrise Radio, successfully interpreting dreams live on air to a captivating audience of over 60,000 listeners. Pia writes as a Features Writer for City Connect on Health & Beauty and Relationships as well as offering individual life coaching support to both individuals and companies.

Therapeutic Theatre

The relationship between the Call to Adventure and the journey towards self actualization is one of the most common themes of mythology and one of the richest in symbolic value. This call to adventure helps to establish the stakes of life’s personal and professional games and makes clear our goals as an active participant.

A very special experimental cutting edge theatre group that is dedicated to empowering individuals to freely nurse their imagination and originality in a safe supportive space is Drastic Productions founded by Liz Clarke and Lotty Lowri in 2006 as a positive response to offer performance experience to groups of people who might not normally have access to it.

Super Heroes & Alter Egoes - Lottie Psychottie

The highly committed team at the theatre helps people to identify those aspects of self that require creative release, discharging exciting new energy into the psyche and dissolving long held inhibitions in the process and activating powerful archetypes. These archetypes could be said to represent specific functions and parts of the personality which resolve the tension in responsive feeling.

The valuable work that Liz and her talented team facilitate is unique in that it draws on a broad spectrum of post modern climate and cultures. As a combination of professionals they radiate enthusiasm and warmth as well as being vitally interested in creating an environment that offers a variety of mental stimulation, movement and experimentation. The team strength lies in their highly specialized approach to working imaginatively, providing a catalyst to bring about a profound transformation in others. Like a true catalyst in chemistry, they help bring about a change in a system and help guide others in their growth. Drastic Productions helps individuals to explore their surroundings in unfamiliar ways such as the use of taste, touch and sound. They believe that we are all creators and artists of our own individual experiences and responses to life. By living art, we become art.

In the concept of the Holy Grail an ancient and mysterious symbol for all the unattainable things of the Soul that all heroes and heroines search after, the ultimate boon or reward is a certain self knowledge and transformation that follows when we take possession of whatever we are seeking. It is the fundamental character of the universe to be active in the production of wholes and that the evolution of the universe, inorganic and organic, is nothing but the record of this whole-making activity in its progressive development.

The unifying force of all life phenomenon suggested by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who lived about “ 546-470 BC” was named physis and was conceived generally as the creative force of nature. It is the healing energy behind illness, the energized motive for growth and the driving force of creativity in an individual. The human will playing a crucial role as it represents the seat of primal power-the striving force that can be found in all creative individuals. Any act of deliberate creativity is a reaching out to create or co-create a relationship with another. All creativity therefore implies relationship and a desire for connectivity. The creative expression of the individual towards life is closely mirrored in the relationship between the creative individual and the collective –society. We are pro-social relationship-seeking beings who in order to evolve and rediscover ourselves have to continuously pay attention to our experiences, preserve our integrity, to experiment and promote our creative impulse.

Drastic Productions through its innovative programme of workshops and interesting series of seminars intends to heal the splits and divisions of the person and in doing so, valorizing personal responsibility and freedom to choose one’s life based on making healthy choices through the celebration of curiousity and joy in learning and unlearning for oneself, inspired by welcoming diversity, spontaneity and playfulness in an abundant sharing of emotional experience. Their workshops offer an opportunity for playful improvisation, communication and idea sharing. Liz and Lotty delve into character, story telling and physical theatre, always striving for inclusion and promoting positive images.

Each workshop leader has professional qualifications and experience in working with minority groups in quite challenging and unusual environments ranging from high security units, psychiatric wards, prisons and even nightclubs! Referrals by mental health services are accepted with participants presenting with an array of health issues such as depression and schizophrenia. The team do not work with a social label or medical diagnosis but with the whole person. They are not a drama therapy group and all their work is carefully planned and complies with their Vulnerable Adults Policy. Their skill in working with vulnerable people ensures that they manage any creative risks sensitively. Each session offers an opportunity for reflection and feedback.

Their most important and exciting work to date is dealing head on with how women with mental health issues are portrayed in the media. The team’s social and theoretical influences range from sex positive artist Annie Sprinkle to the work of long standing theatre companies such as Candoco and Back to Back in Australia. As Liz Clarke is a practicing live artist her work is mainly body based and so she brings in influences from this sphere. At present the team are planning to bring out their ‘The Dare Devil Divas Compendium of Super Heroes and Alter Egos’ which will be a graphic novel working in partnership with Bristol organizations and leftfield art book publishers. They have also been asked to perform and facilitate at several festivals this year and are hoping to take their place in national Arts and Health debates.

Super Heroes & Alter Egoes - Betty Bruiser

Good teachers and Mentors are enthused as the word comes from the Greek word en theos , meaning god-inspired or being in the presence of a god. Drastic Productions as modern day mentors who seek to empower individuals to make the most of themselves are strongly concerned with collective issues, what we all experience in common-the major victories and tragedies of our times and especially the expansion of consciousness and understanding that help us on our heroic journey to wholeness.

In the anatomy of the psyche, mentors represent the Self, the god and the g-ood within us, the higher noble self or conscience that acts as our inner guide when there is no one there to protect us or teach us right from wrong. Symbolically mentors stand for our own highest aspirations. Another important function of the Mentor is to motivate us and help us overcome our fear through encouragement.

If you would like to unleash the hero or heroine inside of you then I am confident that you will be fully supported in your personal quest by contacting www.drasticproductions.co.uk E-mail: info@ drasticproductions.co.uk or call Liz Clarke on 07748 805 674.

May the force be with you.


Capra, F.( 1978) The Turning Point: Science, Society and The Rising Culture. Toronto: Bantam.

M,Leau-Ponty, M (1962) Phenomenology of Perception. (C. Smith, trans) London: Routledge & Kegan Paul.

Zohar, D (1990) The Quantum Self. London, Bloomsbury.

Images reproduced from drasticproductions.co.uk

Welcome to the Oxyjet Set

As a Beauty & Health Advisor, I almost jumped out of my seat with excitement when out of the blue I received a call from Mrs Kiran Kohli, one elegant part of the professional management team that forms Bradford Laser Clinic, a modern and purpose built salon based in the heart of Bradford city centre.

Karin the centre Director offered me the opportunity of reviewing the salon’s Oxyjet facial treatment. The fully laboratory tested cosmetic skin and body care system has been especially designed to significantly reduce wrinkles and freshen the skin. The treatment is very popular with the likes of beautiful celebrities such as A-listers Madonna and  Cameron Diaz and is taking the clinic by storm as a new innovative skin care method not widely available in many other clinics in the city yet.

The treatment relies on principle substances such as; Vitamins, Phytohotmones and Hyaluronic Acid all being released into the skin by means of gentle controlled oxygen pressure. This natural source oxygen pushes the nourishing and hydrating serums into the skin to create long lasting results. The unique system differs in specific ways from other salon available treatments in that its active ingredients penetrate the basal skin layers in as little as 2 minutes effectively bonding the cells together which consist of Linolinic and Gamma Linolic Acid. All the products that are used in the Oxyjet facial and body system have been tested at the Frauenhofer Institut Medizinische Technik using Perma Skin, which are human skin samples from plastic surgery.

The system is a scientifically proven treatment that can help with problems such as; skin rejuvenation, cellulite areas, anti-ageing and reducing age pigmentation. As a cosmetic beauty treatment it cannot be compared with other systems as it relies on an individual technique.

My experience of the treatment

Shireen the pretty salon therapist who warmly welcomed me into the bright and spacious clinic led me into the comfortable treatment room and after taking a detailed skin history, prepared my skin by cleansing it with the revolutionary safe solutions NORA BODE enzyme exfoliating cream. As she did this she explained the Oxyjet treatment to me and confidently listed the many benefits to expect from it:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles disappear
  • Improves the skins capability to hold moisture
  • Healing
  • Gives a healthy fresh glow to the skin
  • No allergy test required
  • No downtime
  • Increases cellular mitosis, circulation and lymphatic drainage.

With the obvious benefits in mind, Shireen suggested that to start in the mid 20’s was a good age to start treatments to help prevent premature ageing as the substances used in the Oxyjet system reach the Epidermis by going around the cells and not through the pores. The system works with the NORA BODE treatment range to deliver solutions for practically every skin problem. i.e. hyperpigmentation, acne and impure skin. A variety of skin problems and conditions depending on the skin area, can be treated simultaneously by different serums being applied at the same time and shot into the skin.

As I have combination skin, Shireen applied a ‘cocktail’of products into my face and treated the entire area. She explained that a treatment of specific problem areas is also possible. i.e.  just the eyes to treat eye bags but the effects can then only be seen within the treated area . To see significant improvement and achieve regeneration of the skin, treatment of the whole face is necessary. In as little as 4 weeks Scientific Researchers have proven that the depth and density of wrinkles reduce by up to 50% as the Oxyjet system impacts on the muscles directly under the skin where the product is applied. The regenerating effects activate the substance Matrixyl which stimulates the skin.

As a treatment it is not tested on animals and treatment poses no risks but in general, pregnant clients should not be treated. To maintain results and improvement, Oxyjet treatments should be continued only using the NORA BODE products which are specifically aligned to each other and guarantee a long lasting improvement of the skin. The products provide a barrier against secretion of the active ingredients and are essential for long term effects.

My session involved blasts of concentrated oxygen applied to my skin. This was done to vitalise and act effectively against irritations and impurities by its disinfecting action. In combination with the Oxyjet clear lotion my skin was cleansed deep into the pores. The special cosmetic formulations and oxygen penetrating the epidermis left my skin appearing smooth and firm, with impurities reduced. My skin looked fresh and healthy. To finish off Shireen applied the NORA BODE moisturising fluid. I would rate this wonderfully relaxing treatment 9/10 as a perfect treatment for the face -safe, gentle and yet very effective. All treatments are carefully carried out following health and safety considerations under the professional eye of the Director’s son Mr Avadh Kohli who is a fully trained Laser Technician.

