About Julie Podbery

Julie Podbery has been passionate about Makeup, Skincare and Hair from a really early age from borrowing her Mum’s lipsticks and eyeshadows to ordering books every month with step-by-steps on applying makeup. This passion lasted throughout the years and Bridal Hair and Makeup which started as a hobby then became a Career. After working as a Retail Manager at MAC and Clarins and training with them and becoming a mature student carrying out a HND in Media and Special Effects Makeup and Wigmaking she is now running her own Bridal Hair and Makeup Business and is loving it!

Vintage Makeup Styling

vintage makeupVintage style hair and makeup has always been a passion of mine. There is something very glamorous and feminine about all of these looks. When I talk about Vintage I mean 1920s through to 1960s era. The Great Gatsby has brought through some amazing looks which has now transposed onto the catwalks and into the high street.

Recreating that finger waved hair and making the hair look shorter by securing the back. There are ways of recreating the Finger wave using either a small barrelled tong or wand and brushing through the hair and clamping the wave section and spraying into place instead of the old traditional method of wet setting and finger waving the front of the hair section by section until it dried naturally. The makeup for the 1920s and 1930s was very strong which was almost as if in rebellion as makeup could only be bought under the counter up until this era. The eye makeup was more rounded and with dark pencil and the lips were painted on to appear smaller in darker colours. Mac and Art Deco both have some amazing Eye Palette Colours with strong pigmentation and staying power to recreate the 1920s/1930s eras.  Another fantastic Eye Palette is the Danielle Sandler Quad which come in three different elements Beyond Sunset, Scandal at Midnight and Sheer Beauty.  All three of these palettes can be used to create all the different eras.  The Scandal at Midnight Palette could be used for a simplistic sparkly look or a really strong smokey look as the palette offers a number of options.

Some amazing glosses that I have recently worked with are from Miners Cosmetics and they are wonderful with a strong pop of colour added to the lip or a small amount as a slight stain with the gloss.  They have a luxurious feel to them really moisturise the lip.  This is definitely a gloss I can no longer do without.

One of my favourite eras is the 1940s for Hair and Makeup. I love to recreate the Victory Rolls. I find the Patrick Cameron brush and hair kit works brilliantly for this. You can back brush a section of hair into a roll shape and take another section to smooth over to create the roll and secure into the back brushed roll. The makeup for this era was fairly natural and neutral on the eyes and the red lip was almost a statement for the men that were out at war to come home to their glamorous wives and partners. Illamasqua have some lovely eye palettes that come in a quad. The Neutral Palette works really well for the eye makeup for this era

Mac have a lovely MAC Red Lipstick which could be put on lighter as a stain for less of an Impact.

The 1950s era is all about the feline flicks on the eyes with lashes and the beautiful Hollywood rounded red lip. A really nice red lip is the Art Deco Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage Collection and they have numbers 15,28 and 36 in the red lip with a wonderful gloss in 28 and 70. These work beautifully for this era and their Mineral Lip Liner glides on beautifully and does not move to seal the lipstick on the lips. This collection has powder, blusher, eye palette and lashes and I believe has everything you need to recreated that look.

Lekeux Cosmetics also do some lovely Vintage Styled pots with a double ended brush, one end for lip, one end for eye liner. The three pots come in Whistlebait (red lip), Peachy Keen (coral lip) and Black Cadillac Liner. These three pots come in a gift set with the brush. www.lekeuxcosmetics.com

1950s hair is all about the set curls and waves for the Hollywood Glamour look, think Marilyn Monroe.

The 1960s era is all about making a statement. With the strong smokey eye and black kohl pencil and false eyelashes. Eyelashes can also be drawn on under the eye to recreate the look adopted by Twiggy. With this strong eye comes the nude lip and contoured cheek bones. Some nice smokey colours to try would be Carbon Eyeshadow from Mac and Smoulder Kohl Pencil or Louise Young Eye Palette which has all the colours you need to create a Smoky eye. Mac number 10 corner lashes are a good option if you are not confident at fitting full lashes on your eyes. Mac also do a matte lip colour called Myth which works in synergy with the eyes for this look or another option would be the pale pink lipstick at Helen E Cosmetics which is a Candy Pink colour called Marshmallow.

With the strong eye and nude lip comes the flawless opaque look foundation. I love the Helen E stage liquid foundation that adapt to your skintones in the aptly named Monroe, Bardot, Loren and Hepburn and it looks flawless. Another option for the foundation is the Art Deco HD Foundation which gives a lovely airbrushed appearance without looking too heavy.

