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5 Exciting Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

It’s already been one whole year and it’s time to start the plans for another birthday party. But the last one was such a success, and you just don’t know how you’re going to top it. Have no fear, there are literally endless possibilities! Here are a few of the most exciting themes for you to use and adapt to suit your little one and their friends. For that full birthday extravaganza experience, make sure the invitations, party snacks, and decorations are all in line with the theme too!

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1.     Dinosaur Den

Dinosaurs are exciting and adventurous. Plus, it’s easy to pick up dinosaur-themed supplies from pretty much anywhere. Make up an excavation sandpit so they can discover new bones and species by themselves. Hosting a dinosaur-themed quiz will mean they also learn something new about this fascinating era whilst having fun. Go that one step further and hire life-size animatronic dinosaur replicas; these are sure to get everyone excited and your party will likely never be beaten!

2.     Marvel Magic

Marvel mad? Isn’t everyone!? Finding super-hero-themed supplies is as easy as pie, making this party hassle-free as well as full of fun. Pick up cups, cakes, and costumes to get everyone involved. Come up with some exciting activities to make them believe they truly are saving the world. Create a save the civilian game, get some hulk gloves to smash down that piñata instead of a bat, and host competitions like Thor’s hammer throw, Hawkeye’s archery, or Black Widow’s assault course.

3.     Animal Kingdom

There is nothing more fun as a child than dressing up as your favourite animal. Rope in some friends to help you have a face painting station so all the guests can fully embody their animal of choice. Create or hire an obstacle course to test the agility of your new zoo creatures, decorate your living room as a jungle and play stick the tail tag. Get them running around and using up their birthday energy whilst releasing that inner wild animal.

4.     Princess Party

Be ready to welcome and cater towards all the Princes and Princesses in the land when you host this one. And, of course, no Princess is complete without their animal sidekicks! There are so many characters from Disney films to choose from that everyone will have fun dressing up. Gift everyone a crown on arrival, play princess-themed games like find Cinderella’s Slipper, have a dance competition, or fight off the balloon dragons with toy swords. But most importantly, make sure the main prince or princess feels like their living the fairy-tale dream!

5.     Under The Sea

An absolute favourite for those summer babies! Hire a pool and fill it with hundreds and thousands of inflatable sea creatures! Make sure there are a few parents on hand to help with managing and safety, but everyone (even the adults) will love this one. Add a slide, balloons or water shooters and everyone is guaranteed to be having fun for hours!

There is no limit as to how far you can take these ideas. Let your imagination free and host the most spectacular birthday party that your kid, their friends, and their parents, will never forget!

Three Simple Tips for a Better Barbecue

Barbecues are a popular way to host family and friends, and they’re pretty easy to pull off: if you provide great grilled food, it’s generally a success. However, there are a few simple things you can do to make your barbecues stand out from the rest. Great barbecues create fond memories, and they are a simple and accessible way to entertain groups of all sizes. Try these three tips the next time you’re hosting. 

1. Keep Guests Comfortable

It’s common to see people standing around hunched over their plates in their hands at a barbecue. This is okay because the food is the main event, but it’s not preferred. A very simple way to make your barbecue instantly better is to provide chairs. Some other things to consider since this is an outside event are making sure you have bug bite treatment and sunscreen available for your guests. You’ll also want to check the weather ahead of time to make sure it’s not going to be uncomfortably hot or cold; it’s better to reschedule if needed than to have a bad experience. 

2. Remember Utensils 

While this may not seem like an above-and-beyond suggestion for improving your barbecue, think about the times you needed a fork or napkin and didn’t have one. Perhaps the worst is when there aren’t sufficient cups — people can get creative if they don’t have a napkin, fork or even plate, but it’s not recommended people pass around the beverages and all drink out of the same vessel. By being adequately prepared, you will show your guests that their enjoyment is important to you. For added fun, you can get themed cups or napkins. 