If you would like the talented Bradford Laser Clinic team based at 5 Piccadilly. Bradford. BD1 3ND to help turn back your physical time clock then you can contact them at: www.bradfordlaserclinic.co.uk or by emailing them on: bradfordlaser@yahoo.com

Other treatments offered at the new clinic are:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Weight loss
  • Injectable fillers
  • Stretch marks
  • Thread veins
  • Psoriasis -  and many more.

Happy Jet setting!

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Kinga Sektas Handmade Jewellery

Kinga Sektas

From fabulous feathers to sexy gemstones her new tantalizing exclusive range of original creations boast a larger than life beautiful array of authentic pieces guaranteed to get you noticed everytime no matter where  or who you are with! There is something to suit everyone’s style and budget in the comprehensive online stylish catalogue as well as the added bonus that all her jewellery is hypo-allergenic and made with only the safest products that are kind to your skin.

The brains behind the Kinga Sektas Magazine business, she prides herself on producing ethical as well as many attention grabbing pieces-rather like the lady herself! She insists on maintaining high standards of professional excellence and stringent safety standards using only nickel free and carefully imported materials to create her stunning designs. All her jewellery is made from either 14k gold, 925 silver, fine feathers, beads, authentic pearls, genuine gemstones, Swarovski Crystals and many more quality materials.

To celebrate and cope with the growth of her online jewellery catalogue Kinga Sektas is offering talented individuals the opportunity to join her team and help promote her top quality designs as the company’s mission statement seeks to “encourage all women to live empowered and inspired lives with style as we launch our new website and the first fabulous edition of our milestone magazine”. Ms Sektas message is  that if you are passionate, innovative, hardworking, a good team player and above all else, committed to providing outstanding consumer care then she wants to hear from you. She believes that as internet consumer experiences increasingly dominate and become more popular and shoppers more particular, the need for her to acquire dynamic company  sales representatives to act as the backbone and frontline force for her specialised services will continue to rise.  As reward for staff loyalty, sales

Representatives can expect to enjoy an extremely generous commission on sales and equally generous staff discounts that can be shared with family and friends so everyone benefits through the sale of the beautiful products. Kinga’s handmade designs can be found at www.kingasektas.co.uk

Happy Shopping!

Dream On: The Language of Dreams

Life as we recognize it, consists of a series of prearranged meaningful experiences which are periodically nourished and perfected through external time and personal internal space one after another. Every conceivable aspect of human emotion can be reflected in dreams. Dreams are where heightened aspirations and basic fears marry to consummate endless possibilities and produce increased personal refinement in the human psyche, ultimately leading to ego ideal and self discovery- the most important discovery of all.

Philologists, social historians and cultural anthropologists have revealed that ancient societies were governed by symbolic patterns that were found in their archaic myths and rituals. To our primordial relatives, symbolic images such as statues, designs and temples represented valuable themes of life, aspects which according to some, the 21st Century no longer appears to appreciate. Mythology originated in the universal problems of mankind. The quest for food, mating, procreation, cultural initiation, parent-child relationships and responsibilities, the relationship of the individual to the universe, the fears of war, illness, death and natural catastrophes.

At the present time there exists many popular theories of dreams all offering physical, psychological or psychical explanations. One of the most fascinating of these theories is the premonitory theory which proposes that dreams are important because they are in fact ‘gateways’ to the future which is supposedly predestined for each individual. To accept this theory in its entirety, we must believe that the future is fixed and that there exists a possibility of our knowing it in advance.

An account of this theory can be found in Prof. J. Dunne’s ‘An Experiment with Time’, in which Prof. Dunne explains how premonition can exist. He suggests that premonitory experiences contain psychological truths which intuitively and subconsciously foresee the future. Dreams often clearly reveal the workings of the subconscious mind and offer us complex insights into the character of others and the trend of events that follow and come true afterwards. It is the ideational process existent within dreams that allows us to think things out beforehand and to plan future actions. This power of the mind to reproduce in imagery the experience of the past and possibilities of the future is what makes the mind of humankind so fascinating to Dr. Christopher Evans who has equated the workings of the human brain to a mainframe computer and dreams to individual computer programs.

Dr. Evans suggests that we possess a range of main program repertoires that are already programmed into the brain and that teach us about certain issues. He suggests that dreams can be arranged into a ‘program hierarchy’ with certain type of dreams featuring in a position of importance . At the top come the principal programs that are essential to survival and concerned with fundamental aspects of life based on the results of a UK newspaper and magazine survey discovering that a large percentage of the British population experience similar types of dreams. These dream-types he designed into a list which was determined on merit of nocturnal preoccupation.

List of dream-types

  • Flying or floating in the air
  • Anxiety
  • The sea or lakes
  • Sex
  • The future
  • Smoking
  • Recurring events
  • Finding money
  • Discovering the secret of life
  • Violence
  • Falling
  • Being chased
  • Parties and gatherings
  • Dead friends and relatives
  • Films or tv programmes seen recently
  • Nakedness

Source: Dr. Evans ‘Landscapes of the Night’, 1983.

In 1967 medical astrologer Dr. Francis Moore created an Almanac which contained a dream atmosphere table in which 26 dreams were categorized and basic interpretation and psychoanalysis offered. Below is a condensed list.

Dream Atmosphere Interpretation Analysis
1. Adventure Hidden talents within Restraints in life
2. Bombardment Life too full or confusing Bound by demands
3. Children Escape from adulthood Childhood memories
4. Death Fear of being forsaken Feelings of inferiority
5. Expolsions Pent up emotions Self assertion needed
6. Falling Fear of making a mistake Guilt complex
7. Grostesque Hidden artistic skills Discovery of self
8. Holiness Running away from life Religious leanings
9. Indignance Persecution in life Past affecting future
10. Justice The dream of superiority Masked inferiority
11. Killing Lack of self trust Unrational thoughts
12. Love Wish fulfillment Need to be loved
13. Melancholy Sorrow in life Need to be loved
14. Nakedness Dream of insecurity Need for support
15. Occult Lack of faith in prayer You are an idealist
16. Primitive Dream of abandonment Dislike of ease
17. Quest The dream of ambition Plethora of talents
18. Rushing Neurotic personality Anxiety ridden
19. Spiritualistic A fear of death Too introspective
20. Terror Fear of disaster Guilt complex
21. Unidentifiable Fear of decision making Wishful thinker
22. Victory Dream of success Walking over others
23. Water Desire to urinate Impulsiveness
24. Unknown factor Confused consciousness Unintellectual ideas
25. Youth Fear of old age Passage of time
26. Death Fear of life Immaturity

Whether we believe that dreams are as ancient humankind believed them to be, reflections of the Soul or merely fascinating remnants left over from primordial undeveloped minds, there can be no doubting their strange complexity and expression. Several lifetimes could easily be spent investigating their mystery but would we be any closer to understanding what our dreams mean? We can but only try to fathom them out and work upon our knowledge with wisdom. One way to do this is to focus our dream experience by:-

  • Keeping a dream journal
  • Attending a weekly dream group class
  • Attending residential training courses

Through relating to dreams you experience the richness of the unconsciousness and the spiritual self.  Dreamwork is literally that magic , when shared becomes a part of everyone’s dream and enlightened self.

Dream on…

Shan offers  individual dream interpretation sessions for those who would like to create a firm spiritual base and relatedness with others. E-mail: shahnaz393@yahoo.co.uk    Twitter @shahnazkhan6

Image reproduced from dreamsleep.net

How To Design A Website

If you are considering a website then you may wish to as part of your business growth strategy dedicate time to considering the importance and value of Search Engine Optimisation or – SEO as it is called. Whether you are an already established business or just starting up with your first website in order to compete with your competitors you will have to find ways to increase your websites appearance in your visitors website results. When it comes to SEO you have seed choices and options you can choose to decide on.

website designJust as vital as choosing the right Web Designer for your business you need to also think carefully about the placement and punctuation of your website text. With appropriate keywords awarded due attention in every section of your website from your About Us page through to your Product and Services pages you will have done yourself a great service by creating a solid foundation for creating effective Search Engine Optimisation.

Having a qualified Consultant who specialises in sophisticated and complex website construction to assist you with your search engine ranking by advising on actual website content is sensible. This method is cost effective as well as popular as the Consultant supports you every step of the way and their support helps you to avoid costly errors later.

Your keywords should be thought of as search terms- essential words that symbolise the ‘key’ to unblocking your business potential and as such be strategically selected and placed in correct positioning throughout your site, especially in your page header and title tag. If you struggle with writing or do not have the time to be creative there are many good professional Copywriters that your Web Designer can recommend to make the process easier and pain free.

Another strategy that will ensure that your SEO effects are successful and will help build traffic to your site is the integration of internal links and creating a sitemap which will assist visitors to link all the other pages on your site. Using clear keywords is the golden key to search friendly URLS. With web visitors leading such busy lives you do not want to run the risk of losing them to other better organised sites by creating off putting and overcomplicated URLS.

The aim for your website needs to be to try and get your site on the Google and Bing search pages as high as possible and this will depend on the descriptive power of your text words and content as well as the element of social media distribution as you need to be circulating links to important social networking platforms.

The most effective sites for users are those that include regularly updated well written and essential information regarding offered products, treatments, services and topics that contain keywords.

As good business relationships are the best way to boost direct traffic to your site you may want to consider asking Webmasters of respected sites if you can link with them and vice versa. Avoid ‘link-farms’ whose professional groupings may interfere with your business reputation as quantity in such cases do not equal quality for you as a business. You should only consider approaching partners who have an excellent trusted web-reputation.

Good Luck.

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Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Not to be confused with the 1977 super hit Country-pop song sung by the beautiful Crystal Gayle 35 years ago, “ Make my Brown Eyes Blue” is the appreciative mantra being voiced by the very happy and lucky international patients who have bravely faced public scepticism to courageously undertake breathtaking permanent eye colour change surgery with great success.

The miraculous cosmetic procedure which is sweeping the world is an affordable procedure which has been consistently carefully and painstakingly developed by a team of dedicated pioneering professionals whose spokesperson is Mr Spencer Vessa. I have been privileged to be in close contact with Mr Vessa for the past 2 years, in which time I have been researching and following the results of his eye colour change procedure and can confirm that his team is made up of only the very best and brightest qualified medical eye experts that you would wish to meet anywhere in the world.