Whichever era you like it is nice to be transported back in time. The Goodwood Revival Festival allows you to do just that. You can opt for an era and wear the appropriate style clothing and pop into the Goodwood Revival Salon for an appointment and get your hair and makeup styled according to the era you have chosen. It is an amazing event and there are lots of stalls and shops and entertainment, music and bars to while away the time.

Bridal Makeup Ideas

wedding-bouquetWell he’s popped the big question. You’ve accepted and all the plans for the Big day are under way. Whether your hair and makeup is high or low on your priority list and whether you choose to do your own makeup or call in the professional’s there is no doubt that you would like to look completely flawless for that wow factor and for beautiful pictures.

Whether it is a natural fresh faced beauty look or a Vintage red lip and lash there are products out there to give you the look you so desire!
What are the top products that one would recommend to compliment whichever look you opt for? Facials once a month a few months prior
to the Wedding would be a great idea to get the basis for the makeup as buffed, smooth and pimple free as possible.

Hydrodermie by Guinot is said to be the most beautiful experience, relaxing with scents that envelope all of your senses and not only exude radiance but also have the ability to make you sleep at the same time. If a monthly facial is not something you can stretch to then a good base to give you that immediate radiant glow would be an old Favourite Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It has qualities that can be used on it’s own or under your favourite foundation as a primer, perfect!!

On the subject of primers to give your skin that flawless perfection there is now a lot of choice on the Cosmetic Market. Daniel Sandler’s Primer is great for a drier skin and has a smooth consistency that feels like it is protecting the skin and acts like a natural filler at the same
time. Alternatively, MAC’s prep and prime with or without SPF can be applied under your foundation with a foundation brush.

Pop your foundation on top and within ten minutes your face will be free of pink tones and will be the perfect blank canvas ready for the rest of your makeup. Not only do these primers have the ability to make you look completely blemish free with no need for heavy cakey foundation but they have a longwear effect on the makeup you apply on top of them.

I like this analogy: imagine you are painting a wall, first you have to smooth and buff out the imperfections a bit like using facials and gentle scrubs to exfoliate the skin, the filler and primer is then added to the wall to even out the base tone on the wall the same as a primer would
blank out the tones and blemishes on the face. It is then that you are ready to add you paint or in our case the foundation.

Foundations that are wonderful for Weddings for a natural flawless look are dependent on your skin type. They range from the Water based MAC Face and Body which works in synergy with the prep and prime without any heaviness and still manages to look flawless without completely mattifying which works well for a slightly drier skin. For more coverage you can add an Estee Lauder smoothing crème concealer, Diorskin nude skin perfecting hydrating concealer or Mac select cover up. Alternatively Estee Lauder have worked miracles with their double wear foundation with built in primer which may be too mattifying for slightly older skin so they have now introduced Double Wear Light which is amazing for a natural matte coverage without being too heavy and is perfect for photographs and staying in place all day.

For that just pinched skin blusher look there is nothing out there like Benefit Benetint that has a wonderful rose scented aroma. Use this for the blushing bride look alongside Benefit High beam on the cheek bones for a natural and beautiful radiant glow.

There are some great Eye Palettes which could be used for the purpose of Wedding Makeup. Amongst the favourites are the Louise Young Eye Palette that has 5 colours in it all of which can be used to create a soft smoky-eyed effect for a bride. Another lovely palette is the Urban Decay Naked Palette which incorporates similar nude tones but with a mixture of matte and frosted colours to suit all skin types. Add the MAC Smoulder Eye liner blended with a pencil brush for a soft smokey and sultry effect and Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara which is Waterproof and you are almost finished.

The lipstick you choose would be dependent on your theme. A natural lip colour would be used with a smoky eye or a nice red lip for a more Vintage look. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics have wonderful lip glosses with an opaque look to them which acts more like a lipstick and gloss together. The nude colours work well with a smoky eye for a more classic bridal look and the red lipstick look with a more natural eye, black liner and lashes can be combined for the more Vintage/Hollywood Starlet Bridal look. For a more Matte Red lipstick Chanel, Dior and MAC have numerous different reds to suit any skin tone and hair colour.

All of these items help to create a wonderful Canvas and Beautiful Painting in the form of Bridal Makeup. For longevity the primers and the brushes used to blend all these looks together provide a look that will last all day and into the evening for that special day.