About Rebecca Fortuin

Rebecca Fortuin is a freelance writer and illustrator currently based in Leicestershire. She has been writing stories since she was six, fuelled by an avid love of books and a fascination with words. She was one of twenty-five finalists in the Writers Club 2012 Tournament and hopes to place next year. Her writing predominantly consists of first person fictional narratives and non-fictional commentaries of how she perceives the world around her. When she is not writing, or being a hermit, Fortuin is a passionate thespian and takes part in various amateur dramatic productions across the year with the NQSC.

Romance is Dead. Technology Killed It

As a child growing up in the nineties my concept of dating was peppered with long phone calls and confessions shyly blurted out after school. Then I got a mobile, along came Facebook and traditional dating went out of the window. Before if you met someone attractive you would have … Continue reading

The Erotica Phenomenon for Modern Girls

Erotica is no longer confined to the pages of Mills and Boon, read in private typically by housewives and elderly ladies who live alone. With the arrival of the internet this once hidden past time has now found a way to reach the wider community with readers being able to … Continue reading

5 Ways to Spend Summer on a Budget

With summer fast approaching it’s time to say goodbye to studying. halls and student finance, you’re back home, you’re broke and so are all your friends so what on earth are you going to do all summer? You could get a job, though their not easy to come by and … Continue reading

Backstage at a Beauty Pageant

In the last hundred years beauty pageants have become a centre piece of American culture, embodying the American spirit and offering life-changing scholarships for many of its winners. In recent years this passion for pageants has taken Britain by storm, with new pageants popping up every year. So what is … Continue reading

Dylan O’Brien: Hollywood’s Next Big Thing?

Prior to this year, actor Dylan O’Brien was relativity unknown. He’s been in acting circuit for just two years, starring in independent films such as High Road and The First Time. However he is best known for his role as Stiles Stilinski, the sidekick in the popular MTV series Teen … Continue reading

Carrot and Orange Breakfast Muffins

Healthy eating is no easy feat and fitting a healthy breakfast inside your hectic mornings can seem like an impossible task. However I have the perfect solution, a low fat, lot calorie breakfast treat which is also pretty tasty, breakfast muffins. The recipe is simple and you can make them … Continue reading

Kickstarter: A Game-Changer for Independant Film Makers?

For a new unheard of film maker starting their career with no contacts and even less funds there are two routes to take. Route one, send their script to major film companies in the hope that someone will like their idea enough to create it, or route two, be funded … Continue reading

Album Review: Alex Day – Epigrams & Interludes

Three years since the release of his last album and now with three Top 40 singles under his belt, Youtuber & Musician Alex Day is back with a brand new collection, Epigrams & Interludes. The album consists of a vast mixture of his older work, brand new tracks, chart toppers, … Continue reading

Monsters University: Pixar & the Prequel

After Toy Story 3’s massive success, despite the trilogies ten year hiatus, Disney Pixar has decided to breathe life into yet another of it’s best creations, Monsters Inc. However will this be a lovingly told, long awaited new chapter? Or is it merely a shameless ploy to exploit nostalgia of … Continue reading

Does Cinema Need Remakes? – Part 2

The comparisons made in Part 1 of this article are reminiscent of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I personally watched the 2011 American re-make first, and visually it was mind blowing. From the opening titles alone with its incredible graphics and the pulsing beat of “Immigrant song”, a cover … Continue reading

Does Cinema Need Remakes? – Part 1

2012 in film, the year of re-releases, squeals, prequels and re-makes. It begs the question, “has Hollywood lost all originality?” With classic films being re-marketed as 3D despite the technological gap and franchises such as Ice Age reaching its fourth instalment it does make you wonder about the future of … Continue reading