Light Baby Blue eye colour change

I came upon Spencer by complete accident. One evening whilst trawling a cosmetic surgery forum for an article that I was planning to write on rhinoplasty I stumbled upon a page that shocked me. It was written by the ex-patients of a disastrous doctor who was practising in Panama and had sadly blinded his patients by performing incorrect eye colour changing procedures. He was using inferior products and practises criminally misleading individuals and eventually ‘avoiding’ dealing with what he had done by running away.

Outraged and being a woman on a mission I vowed to catch the culprit and started reading everything I could find dealing with the subject. That is how I had the good fortune of finding Spencer Vessa, spokesperson for BrightOcular. I contacted and confronted him by sending him an e-mail through his website. I had mistaken him for the unlawful doctor and sent his office my message. I was very surprised when he answered so quickly with extreme politeness and professionalism, patiently explaining to me that he was not that notorious doctor and that he was happy to answer any questions that I had about the work of BrightOcular.

Interested in what Spencer had to share and keeping an open mind I started to research the BrightOcular website. Fascinated by their ingenious and innovative work I continued to keep in contact with him which thus led me to write this article.

BrightOcular is a United States patent intraocular implant made of special coloured biocompatible medical grade silicone which has been created to change the appearance of the iris for both cosmetic and medical reasons. This implant has been thoroughly researched and developed as an easily affordable option to offer helpful support for patients suffering from iris-related abnormalities such as heterodromia, ocular albinism and individuals suffering from photosensitivity.

Smokey Grey eye colour change

The BrightOcular artificial implant can be used for different purposes ranging from medical to cosmetic, BrightOcular treats patients with medical conditions such as coloboma and iris trauma.  Stellar Devices LLC is the first US based company to successfully change the colour of the entire eye using the United States 2012 recently patented BrightOcular implant. They have a vast network of doctors inEurope,Middle EastandLatin Americaeagerly waiting for BrightOcular to obtain their CE Mark. There has been an attempt in the past by a different implant made in Panama to achieve similar cosmetic outcomes as BrightOcular but which does not allow aqueous flow to pass through which causes glaucoma (patent number 702578 filed by Kahn in Panama).  After many years of research and development on finding a solution to prevent complications such as glaucoma, Stellar Devices designed and manufactured its patented implant structure (U.S. patent number 12767527 just issued in 2012). The BrightOcular implant was specifically designed to reduce such risks as intraocular hypertension, glaucoma and inflammation. BrightOcular will obtain CE Mark approval in approx 18-24 months for medical use in Europe. The next step after obtaining the CE Mark approval is to file for FDA approval in the US.

The operation takes approximately 15 minutes per eye and has been tested safely on animals and will be widely available in the UK as soon as FDA approval is granted. It is already being carried out by selected doctors in specific countries. There has been no reported complications or visual impairment from any patients since the procedure was offered in 2010. Patients must undergo extensive eye testing before any consideration and consent can be granted to undertake the simple procedure. Indeed the reputation and respect that BrightOcular is enjoying  is demonstrated by the compliments the team continue to receive from their grateful patients.

Olive Green eye colour change

Here are a few of the comments made by patients happy with their new eyes:

“I have been wearing colour contacts for the past 25 years ( since 1987) and I have worn just about every colour.But what I noticed was they never really looked natural. Then I heard of this procedure that could give me the grey eyes I always wanted. I was kind of nervous at first, so I investigated further. I saw pictures on BrightOcular and knew that was the look I was after. So, I set a date to have it done. WOW! I am so glad I did.The colour is great! The surgery was quite quick with no pain or discomfort. My doctor gave me excellent follow up care. He even came in on his day off to check the progress of my eyes. I am very pleased with the results. If you are looking for a natural look, this is it. Trust me, you will be glad you did.”  Dave from UK 29/02/2012.

“I am not a stranger to cosmetic procedures but this has been the most fulfilling procedure I have ever had and probably the last I will ever need. I have been wearing colour contacts since my early teens which are very popular in Asia. Now people can look into my baby blues that are really mine. I really feel that I have now found my own unique special identity that sets me apart from the world.” Chizu from Japan 10/02/2012

“I have always wanted to change my eye colour since I started wearing colour contacts at a young age. I am a freelance model in California and since I have had the procedure I have been booked for more jobs and I just feel more confident taking photos knowing they will not look unnatural as they did when I wore colour contacts. I was nervous initially when I was about to have the procedure but I did not feel anything during the procedure and I was able to go back to my hotel the same day with my eyes wide open. Waking up in the morning and looking at myself in the mirror knowing these are really my eyes is a feeling I cannot explain with words.” Brian from Los Angeles 19/01/2012

The artificial iris implant allows for permanent eye colour change cosmetically and comes in a range of tempting beautiful natural looking colour shades such as: Ice grey, Baby Blue, Sea Green, Olive Green, Smokey Grey and Amber with new colours and variations on the intraocular lens constantly being improved and introduced to choose from. As well as offering stunning and safe eye colour change the artificial iris implant has been designed to cover up iris defects such as iridoschisis and severe iris atrophies.

You will be interested to learn that BrightOcular has a great initiative called Operation Happy Eyes which is providing free surgery world wide to patients suffering from iris-related medical conditions such as coloboma, ocular albinism and aniridia. Their surgery is funded from the proceeds taken from those patients who have chosen to change their eye colour cosmetically. This way everyone can finally have the beautiful eyes that they all deserve.

Let us wish Stellar Devices and Mr Spencer Vessa, their spokesperson, well in their new groundbreaking field of ophthalmic aesthetics. Other patents that Stellar Devices are working on are the first extraocular subconjunctival limbal ring in the world which makes the natural eye colour stand out more and make the eyes appear bigger. The ring implant can also be performed in conjunction with BrightOcular intraocular eye colour change implant

For further information and detailed frequently asked questions please see www.Brightocular.com for more stunning patient pictures and positive testimonials. Finance is available and you can contact the team by emailing: david@brightocular.com

Hair-obics: Shape Up Your Hair

Regular exercise does not just benefit your body and mind. Believe it or not you can actually improve the condition of your hair too through exercise. So shape up and get your hair working out for a change. By stimulating the hair supply, which carries vital nutrients to your scalp, you will also help to promote healthy new hair. The better the condition of the hair coming out of the follicles, the more your hair will be able to withstand the stresses and strains of daily life. So give your lacklustre locks a treat with a ‘hairobics’ home routine!

hair sweep hairstylingtoolsinfoDOTcomThe best way to exercise your scalp is by manual hand massage. Just a few minutes per week will make a noticeable difference, increasing the circulation to your hair and scalp bringing nutrients, oxygen and beneficial hormones to the hair follicles. It can even make it grow faster. An added bonus is that you will stroke away the tension that can cause headaches. Include the back of your neck and forehead too for full benefits. If you have dry hair you can combine the massage with a nourishing hot oil hair treatment to help penetrate the cuticle ( outer layer) of the hair. For maximum effect with the minimum amount of effort sit on a chair and lower your head between your knees. Once you feel comfortable, put your hands on your knees and hold this position for five minutes.

Keep a Clear Head

There is a lot you can do to keep your hair in good condition and prevent disorders. Such as; Eat a well balanced diet, Avoid dairy produce, nuts, bananas and fatty foods if you suffer from a scaly scalp or dandruff. Do not go on crash diets. Plan sensible low-calorie menus and take vitamin or mineral supplements. Do not worry if you lose hair in autumn, it is normal seasonal loss due to the change in weather. Do not use heated styling appliances too often and avoid using metal toothed combs. Always protect your hair in the sun with special conditioners and sun hats. Make sure you get your hair trimmed regularly and have a deep conditioning treatment regularly.

Keep Your Hair On

If your hair is coming out in handfuls and you are starting to look like your balding male relative then you may have to get straight to the root of the problem! 90% of all women’s hair loss is only temporary and not as serious as you may first think. Every hair has a life cycle of its own which ends with it falling out to make room for a new one. At any one time only 80% of your hair is growing. The growing phase lasts two-six years, and the length of time your hair takes to grow will determine the length you can grow your hair. This explains why some people can grow very long hair while others cannot get their hair past their shoulders. It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. This sounds a lot but it is not when we realise that we each have a total of 90,000 to 150,000 hairs on our heads! The longer your hair is, the more you will notice the loss because the length makes it look more in a brush. If you are seriously losing your hair you will notice a loss of over 10-50% of the hairs on any one area of your head.

Quick Check

Make a quick diagnosis of the possible cause of your hair loss by looking closely at the roots of the hairs where it is thinnest. If the ends are blunt-your hair is breaking off rather than falling out and you need to look at the general condition of your hair. Over processed, bleached and permed hair is more susceptible to breakage. If the ends are tapered-your hair has been falling out from the roots.

Loss Causes

There are several common causes of hair loss. Lack of vitamins B and C and the minerals Zinc, iron and sulphur may be prime causes, and so it follows that crash diets can often result in more hair loss rather than weight loss! Severe shock and bereavement is another common cause. Menstruation, taking contraceptives and pregnancy can also contribute. Short and long term illness as well as some drugs and medical treatments can also result in hair loss.

What You Can Do

Daily scalp massage, take extra mineral and vitamins, use gels and mousses as a temporary way to make your hair look thicker until it recovers. Keep your hair in as good condition as possible. Cut down on the amount of colouring and heated straightening to avoid drying it out. Check your combs and brushes are not too fine and always brush your hair gently. If you are feeling self-conscious about excessive hair loss try using a fake hairpiece like a ponytail or bun etc until your hair grows back but be very careful when attaching them with grips and pins as they can pull out fragile hair.

Good luck!

Urban Woman

When did you really last sit down in between juggling your career, reading your child’s report, checking in on your neighbor, taking the dog for a walk, filling in your tax returns, renewing your car insurance, arranging your student finance and actually congratulate yourself with a big pat on the back for being just about incredible. Yes, the Myth of the Urban Woman is alive and she’s appropriately breathing fire in the Chinese Year of The Dragon.