3. Provide Entertainment 

Barbecues are social events, so often the entertainment is simply the socializing. There is nothing wrong with this, and honestly, it should probably remain the main attraction. A simple way to push your event to the next level is to provide a little more; to go the extra mile. Cornhole, horseshoes and badminton are good group games that are easy to set up and easy to explain. Bringing a small portable speaker with some good background music can improve the overall atmosphere of the event. 

By putting in a little extra effort, you can make your barbecue much more enjoyable for your guests. As the host, it’s important that they are comfortable and properly equipped, and of course, you want them to have a great time. 

4 Things to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy in Philadelphia

To many, filing for bankruptcy is a last resort. It is hard to admit that you are broke and even more difficult to acknowledge that you cannot meet your obligations. Bankruptcy might be a lengthy and tedious process, but it might be the only way out. A lot of information false information about bankruptcy has forced many to stay away from it. Today we clear the air by sharing four crucial things you need to know about filing for bankruptcy in Philadelphia.

1)    When to File For Bankruptcy

The first sign is a high amount of accumulated debt. Despite having to pay the bare minimum, the interest rate accrued keeps growing, and this does not make it any easier. Missing payments and having the creditors garnish your wages for repayment purposes are reasons enough to file for bankruptcy. Billing your daily expenses on credit cards and maxing them out might force you to file for bankruptcy. There are other individual instances such as accidents, loss of work, divorce, and even the collapse of a business that can be considered valid reasons to file for bankruptcy. However, despite having all the above, the bankruptcy request might be declined. To save you from the headache of determining what will work best for you, consult Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers and they will help you determine your eligibility.

2)    How to File For Bankruptcy

Learn the bankruptcy clause that will work for you. There is chapter 7 and 13, and they all have different provisions. Once that is determined, you can go ahead and conduct the necessary paperwork needed. Proceed by taking them to court for consideration and pay the required fees. Take credit counseling and mandatory debt management sessions that teach on smart ways to avoid debts and proper spending tactics. Some court sessions might require your presence, and you need to clear your schedule for that. Provide correct information and avoid hiding property as this might force your case to go south quickly.

3)    Benefits

Filing for bankruptcy has its share of benefits that you should enjoy in case you are in a financial rut. You can quickly negotiate terms with your creditors and even protect your assets from being reclaimed to pay your debts. It also helps you adjust your tax obligations, making them more manageable. Bankruptcy also gives you a fresh start since you can settle all your debts by liquidating assets or by making a trade in. It saves you from the emotional turmoil that every debt-stricken individual with no way out goes through. Additionally, it allows you to continue enjoying utilities as they are considered a necessity.

4)    Mistakes to Avoid When Filing For Bankruptcy

Lies are the first thing you need to avoid. Many people hide assets and even fail to reveal all their debt information. The unlisted creditors might collect your assets, and the bankruptcy reprieve you have might not work on them. When you are expecting more debts, do not file for bankruptcy since it will not be covered. In case you fraudulently acquired credit cards and credit from creditors, stay away from this too. These are criminal activities, and you might get yourself in more trouble. Additionally, when your debts are also from student loans and court judgments, bankruptcy is not for you.

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Is It Possible to Protect Your PC from Online Threats?

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing online; the threats will always be there. Whether you’re reading books or playing games;  streaming or downloading movies or just shopping for your favorite home appliances; you’re always just a click away from exposing your computer to a virus or something else.

What are these online threats?

If you don’t already know what shape and form online threats can take, I congratulate you for finding this article, now let me tell you more about online threats. Online threats don’t come as a direct threat to life; I mean, nobody is holding a loaded gun to your head or holding your kids hostage to get something from you. Online threats come in more subtle ways:

  • Virus: Computer viruses are malicious softwares created to infiltrate a user’s PC unknowingly and perform malicious actions. A virus could be designed to spy on you or steal your information. It could also cause data loss and unnecessary stress for an innocent internet user.
  • Malware: Is short for “Malicious Software”. Malwares are specifically designed to gain unlawful access and damage computers without the owner’s permission or knowledge.
  • Phishing: Phishing is a type of internet scam where internet users are tricked to give away their sensitive information through cleverly designed emails, webpages and login pages. Phishers have just one purpose; to steal sensitive information from people. That includes login details, credit card details, passwords and access to their financial institutions.
  • Data leaks: Data leaks occur as a result of computer hacks. Hackers use malwares, viruses and phishing attempts to trick you and your computer into giving them access and full control permissions so they can steal your information and leak it to the public.

