About Serena Marija

Serena Marija is currently known as an actress and model and has always seen herself in a creative field of work. She is constantly searching for something that provides her with the mental stimulation that modelling cannot offer to her. As a self-confessed sports enthusiast, she is highly knowledgeable in subjects surrounding health, fitness, nutrition and dermatology, despite the fact that she is currently studying. Serena's aim is to create highly educational, inspiring and motivational articles to appeal to all ages. Having just finished working for psychological services in her local area, Serena has always felt the need to give something back to people in need and wishes motivate through writing. Follow Serena on Twitter @SerenaBellaaaaa

Finding That Perfect Balance

When I hear the words “perfect balance” my mind is flooded with a variety of different imagery. I imagine tranquil people, glowing faces, positive vibes, and plates of colourful foods, juices, regular meditation, balanced moods and yoga poses. Unfortunately, that’s not case, its never all sunshine and rainbows and it … Continue reading