According to author Laura (Riding) Jackson in her piece The Word ‘Woman’:

“Woman is the universal character. She is the balance point of various being and the crucial law of preparation in an increasingly complex world.”

Our experiences within and without are direct ‘proof’ of where we are in our individual personal and cultural journeys. These journeys can be viewed as action performances or a social/spiritual drama if you like. And like all good dramas and plays they rely on a set of instructions, characters and props to empower and illuminate them. Thanks to women’s natural talents the Myth of the Urban wise woman is no longer a legend but a reality. Wise women abound in this century like never before and are more than an able match to those who would attempt to influence and curb her natural instincts and countless talents.

As well as mental strength, modern woman possesses a playful spirit and a heightened capacity to know what is naturally good for her. She will not tolerate being infantalised with baby talk and simply being treated as property or a trophy being hunted for her beautiful hide! She can smell out social exploitation a mile off and has her solicitor’s number readily stored on speed dial in her cell phone along with that of her personal trainer, plumber and accountant. She refuses to walk around with narrowed rose tinted vision and live in a Prozac induced daydream living on yesterday’s memories counting calories. Rather she enjoys each day for itself in its truest sense knowing what her Soul needs in order to really thrive.

The modern woman easily manifests her inner thoughts, impulses and ideas with integrity. This ability to act with emotional intelligence is what empowers her and allows her to live in the moment both intuitively and logically. As such, she is constantly moving forward and is able:-

To FOREGO – leave alone and concentrate on her own life

To FORBEAR – to abstain from punishing and love herself

To FORGET – to avert from memory and visualize the future

To FORGIVE – to abandon the debt and be big hearted

As Urban Woman she can establish her own territory, be in touch with her own body with certainty, speak and act on her own behalf and live with dignity and consciousness. After all she does have the ability:-

To ANALYZEappreciate specifics and act accordingly

To ASSESSrecognize risks and manage them properly

To CONTRASTmake right choices that benefit her

To CONSIDERdemonstrate her knowledge effectively

Well done and VIVA ‘Urban Women’ everywhere!

Image reproduced from mindsetformarketingsuccess.com

Simply ‘Brilliant’ – A Revolutionary New Anti-Ageing Treatment

We could say that Guisely an attractive and enterprising suburb in the North West of Leeds has two significant landmarks of interest to the great British public. The first being the world famous Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chip Restaurant and the second being the new Good Skin Days skin rejuvenation beauty clinic. The only clinic outside of London to offer beauty-wise clients the amazing Clear & Brilliant fully FDA approved fractional laser device created by Solta Medical to help rejuvenate skin that displays signs of wrinkles, lines and other symptoms of ageing.

The decision to offer the revolutionary treatment is the brainchild of father and son team John and Chris Gill who have over 25 years of professional experience in developing aesthetic laser clinics. As a family they have bought over 150 lasers and remarkably never once have they bought an IPL- intensive pulse light system, simply because it is not in the same league as the class of medical grade lasers. The highly qualified team is led by a Medical Director, laser therapists, registered nurses, specialist practitioners and a consultant dermatologist. All staff have undertaken extensive training on the laser equipment as well as in house training and written exams.

The Clear & Brilliant gentle laser treatment that works from the inside out, is literally turning heads with impressive results being achieved even with a single treatment helping to replace any damaged skin with younger, healthier, smoother skin. Clients can expect to receive a host of compliments on their glowing skin as soon as they step out of the clinic and are advised to complete a course of at least 3 sessions for optimum results and regular maintenance treatments. The laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin and can be classified as a cross between a less aggressive topic peel and a strong microdermabrasion treatment which has minimal downtime.

Clear & Brilliant is effective and affordable as a preventative treatment with benefits that offer your skin; improved softness, reduced pigmentation, illuminated skin tone and surface radiance. It can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages and skin types and treatment sessions take approximately 45 minutes depending on area and condition. After having the face treated it should be kept free of make up and swimming and sauna avoided for a day as your face will be slightly red and sensitive . During an in-depth consultation your treatment regime will be worked out for you by an expert skin therapist.

My therapist Rachel Smith was very reassuring and attentive throughout my treatment and invited me to fill out a detailed medical questionnaire encouraging me to share any concerns I might have had. One look at the stunning clinic and spotless treatment rooms relaxed me immediately and offered me the opportunity to test out the treatment for myself. I was doubly reassured after hearing that Rachel had tried the treatment herself and looked great.

At first my face was cleansed, then an aesthetic was applied which took effect within a few minutes and we were ready to begin. A warm tingling sensation could be felt immediately as the laser travelled across my face. After the treatment was finished my therapist applied a soothing face mask and washed off to apply a SPF 50 factor sunscreen to protect my skin from any sun. My skin felt a little hot and tight and looked amazing.

It is important when experiencing Clear & Brilliant for yourself that you make sure that you use a high SPF factor quality sunscreen such as Heliocare 50 and good hydrating moisturizer and use tepid water to cleanse the treated area/s for the first two days at least. After 4-5 days your skin will start looking even better and feeling ultra soft and smooth. I tried the Eau Thermale Avene range of products for the first time also offered at the clinic and was suitably impressed by the natural gentle formula of both the hydrating cream – SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Hel and skin repair cream Cicalfate that Rachel had recommended. I found the cream to be one of the best that I have ever tried and will be recommending it to friends.

Clear & Brilliant is safe enough to use alongside other popular anti-ageing treatments such as Botox, dermal facial fillers, laser hair removal and those who have undertaken semi permanent make up. Results can last for months if you protect your skin properly. If you are tempted to achieve fabulous skin for yourself in a state of the arts skin clinic manned by caring professionals then why not try Clear & Brilliant for yourself today. You can find the price of affordable packages at www.goodskindays.co.uk or call 01943 882 010.

Celebrity Psychic Jayne Wallace

Ssshhh… Britain’s best kept secret is finally out! Do you know that Selfridges voted the best department store in England in 2010 houses a truly remarkable young lady by the name of Jayne Wallace? A celebrated and highly respected natural professional Clairvoyant and renowned Medium, Jayne is ranked by many as Britain’s ‘best’ living psychic.

Jayne Wallace – celebrity psychic

A cultivated classic brunette with pretty features she radiates a powerful and magnetic personality that you cannot but help being fascinated by. Passionately pursued by notable VIPS and famous celebrities alike she is trusted for her candid and extremely accurate psychic predictions and amazing insights. A visit to her website reveals an accolade of stars who have consulted with Jayne and acknowledged her psychic skills. The founder and mastermind behind ‘Psychic Sisters’, a company of all female Psychic Practitioners formed in 2006 based on the Lower Ground Floor in Selfridges near the book department, her professional team offers diverse quality readings consisting of Tarot, Mediumship, Healing and Astrology to interested visitors within sumptuous and stylish surroundings. She has inspired a cult following amongst her high profile clients made up of movers and shakers from the Film & Music industry and international Royal circles.

A gifted author as well as talented clairvoyant she has recently just shared her first book with the world and completed a popular book signing tour across the country with such stars as singer Sinitta attending her book launch party. Her book “My Psychic Stories” retailing at £6.99 at all good bookstores has received tremendous public acclaim. Her autobiographical account details inspiring and touchingly personal stories punctuated with spiritual narrative and bound together with entertaining anecdotes. She writes with a profound compassion and conviction that leaves a memorable imprint on your heart. Writing her book was an emotional catharsis for Jayne as she speaks out on many topics that even close personal friends were not aware of.

Jayne has been supported in her incredible work since the age of six by her special spirit guide Star who helps her to pick up energy from her surroundings, in particular buildings which provide her with detailed information of the psychic impressions and actions of the individuals connected to the buildings. When the impressions become overwhelming Jayne ‘closes’ herself down and psychically defends herself from overstimulation. Being too stimulated would result in Jayne being thrown out of balance and would have a temporary adverse affect on her psychic gifts.

To name just a few of her skills, she can locate missing objects including persons and even pets by just holding personal items belonging to them. Inspired by late Doris Stokes another amazing platform spiritualist medium, Jayne likes to tap into her clients past, present and futures. She often successfully helps to connect grieving clients with loved ones who have passed over to the other side, providing them with comforting messages. Jayne first discovered that she had a gift for communicating with the dearly departed when as a young child she could ‘sense’ things.

Her talent has brought her into close proximity with some very important people including royal families to help find missing members lost in airplane tragedies. In her line of work she has also offered assistance with child abductions and kidnapping cases.

I sent along a volunteer to meet Jayne and receive a psychic reading. Ms. Siamma Khan from Leeds kindly offered to meet Jayne at Selfridges and to comment on her experience.

Siamma Khan with Jayne Wallace

On the day of Ms. Siamma Khan’s psychic reading we were filled with excitement and nerves, like two school girls we made our way into Selfridges fabulous department store pass the tempting book department to find Jayne’s “mystical corner” where her gifted team were neatly tucked away with complete privacy and discretion behind prettily draped silvercrushed velvet curtains. The first thing we saw were an array of shelves stocked with fragrant candles in every shade imaginable, exotic crystals and beautiful trinkets and scented aura mists.

As we stepped into Psychic Sisters we were immediately greeted by Jayne who gave us both a warm hug and offered us a drink. She then invited us to follow her into a specially selected room where Siamma received her magical reading. Dressed in smart grey slacks and black top Jayne epitomised elegance. Siamma looked beatiful in a delicate yet intricately decorated purple kaftan with matching glamorous sandals and jewellery. She was perfectly suited to her stunning surroundings. Jayne gently explained how she worked with her spirit guides and used special limited edition Tarot cards that cost over 500 pounds per set due to their rareness. She has plans to possibly create her own unique set plus user manual.

The actual reading lasted well over an hour with many topics and details touched upon with amazing accuracy. As objective observer i felt extremely priviliged to see Jayne in action. She delivered her reading with confident precision combined with cheeky endearing earthy humour. Siamma was composed and thoughtful throughout and listening intently to each insight quickly picked up.

After her reading, Jayne very generously presented her with lovely scented candles, a book on love and some bottles of aromatic special blended perfume aura oils that she designed herself.