These are just some examples of the limitless threats that users are exposed to when using the internet. Every year, billions of dollars are lost to online threats. This is why it is very important that you protect your PC from online threats.

How to protect your PC from online threats?

Well, there are a number of safety practices that you need to know and use to ensure your online safety. Whether you use your computer for work or personal life, these steps will be of tremendous help in protecting your PC from online threats.

  • Create stronger passwords: It is not ideal to use passwords that are easy to guess. Weak passwords only make your computer and online information easier to infiltrate. Don’t use your pet’s name, 1234 or any other personal information that’s common knowledge as your password. Alphanumeric passwords are stronger and harder to guess.
  • Don’t trust Public Networks: Public networks are notorious for their weak firewalls, little wonder then that they get hacked more easily. In order to stay protected when online, never access your bank accounts and other sensitive accounts on public Wi-Fi networks. The more cautious you are about staying protected, the better.
  • Use an antivirus software: This is by far the most important way to secure your PC anywhere, anytime. Like the name implies, antivirus softwares are specifically designed to protect computers from all forms of online threats; including malwares, spywares, viruses and other malicious threats. There are lots of antivirus softwares available today, however, the choice of the right antivirus for your computer is a vital one that should be carefully considered. The best way to choose the right antivirus for your computer is to read reviews so that you’ll know the antivirus that is most up-to-date and offers complete protection.

 I personally use AVG Antivirus for my PC and it’s because I read lots of reviews and found AVG to be the best choice in 2019. However, you don’t have to take my word for it, you too can read this AVG review and decide for yourself.

How To Unlock Additional Netflix Content With PureVPN Netflix

What Is PureVPN?

This is one of the top virtual private networks (VPNs) used to obtain anonymity when surfing the web. A VPN alters your IP address therefore making your online footprint impossible to find. It does this by rerouting your local IP address to an address generated online by the VPN. So when your servers make a request, the request appears to come from the generated IP address and not your original IP address.

Why Do You Need PureVPN Netflix?

In this age, Netflix is like an household name in most part of the world. The online video service company provide access to content that can be streamed online. But streaming video content online on Netflix is harmless, so why do you need PureVPN? Netflix restricts access to some contents based on your geographical location. This is part of the agreement they make with distributors in different part of the world. So, if you are currently in a part of the world where your access to your favourite show on Netflix is restricted, a VPN changes your location and helps you access the show.

Is Netflix At War With PureVPN?

Netflix isn’t only at war with PureVPN, the streaming service provider is clamping down on all VPN service. As a sign of compliance with the international content distribution rules and regulations, Netflix always attempt to block access to its contents through the use of VPNs. Commonly generated IP addresses are blocked by default. However, there are various ways to get access to Netflix content despite its use of VPN blockers. These blockers are not perfect and VPNs exploit their weaknesses.

How Do You Access Content On Netflix With PureVPN?

PureVPN can be used in any part of the world to access restricted content on Netflix. Despite the numerous blockers employed by Netflix, PureVPN has its ways of bypassing these blockers. There are numerous servers that the VPN runs on. Naturally, it connects to the fastest server when in use. However, this server is more liable to being blocked by Netflix. So, it is advisable to log in using a random server from a random location you choose. The chances of success are higher this way as Netflix VPN blockers might not notice the connection.

Netflix App or Web Browser?

If you are trying to gain access to restricted content using the application, it is an almost impossible task when using VPN. There is a DNS-based blocking system that basically restrict any VPN usage. There is no way around it as it is deployed around the software.

Your best shot is to try access through the web browser. The method described earlier can be easily implemented by using a web browser to access the Netflix site.

PureVPN Customer Support

If after employing the methods stated above, you are still having issues accessing restricted content on Netflix, simply contact the customer support. Your problem might be something you have no clue about. Get the best of the VPN’s service.