Jayne also offered me a personal reading out of the blue with star reader Jackie Cox who specialises in Tarot, Angel cards and clairvoyance. She immediately launched into an amazing reading which left me speechless but thankful for her helpful hints in terms of career guidance. Both Siamma and I would highly recommend that you book a trip to Selfridges today to book your reading with this gifted set of Psychic ladies.

Despite Jayne’s compassionate and professional personality her psychic talents have sometimes created conversation. Once on a visit to Australia she was nearly arrested for using Tarot cards in public. Both her team and herself have also come under unfair attack from skeptics who have issued Psychic Sisters with certain threats in the past. Jayne encourages an ethical approach to her work by being an active member of BAPS- British Association of Psychics, a body dedicated to working towards providing professional regulation. Luckily Jayne can count more supporters than she can detractors and therefore continue to help the many people that really matter – her deeply grateful public.

I would like to thank Jayne Wallace for agreeing to be interviewed and for sharing the fascinating details of her work. As soon as details of her next book are received we will publish book touring dates for your attention. Signed copies of her current book “My Psychic Stories” can be obtained through her website.

To book an appointment to see Jayne and her team at Selfridges you can contact her on e-mail: girls@psychicsisters.co.uk or via her website: www.psychicsisters.co.uk

Images courtesy of the author

The Drama of Karma


According to astrologers worldwide we are in the age of Aquarius – traditionally the Messianic era and as such are experiencing a spiritual shift, with the collective spirit of the world seeking to break free from constricting identification with material reality and in doing so, bravely attempt to retrieve what alchemists referred to as a Conjuctio or ‘The Sacred Marriage’ – the union of Heaven and Earth.

This article is the outcome of my attempt to find a place for the divine concept of Karma within the general framework of existential humanistic psychotherapy and counselling within the discourse of spirituality. This piece then is concerned with the issue of birth, the possibility of rebirth and relationships from the cosmic perspective of reincarnation.

As a professional practice, psychotherapy – like religion - is also concerned with a devotion to a cause, a set of ideas and a distinct path paved from experience. Therapists as agents of moral and social justice working within an ever changing emotionally geographical social climate need to be equipped with a deep understanding of the importance of diversity within their therapeutic relationships with clients if they are to help facilitate real change.

Welcome then to The Theatre of the Divine, a contemporary production dealing with a higher reality and featuring one of the century’s most celebrated philosophies – Karmic Astrology. As an audience many of you will have your own views on what you consider Karma to be and these opinions will have been shaped by your current life experiences, the influential input of significant others, your own present level of awareness and the learning and wisdom that you have acquired and retained as a result of your past lives.

Webster’s Dictionary (2008) offers the following definition of Karma: “The sum of a human being’s actions, carried from one life to the next.” Edgar Cayce the prophetic visionary and mystic (1877-1945) described the fascinating cosmic law as “ The Law of Meeting Self”.

During his lifetime Cayce had made the discovery that every external condition is simply a mirrored reflection of our own personalized interiors. In accordance with the universal Cause and Effect interrelating principle of Karma there are apparently within each one of us actions and reactions. The space where these energies of these polarities unite represent the centre of our being.

Rabbi Berg, the renowned contemporary Kabbalist, suggests that as spiritual beings forming part of a cosmic pattern; Karma is about dissolving the ego through the process of reincarnation. Through the doctrine of reincarnation we are offered the opportunity to discharge the cosmic debt with which our souls are weighted down at birth. He maintains that as long as we remain attached to our ego we must live in a Karmic condition. In fact anything that provides the illusion of security through the acquisition of self importance at the expense of spiritual development.

Karma is concerned with cultivating non-attachment to form of any type since form is ruled by the physical body, which in turn is ruled by the ego. The more we can discipline ourselves to exercise non-attachment to thoughts and learn the value of not thinking then and only then, possibly can we can begin to perceive and correctly estimate the significance of our earthly life in all its karmic significance.

As soon as relating through non-attachment is achieved a powerful ability to experience the subconscious commences and a genuine non-directive empathy for others emerges. Individuals who have receive proper training in developing their imagination in this way often are able to obtain atavistic insight which becomes an integrated part of their psyche enabling them to directly experience elemental energies and alternative realities.

So what are the conditions that have to exist in the world in order for Karma to be brought into existence? Each of us is placed within a certain human life and at the same time directed by a higher divine purpose. During the course of that life we are obliged to enter into pre-destined relationships with other individuals that offer us karmic adjustments and compensations. This experience nearly always involves a set of key players, each equipped with their own special role to play in our cosmic drama. The reunion of one soul with another creates the basis for a psycho-spiritual energy transfer within which each assists the other to achieve spiritual equilibrium and psychic balance. The particular relationship in any given reincarnation is a learning experience that hopefully brings about correction and altered states of consciousness. Depending on the level and nature of the personal deficiency that requires adjustment, our spiritual teachers will appear to us in the guise of parents, siblings, friends, children, employers, lovers, enemies, therapists and clients. An emotional reaction against another person is in effect a recollection of the contents of our unconscious. The more we struggle with others, the more we struggle with ourselves. It could be said that everything that is found in the psyche is projected. What we see in others and the environment is what we carry in our unconscious self. Much of the mystery and transcendence of Karma is linked to self awareness.

Centuries before Sigmund Freud, the founder of Psychoanalysis, was to revolutionise psychological thought with his then radical theories of psychic determinism and theory of personality, astrology as an ancient system dating back from 3000 BC was already actively involved in the scientific measurement and evaluation of psychological patterns of identity, effectively examining consciousness through a sophisticated means of analysis.

If we take the view that the Earth plane is a vast working laboratory in the universe where spiritual forms are constantly being revised and  symbolized by the planets; Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter as guiding principles we can them begin to understand how one method by which we can build up a detailed picture of how a particular relationship will challenge us is through comparing our natal chart with that of the other individual in order to determine the precise nature of the relationship and the demands it will be presenting us with in order to achieve further personal development. When a particular planet rules at the time of birth, the cosmic influence of that planet provides us not only with valuable information about ourselves but also with significant knowledge about other individuals who in some way or other will touch our lives. It is true that one area in which to obtain this is through the therapeutic relationship, although there are also many others. Remember, every significant relationship that you will ever have, was contracted for you by you ,before you were born.

In this life and those to follow, it is not the interpretation of circumstances that is important but rather the understanding of the relationship between these circumstances and their psychological factors.

What A Cheek!

Do you know that blusher is the most versatile product in your make-up bag. Don’t just use it on your cheeks though, there are plenty of ways you can lift your looks with artful brush strokes.

beauty blusherPowder is by far the most popular type of blusher today as it suits all skin types, but is especially good for oily skins, helping to preserve a good matt finish. Dust it on your face with a thick brush after powdering, not straight on top of moisturiser as this tends to make it look caked and blotchy.

Cream is especially good for dry skin and gives it a healthy glow. Use on top of foundation but before powdering. Apply with a damp sponge for best results.

Gel helps to give your skin a sheer transparent sheen. Most gels are waterproof so they are great for swimmers and sunbathers. Use just a dab on top of moisturiser and blend well with your fingertips for soft, long lasting colour.

When it comes to application use a soft fluffy brush to put on your powder blusher. The bigger the brush, the softer the effect. Always tap off any excess colour on the back of your hand before you start – begin with very little colour and gradually build it up – it is easier than having to wipe it off and starting again if you put on too much. Use dabbing rather than stroking movements so you do not end up with theatrical-looking stripes across your face! Professionals like to use two brushes, one to put the colour on and one for blending, to give a cover girl finish.

Wash brushes frequently, as they collect dust and bacteria that can cause acne. Leave brushes to dry flat rather than standing them upright so the bristles do not splay out and lose their shape. With cream and gel blushers use dampened cosmetic sponges for a really even, natural finish and to stop it getting on your fingers. Put a few small dots on your cheeks and blend away!

Blusher is not just for your cheeks but can also be used to give your face a touch of healthy colour too. Try it over your eyelids and brow bones but stick to soft matt shades for daytime make-up. Across the bridge of your nose for a sun kissed look-but keep it light or you may end up looking sunburnt. On the tip of your chin-this helps to shorten a long face. If you have a round face you can slim down your face with a concentration of colour on the cheekbones, fading out at the temples.

Check your profile carefully in the mirror for any hard edges on the sides of your cheeks, then blend them in with a brush. For those of you with an oval face add colour to the fullest part of your cheeks. Smile with your mouth closed to find the right starting point.

When mixing shades for your cheeks, stick to the same textures-powder with powder or gel with gel. If you have a square face add colour just below the cheekbone and blend outwards, then stroke the same colour along your jawline to soften it.

Do not forget to check the finished look with your hair styled in place. You may need to re-shade to balance the look. And finally if you have a long face apply a dark matt blusher on the tip of your chin to give the illusion of a shorter face.

Always use the lightest touch and brush outwards and downwards to prevent any fine facial hairs from sticking up.

Reader’s Questions

Q. My blusher always fades away leaving me looking pale. What can I do to make it last longer?
A. Try layering the colour by using a cream blusher first, then dusting a powder blusher over the top of your make-up once you have powdered your face.

Q. Blusher makes me look flushed. What am I doing wrong?
A. It may be the shade that you are using, the amount you are putting on or where you are applying it!

Q. Sometimes when I am in a hurry, I put on too much blusher. How can I correct this?
A. Powder blush can be toned down with a little light face powder. Dust it over the top with a brush. With cream or gel, just smooth foundation over the top.

Guide to Healthy Nails – Part 2

Following from Part 1 of her Guide to Healthy Nails, Shahnaz Khan gives more information and tips on keeping your nails in the best condition.

handsOnychophagiststhat’s the official name for nail biters – cannot do any long-term damage to their nails but half-chewed fingertips can look unpleasant. Beat biting them by trying one of the specially-formulated nail biting solutions which are made to taste horrible to stop you nibbling. Or apply two thin coats of good nail hardener which toughens up soft nails and makes them much harder to bite. Yellowing nails are caused by wearing heavily-pigmented darks colours without a base coat. It depends on how porous your nails are as to how much they absorb. Whiten them up a bit by soaking them in lemon juice for a few minutes. Prime your nails for colour first with a clear or pale pink protective base coat. Smoking will also discolour your nails since they can become coated with nicotine.

Allergic reactions to the formaldehyde which is added to some brands of nail polish is common and can lead to skin irritations. Rashes and redness around the cheeks and mouth can be caused by touching your face with painted nails.

Contraceptives like the pill which depletes the body’s iron supplies can affect the way the nails grow. Check out health shops for supplements specially for nails and hair that help put back missing vitamins and minerals. It’s a myth that chewing gelatine can make your nails grow stronger.

The development of horizontal ridges and grooves can be hereditary or due to a severe illness. Once the ridge has formed there is nothing you can do until the nail has grown out. Buffing will help smooth the surface of the nail, but manicure clippers and take small snips working carefully from one side to the other. Cutting off the tip straight across can severely weaken your nails.

Short nails look best painted in pale colours which can make them longer and slimmer. Choose pastels and leave a thin strip unpainted at the sides of each nail to give the illusion of a slimmer, longer shape.

Regular exercise helps get the circulation going and speeds up nail growth-that is why typists, surprisingly, are often able to grow long, super-strong nails. Try simple hand exercises once a day, hold the tip of each finger with your other hand and work it up and down quickly five times for each finger.

A broken nail before an important date does not have to be a complete disaster, ail glue will bond a split nail in a matter of seconds or if your nail has snapped off entirely replace it with a substitute, plastic press on tip and no one will ever know the difference.

Nail polish lasts longer if you take time to apply it. Start with a base coat then apply two thin coats on top and then apply a top coat to fix your polish. Plunging your nails into icy cold water when they are touch dry will also help harden your polish.

Finally, always finish off your polished look with rubbing hand cream into your nails and hands and hey presto you will have perfect nails each time!

Guide to Healthy Nails – Part 1

handsWhat do you know about keeping your nails strong and healthy? For instance did you know that your nails need a healthy diet to ensure strong growth. Step up your intake of vital nail foods rich in Vitamins A, B, C & D, including milk, fruit and fish. As well as calcium and zinc which you can find in spinach and nuts.

Like human hair, the visible nail is dead but the matrix at the base – like the hair follicle – is supplied with blood capillaries and nerve endings that need a regular and healthy diet.

Hangnails and tiny, painful threads of skin around the nail bed are caused by not pushing your cuticles back properly, excessive dryness, or from biting the bits of skin. Pushing and prodding with sharp metal files will damage the nail bed. Smooth on a little cuticle  cream instead to help prevent hangnails, the gently ease your cuticles back with a special rubber-tipped hoof stick or tissue-covered orange stick. Always moisturise the skin daily and snack on a carrot or some celery, instead of your skin. Nails that splinter and break at the sides are caused by a heavy-handed manicure. Filing too far down at the sides weakens the edge and nails split under the slightest pressure. Use the fine side of the emery board to file nails and never file deep into the corners. Nails will appear longer and wear better when the sides of the nails are allowed to grow. Filing to a sharp point also weakens nails and looks old fashioned. Aim for a gentle curve to match the shape of the cuticle end and file in one direction towards the top of the nail only.

Brittle nails that tend to break and split easily could be the victims of harsh soap detergents which rob the nails of their natural moisture. Treat yourself to a moisturising soap and always wear rubber gloves when keeping your hands in water for any length of time. Keep a tub of moisturising cream by the sink and rub it in after drying your hands.

White specks that appear on nails are caused by knocks and bumps, or, it is thought, a zinc deficiency. Try and keep your nails out of harm’s way and protect them with gloves whenever you can. Invest in a good manicure set to keep your nails in great shape and never poke at the nail base as this can cause the new nail to grow through damaged.

Your nails take between four and six months to grow from bed to tip and growth averages between 3mm and 4mm in a month. This means any splitting could relate to stress or illness six months ago and any further growth should be split-free. Try taking brewer’s yeast or cod liver oil to strengthen nails. Acetone based nail polish remover can dry out your nails and make them look dull as well as cause splitting, because the nail’s surface is made up of layers of keratin ( protein) which are banded together by natural oils and moisture. Whisk away colour with an oil based or conditioning remover and never peel off polish as the top layer of nail can come of too!

Check out Part 2 of Shahnaz Khan’s Guide to Healthy Nails next week

Human Vibrational Energy and the Assemblage Point

Being human is a beautiful condition. It is what separates us from the void of emptiness and bestows a natural disposition towards seeking the light. In the language of Physics , the vacuum is the ‘grand state of all that is in the universe’. The vacuum is not empty, on the contrary, the vacuum spoken of by quantum physicists is filled with immense vibrational potentiality.

At heart we are all good. It is important to affirm this daily and never allow the demons of doubt, fear, negativity and hatred to blight your life since our waking consciousness is only a small portion of our actual real consciousness. Our deeper selves are often very different to our daily superficial selves.

Amanda Solk

Amanda Solk is a very special young lady who I would describe as a ‘light carrier’. This exceptional young woman has been for many years ‘opening’ people up to their assemblage point – the vortex of the human energy field. The (AP) Assemblage Point is the point in the body where as an embryo our life force is assembled. According to Amanda it is the seat of our human and spiritual life force and for us to function healthily it needs to be aligned in its optimum position which is in the centre of the chest, close to the heart. By exploring and understanding the origins and the potency of human forces, her concept is that we not only become much better able to cope with them but also gain a much deeper and more compassionate understanding of our own Soul and that of our neighbors.

The Greek word psyche translates in German to mean the ‘Soul’. In the Greek myth of Psyche there is an exploration and confrontation of the emotional underworld to retrieve special treasure (spirituality) before Psyche can attain her apotheosis and achieve transcendence.

Successful re-alignment of the Assemblage Point to its optimum position by Amanda’s skillful assistance can result in increased knowledge of the self and eventually even the universe as a living energy. Just as the body is subject to illness from excluded parts of the self, so society can be made sick and subject to violence from those whose pain causes them to lash out towards everything that excludes them. With war and violence on the rise in the world millions of us are struggling to just keep mind, body and soul together. Perhaps our knowledge of the world and matter can no longer just be derived from direct sensory experiences and requires a new way of seeing?

The discovery and the teachings of shifting the Assemblage Point developed out of the ancient mysterious sacred beliefs and practices of the Native American Indians and Shamanistic traditions. Jon Whale PhD a gifted electronics engineer was the one to rediscover the definite existence of the Assemblage Point, having been fascinated by its potential for healing for many years. With the aid of other doctors and physicists his biggest and most valuable find was that the Assemblage Point can be repositioned after suffering trauma and abuse, whether physical or mental. If our Assemblage Point is knocked out of position for whatever reason, we will only be operating on half our energy quota. This reduced quota can create such symptoms as; depression, panic attacks, stress, fatigue and general unhappiness. These self defeating, emotionally debilitating features can give rise to further problems such as lack of confidence and low self esteem, in turn creating a vicious circle.

The good news is that Amanda has received extensive professional training by Dr. Angela Blaen, Founder of The Assemblage Point Association and the first person to have the existence of her Assemblage Point scientifically proven by medical experts in 2000. The procedure itself takes over an hour and once undertaken needs to be revisited by regular 2-3 monthly checks to ensure stability of the Assemblage Point. The results are permanent and the benefits just amazing with clients repeatedly reporting a feeling of being grounded and centered. The centeredness offers individuals the liberating freedom to release pent up fears, grief, shock, guilt, hurt, rage and disappointment etc. The list is as endless and as varied as Amanda’s grateful clientele. More often than not, a greater personal peace is frequently experienced with the heightened attendant confidence and personal ability to ‘handle’ life. Negative emotions, various addictions and angry outbursts to name a few crippling conditions become a thing of the past and no longer control or influence the individual. When we start to make contact with our knowing selves we will begin to finally hear messages of our own profound inner truth and beauty. Thanks to Amanda Solk’s amazing talent and treatment perhaps we can all finally draw upon a cosmic reservoir of intelligent spiritual and universal power and no longer erroneously presume we are but a tiny drop in the ocean of life but rather instead to remember, we are the ocean.

If you would like help with repositioning your Assemblage Point you can contact Amanda in Huddersfield on: 01484 535371 or 0788 1665 909 or to find out more about her wonderful work visit her at www.fullspectrumhealing.co.uk and www.mandisolk.com.

When Your Face is Your Fortune

In each life there comes at least one special moment which if properly recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. World famous face reading expert extraordinaire Jean Haner has been helping to create such special moments for her clients for over 25 years.

Jean Haner - Face Reading Expert

A compassionate and caring spiritual teacher she is sought out by professionals from all walks of life. From social workers, therapists, human resource staff, health practitioners and parents to name just a few. Since writing her first and second book The Wisdom of Your Face and The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face which were both runaway successes and published by an equally inspirational lady- Louise L. Hay, Jean has hardly had a moment to herself! Due to public demand Jean is working on a new book to be released soon.

In her work she uses powerful techniques to ‘read’ people’s true inner natures applying ancient Chinese principles steeped in spiritual symbolism and sacred significance to help restore health and balance. No stranger to oriental wisdom and the affirmative power of love, Jean equates healing as a tangible aspect of love both existing alongside each other and essential to facilitating recovery.

Through her detailed insights she has achieved an awakening in her clients and the integration of this has greatly facilitated the activation of Consciousness and the space for open heartedness in every aspect of life. Her wonderful workshops often open up new possibilities and discharge and loosen up old experiences that have created stumbling blocks in the personality. According to Jean any clutter emotional or physical, restricts the flow of energy or Chi around it, causing stuck energy in the life of the individual.

Curious about Jean’s talent for reading faces I submitted several questions to her for reflection and these are the answers that I received.

As well as my questions, I was fortunate enough to have the kind assistance of Mrs Denise Wilson who volunteered to bravely have her face read by Jean.

Shahnaz: What significance to the flow of emotional and career energy can facial tattoos and piercings play?

Jean: There are so many important acupuncture points in the face and it is always advised to consult a acupuncturist before piercing or tattooing any part of the face or body so you can get educated on how you might be unintentionally and adversely affecting your system.

S: When contemplating facial cosmetic procedures/surgery what should individuals be considering in your opinion before committing themselves?

J: You are born with the features that you have for a reason. Your face is a reflection of your personal blueprint, your true inner spirit; the plan for who you came here to be and what you came here to learn. If you alter your face, you are changing your blueprint without knowing the implications. If you make changes to your face, you are disturbing your own blueprint and it can put your life out of balance. If you change your face, you can change your destiny.

S: In your view, using your techniques, which Hollywood A Listers have the ‘perfect’ face for success in terms of a balanced inner nature?

J: There is no such thing as a perfect face, nor a balanced inner nature.

S: Many movies depict gangsters having scars. What significance does having scars on a given area of the face mean for an individual?

J: A scar indicates two things; 1) a personal challenge in our lives that we need to learn from; and 2) a depletion in the energy of whatever feature it marks. Face reading can help you create healthy change in your life.

S: Following on from the above, can facial disfigurement through trauma, accident or violence significantly alter an individual’s future luck?

J: Issues of ‘luck’ are superstitious uses of face reading and have no place in the deeper understanding of how it can guide us to living a life of compassion for ourselves and others. Facial disfigurement does have a meaning but the meaning depends on what features were affected and how.

S: What features are auspicious to look out for when dating a prospective partner?

J: There are no such things as ‘auspicious’ features; each person has their own personal nature and it is by learning who you are yourself that you can see who will be a good match in dating.

S: Many elderly people through age suffer diminished vision and are vulnerable to abuse from strangers visiting their homes. Are there particular facial features indicative of a criminal disposition?

J: Anyone who is out of balance in life can behave in dishonest or criminal ways. Face reading gives you the ability to read the level of someone’s imbalance, and in what ways they are out of balance, and how they might behave as a result. So it is invaluable in terms of hiring people or knowing what to expect from them in any interaction.

S: In terms of the subject’s photo that I have provided for analysis, what can you ascertain from her face please? Denise is in her early 50’s.

Mrs Denise Wilson - Face Reading Subject

J: Denise has excellent taste, a natural sense of style and is very charming with other people. She is a highly sensitive person and will notice details others miss. She is very aware of little nuances and subtleties. She is also extremely affected by the energy of other people and may not like crowded places because the energy of all those other people is too intense. She will need private time on a regular basis just to get away from the very strong energy of the world. Denise has got what I call a “ Queen’s face’ and this means she can hold power and speak up in some way. This can indicate that she can give advice to others and it can also mean she can excel in a position of power; for instance, running a business or managing staff. She has a natural sense of beauty and will need to live a life where beauty is a major factor, whether that is living in a beautiful home, wearing beautiful clothes or creating beautiful experiences for others.

Under stress, she will be quite anxious and in life overall, she will need to be mindful of her energetic boundaries. She can be quite a psychic sponge, soaking in everyone else’s energy and being affected by it. She may have had at least one romantic partner who was unfaithful to her, or it is possible that she may have been the one to stray within a relationship. In this stage of life, it will be important for her to focus on how happy she is in all her relationships and in life in general.

If there is anything she has not got in her life, now is the time for her to give it to herself, and in this year especially. Giving herself beautiful gifts is a powerful source of medicine to bring her life back into balance.

Denise was very impressed with the accuracy of Jean’s face reading analysis. She is indeed an extremely artistic and creative personality with an excellent eye for detail as Jean quite rightly picked up. Her work as a professional Senior Medical Secretary for a respected team of Consultant Surgeons means that she is often under pressure to ensure that hospital operation waiting lists are correct and that patients are offered the best possible care and attention. Her calm and caring nature means that she is very much loved and has close friends with whom she can fully be herself.

My thanks to Jean Haner for making herself available to be interviewed. For further information on Jean Haner’s wonderful work and forthcoming new book please visit her website at www.wisdomofyourface.com. You can contact Jean in the USA on Tel: 760-632-1153 or Fax: 760-632-2404 . You can also write to her at: Jean Haner, PO Box. 235013, Encinitas, California, USA.

Mother Nature’s Beauty Secret

At a time when the recession shows little sign of abating and beauty treatments may be viewed by most women as a coveted unaffordable luxury when balanced against the necessity of paying the monthly mortgage . Mother Nature has a wise secret that we can all benefit from – for FREE.

Legend’s have been written about her secret…

Some of the most beautiful women in the world owe their looks to the secret…

Moses made his name by parting it…

Follow in their footsteps and perhaps you too can benefit as they have…

Ready to hear the secret?


The miracle is up 2/3 of your body. Your brain alone is made up of 90% of it and your blood 83%. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day depending on your body size can prevent as well as cure migraines, help hydrate your skin making you appear younger and put a spring in your step literally, as it helps to moisturize your joints! Drinking enough daily will help your body do the important work of supplying much welcomed nutrients needed to oxygenate and protect vital organs. Not only will your outer body look fabulous but so will your insides. The amazing benefits of drinking enough water will be experienced as steady weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet as water contains zero calories and breaks down fat deposits stored in the body flushing out toxins. Higher tolerance of pain as organ health will be stronger and help you fight invading infection.

On the other hand the serious symptoms of not drinking enough water can result in; persistent constipation, irregular blood pressure, unexplained moodiness, headaches, dry skin, inability to concentrate, light headedness to name a few avoidable health problems. If you are still experiencing these symptoms even after drinking your daily intake then you may wish to consult your G.P. or visit one of the top 5 top rated sites explaining further why water is essential to good health. See www.water-for-health.co.uk

Cheers to your good health!

Image reproduced from renalfellow.blogspot.com

Dare to Derma

What does every girl dream of? Perfect skin of course. Well, now you no longer have to simply wish because with the fabulous DermaNew Microdermabrasion Facial Home Care System manufactured for and distributed by DermaNew,Inc. Beverley Hills your dream just became reality.

With increasingly modern stressful lifestyles and an adult acne epidemic affecting not just teenagers but also many middle aged women including glamorous celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry, the global anti-acne industry alone is worth nearly 2 Billion! It appears that too much sebum can cause a build up of oil and dead skin cells in hair follicle pores resulting in bacteria finding their way to the blockage and that bacteria then causing the dreaded acne. Some schools of growing thought consider that acne may even be genetic and taking Zinc can help reduce some of the socially embarrassing effects.

Suffering from occasional outbreaks myself, I was pleased when a couple of weeks ago I received from Andrea Patel a fully qualified Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner and Managing Director with extensive professional skincare experience at www.dermacaredirect.co.uk my own personal DermaNew Microdermabrasion system. Unwrapping the smart looking unit I felt like Christmas had come early. Reading the packaging carefully and creating some quality me time I set to work trying out the homecare unit and seeing if it delivered what it promised on the box. Designed to tackle skin concerns such as; fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and sun damage I was impressed from day one at how gentle yet effective the well designed system is. The people behind the business have many years of impressive professional industry service and it is their experience and dedication that prides itself on delivering excellent customer care as well as giving your skin that ‘celebrity glow’ that the DermaNew Microdermabrasion system promises.

The Home Facial Rejuvenation System includes:

  • Dual Action Resurfacing Tool
  • Sensitive Formula Microdermabrasion Cream
  • 1 Body Foam Applicator
  • 1 Facial Foam Applicator and 2 AA batteries.

From my first day of use to my 3 weeks of continued trial use I can personally say that my skin has never looked or felt so good. If you want flawless skin then microdermabrasion can help to instantly make your skin appear fresher and cleaner as the perfect ergonomic design combined with medical Grade Corundum Crystals supercharged with antioxidants naturally moisturise and combat any visible signs of ageing that daily pollution and the passage of time cause. Repeated use of the system on a 2-3 times per weekly period provides users with long term benefits by successfully stimulating collagen production which is needed to improve complexions. The System is safe to use on all areas of the body and face and will help treat scarring and stretch marks as well as acne and wrinkles.

( picture of DermaNew Microdermabrasion System here please Alan) To find image please go to www.dermanew.com or www.dermacaredirect.co.uk/dermanew-facial-rejuvenation-system.html

To use, I attached the Teardrop Foam Applicator to the resurfacing tool and then dotted the specially formulated microdermabrasion cream onto my clean dry skin using upward circular motions applying gentle to firm pressure for approximately 2 minutes per session. Afterwards I rinsed off the remaining Crystal residue with warm water and gently dried and patted my face. After use I rinsed and cleaned the system attachment applicator tools and put them away for next time. I finished off my session by using my favourite moisturiser from the Avene range which I love. Eau Thermale Avene Rich Compensating Cream. You can get this from Boots or any high end quality beauty clinic and salon.

With literally dozens of home microdermabrasion systems available to purchase the DermaNew System differs in terms of sheer performance and value when helping to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. At the fraction of the price of a salon treatment it will leave you feeling very pleased with yourself as well as looking flawless.

To find out more about the system you can go to www.dermacaredirect.co.uk or www.dermanew.com. Customer Support can be found on T: 0116 251 4848 and Skincare advice on T: 0116 271 3648. A biography of Andrea Patel can be found at http://dermacaredirect.co.uk/consultation/

Go on be a devil. Dare to Derma, I did!.

Image reproduced from kizzy-online.com

Getting Rid of Mr Wrong

Having recently received an unwanted and unacceptable e-mail, I decided to write this article to provide the reader with not only a riveting read but also a provocative topic that tries to offer real solutions to problems of violence in relationships, in the shape of a concise guide that transcends traditional approaches to real or perceived danger.

Right now, as you read these words, at least one woman near you is being beaten – and now another. Within the space of a few seconds women in every corner of the world are being beaten by either their boyfriends or husbands. Unlike some violence, spousal abuse is a crime that can be avoided if we act on accurate predictions of danger.

Understanding how people evaluate personal risk may help us better understand why so many women in danger stay with their violent partners. Beaten women have been beaten so much that their fear mechanism is dulled to the point that they take in stride risks that others would consider unacceptable. The relationship between violence and death is not so apparent to them. Being struck and forced not to resist is a particularly damaging form of abuse because it trains the central instinct to protect the self, out of the victim rendering them vulnerable to further abuse. To over-ride any care for the self, a woman must begin to believe that she is not worth protecting.

Being beaten by someone we love creates a conflict between two opposing instincts. The instinct to stay and the instinct to flee. Many batterers control the money, allowing little access to financial information and book accounts. The batterer may start out as a benevolent control freak at the beginning of the relationship and then soon turns into a malevolent control freak, issuing unpredictable punishment and rewards for minor transgressions that challenge his addiction to control, social insecurities and shaky personal identity.

Children who do not learn to expect and accept love in normal, healthy ways become adults who find other ways to get it. Controlling may work for a while, even a long while, but then it begins not to work, and so he escalates his behaviour accordingly to maintain his violent grip. He will do anything to stay in control, but his girlfriend/ ex-wife is chang ing and that causes him to suffer. Men in this position need Counselling and Therapy since it is a choice on their part to continue using violence as a means of controlling others.

Just as there are physical abusers who will hurt every partner so there are serial victims – women who will select more than one violent man to share their life. Social Psychologists such as Abraham Maslow, Erich Fromm and Sigmund Freud to name just a few, viewed violence as the result of an inability to communicate personal needs effectively within reasonable  boundaries. Spousal abuse is committed by people who are frequently described as; kind, caring, sweet, charming etc. The men described so, were all of these things before and during the selection mating process and often still are – between violent battering incidents.

Could these women have seen ‘warning signs’ if they had known what to look for? Falling in love requires to some degree – a denial to see faults, frankly to ‘overlook’ danger signs. In a culture that glorifies and sugar coats romance, propelling people to get married in spite of many reasons not to, the issue of selection and choice brings to attention the valuable work of Psychologist Nathaniel Branden who believes ‘luck’ has very little to do with choice of partner.The common characteristic of a woman who continues to select against her better judgement, violent men, is the woman herself. Once she understands the reasons for her choice of partner and can change her bad choices to better choices, she can then free herself from violent relationships.

So what can a woman who is being beaten do? Seek and apply strategies that make you unavailable to your partner. Take yourself away if possible and continue to remain unavailable regardless of the inconvenience it causes you. It is wiser to get away safely than trying to change the abusing partner or engaging in an emotional war, even if the police and courts are on your side. As with other aspects of safety, the police cannot fix violent relationships.

Unwanted pursuit by ex-boyfriends/husbands may escalate their behaviour to include such things as persistent phone calls and late night text messages, showing up uninvited, stalking and enlisting/manipulating friends and family to force contact. Though he would rather get back into her life, he will accept being just a friend until he can exert his mind control again and reduce her to victim status.

The taught rule in ‘Getting rid of Mr. Wrong’ is to stop all contact. He should be explicitly rejected and no contact continued on his terms. Much depends on how much emotional investment has been made by the battering partner. If he has been beating for years and ignored warnings and interventions, then a restraining order may not be of much help, especially if he has been issuing threats and other sinister behaviour.

Because victims are understandably frustrated and angry, they may look to a court order to do any of the following things; destroy, expose, threaten, change and humiliate the violent partner. Victims can often list warning signs about men who go on to become a problem. One such victim of violence who I shall call Rita shares this story:

I dated this guy called Jason. I met him at a party of a friend of mine, and he must have asked someone there for my phone number (researching the victim). Before I even got home, he’d left me five messages (overly invested) I told him I didn’t want to go out with him, but he was so persistent about it that I really didn’t have any choice. (Men who cannot let go choose women who cannot say no). In the beginning, it was flattering, he was super attentive,  knowing what I wanted. I was amazed he remembered every word I ever said (hyper attentiveness). It made me feel special to start with and then very uncomfortable (victim intuitively feels uncomfortable). He talked about serious things like children and living together early on (whirlwind pace) and of course he monitored my every movement and didn’t like me seeing my friends (isolating her from friends).

The above is all done strategically with a clear agenda by the abusive partner. He is preparing his victim and making sure that she becomes completely dependent on him for her happiness.

Amazingly, classical stalking behaviour and the characteristics of violent partners share striking similarities. The predictability of pre-attack behaviours has been confirmed in Psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz’s work and his violence inventory, listed below:-

1. Displayed some mental disorder

2. Researched the victim or victim

3. Created a diary, journal or record

4. Obtained a weapon

5. Displayed an exaggerated idea of self (grandiosity)

6. Exhibited random travel

7. Identifies with controlling historical characters

8. Made repeated inappropriate approaches

When it comes to survival signals, it is important that we take note of our intuitions and not turn a blind to our feelings – they might just save us from the mistake of finding Mr Wrong.

Dreams and their Significance

I dream that I am here
Loaded with heavy chains,
I dreamt the brilliant life
In which I late saw myself.
What is life” A lie,
A patch of shadow, a fiction.
Fortune? An illusion.
All life is a dream,
And dreams—O mockery—
Are themselves but a dream.

‘La Vida Es Sueno’. X. Calderon.

How much do you know about your dreams? In a period of human history when all disposable energy is spent in the investigation and examination of nature, very little attention is paid to the real essence of mankind, which exists in the form of psyche. The still deeply shrouded areas of the human mind that govern the psyche are being unexplored in favour of more concrete concepts that deal with more conscious tangible functions of the mind.

In his book ‘Man and his Symbols’ Dr. Carl Gustav Jung points out that the human mind just like any geographical terrain is made up of its own evolutionary history derived from the plateau of the unconscious which retains many traces left from earlier learning.

To know and understand the psychic life process it is important to realize that dreams and their symbolic images have an important part to play. Various schools of thought consider symbolic ideas to be the vital link to a healthy development of the personality. From the sixth century B.C. to the sixth century A.D. dream interpretation was a popular practice. The Chinese were one of the first civilizations to actually deeply probe into the phenomenon of dreams and to offer principles of interpretation.

Two important literary classics that emerged were Japanese astrologer Abe No Seimi’s ‘Book of Divination by Dreams’ first published in 1772 and Pierre Vattier’s French translation of Gaddorrchamon’s Arabic manuscript ‘L’onirocrite Musalman on Doctrine et Interpretation des Sanges Selon les Arabs’. These texts were significant because they were the first of their kind to attempt to explain dreams as groupings of images and symbols.

At present there exists many popular theories of dreams all offering Scientific, Physical, Psychological or Psychical explanations. The chief theories currently being; (i) The physiological or heavy supper theory, (ii) The personal reminiscence theory, (iii) The theory of racial reminiscence and (iv) The premonitory theory.

The physiological theory put forward by Aristotle over two thousand years ago operates from a digestive model and proposes that dreams are caused by other bodily disturbances which occur as a result of internal evaporation. A heavy meal by drawing blood for the digestion affects the circulation to the brain and gives rise to the dream.

The personal reminiscence theory views dreams as basic mental images that are released by everyday experiences which carry strong significance for the dreamer.

The premonitory theory which proposes that dreams are important because they are in fact ‘gateways’ to the future which is supposedly predetermined for each individual. In order to accept this theory in its entirety, we must believe that the future is fixed and that there exists a possibility of our knowing it.

Anatomical studies have revealed that the brain is the most complex and single most important organ in the body made up of a series of inter-linked structures that are associated with language, thought processes and sensory experience-all necessary for the production of dreams. Humans sleep on average eight to ten hours each night. This means that one third of our life is spent sleeping, so by the time we are seventy five years old, we have slept and dreamt for twenty five years!

As a physical and mental restorative sleep is unequalled. The first concentrated experiments in sleep deprivation were performed by physiologist Marie de Manaceine in the second half of the nineteenth century.The consequences of sleep loss are; restlessness, irritability, photophobia, fearfulness and bizarre reactions to food. According to Prof. J. Empson author of several books concerned with sleep research, persistant insomnia in middle age or earlier is commonly associated with affective illness; i.e. depression, drug abuse, alcoholism and respiratory difficulties.

Psychiatrist Dr. Ernest Hartmann of Boston State Hospital’s Sleep and Dream Laboratory has interestingly linked personality types with length and character of sleep and discovered that short sleepers as a rule tend to be very energetic, decisive, ambitious and socially adept individuals who fit into the extrovert band speculated by philosophers such as Galen and Hippocrates. Long sleepers on the other hand tend to be, according to Dr Hartmann, highly creative speakers who have a tendency to be non-conformist and critically selective in their social views.

Sigmund Freud interpreted the introverted type of personality as an individual morbidly concerned with themselves. Carl Gustav Jung on the other hand held introspection and self-knowledge in high esteem and valued its importance. Beyond doubt, man and woman becomes whole, integrated, calm, fertile and happy when the process of personal individuation is complete. When the conscious and unconscious have learned to live at peace and to complement one another.

On a relatively simple level, dream language is often figurative and our dreams are trying to tell us something. They do not use words to express their meaning but communicate through visual imagery and, to a lesser extent, through the other four senses- sight, smell, taste and hearing. Imagery, in dreams often takes the form of the symbolic and representational, implying that persons and places represent specific principles or situations in the dreamers actual life. When the dream has been explored and a symbolic meaning discovered it can then be applied to the dreamer’s circumstances.

Below is a dream which make sense when we recognize that the characters do not represent real people but rather principles.

I am house hunting and decide to investigate a house that captures my interest. Externally the house is very attractive but once inside, feelings of oppression overwhelm me and force me to flee from the building in a state of terror.


This dream highlights the dreamer’s fundamental insecurity regarding new experiences which relate to adult independence. On the surface, the dreamer appears to be looking forward to the challenge of independence as represented by the ‘attractive house’ but is really subconsciously afraid as represented by the dreaded feeling of terror that they may not be up to the task and will want to flee from the responsibility of adulthood instead.

Shahnaz Khan is a Psychotherapist & Writer. She offers both weekly private individual and group dream therapy sessions for those interested in understanding their dreams and improving their relationships. As well as dream interpretation she also offers astrological analysis. Shahnaz received her training with the late Prof. Petruska Clarkson in Harley Street, London in the mid 90’s.

Image reproduced from retiredindelaware.blogspot.com