About Joanna Hall

Joanna Hall is a professional make-up artist with over 20 years experience. Trained in Make-up Artistry at Mayfair London and Baker Street, she is also a Beauty & Holistic Therapist gaining her MIFHT MICHT IIHM certficates - a true professional in her field. Joanna has worked for companies in the past such as Cartier ,Yves Saint Laurent and many other prestegious names. She has conducted beauty schools in the past for Clarins, been a make-up artist for celebrities and catwalk shows,, and been a therapist at a world famous Spa. Her aim is to bring her knowledge and her beauty secrets to ordinary woman to make a difference in their lives.

Say No to Winter Blues

winter-bluesAutumn is here, and winter is just around the corner ,and that means only one thing to some of us, the dreaded Winter blues. In medical terms its called Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD for short, well it does not have to be that way, I am going to help you feel great about yourself with the wonderful benefits of pure essential oils.

You all must have heard of Aromatherapy. An ancient art combined with the healing value of touch and the therapeutic powers of essential oils in which it promotes good health and a sense of well being, well the subject of Aromatherapy would take me forever to write, as there is so much information to tell about its worth, so I am going to concentrate on the feel good factor of uplifting essential oils that will help you feel emotionally better within yourself through the bleakest of winters. Trust me it works. That little brown bottle of pure essential oils will have you up and running on the darkest and coldest of mornings.

Essential oils are good for your mind and sole. Literally.

I realised the benefits of a few drops of essential oils combined with a carrier oil when I worked as a Therapist at a world famous Spa way back in 2007- by the wonderful feed back from clients.

What is a pure essential oil
These oils are very different from a cooking oil, they are concentrated essences, much lighter than water, they are usually mixed with other ingredients to trap their effectiveness. Because they are so concentrated essential oils are measured in drops.

What is a carrier oil
Carrier oils allow essential oils to permeate the skin, protecting it from irritation.
Grape seed, sweet almond, rose hip, wheat germ and evening primrose. All these oils do not have a strong smell, carrier oils can be added to your essential oil so you will be able to enjoy the pure scent of your favourite oil. It is imperative that you dilute one part essential oil, one part carrier oil (base) because essential oils are plant extracts and extremely powerful and can burn the skin if put on neat. there are only a few essential oil you can put straight onto small areas of the skin and that is pure lavender oil, this has a healing effect on burns and cuts.
Orange Blossom or Neroli essential oils can beat the winter blues – and add carrier oil if you have sensitive skin. After getting up in the morning, while you run your bath add 5/10 drops of orange essential oil to the water, close the door to keep in the vapour, have a soak for about 10 minutes, if you have sensitive skin dilute your essential oil with peach kennel, sweet almond, or apricot carrier oil.

This will also leave your skin wonderfully soft. You will feel uplifted for the day ahead, this oil will also help anxiety and depression. It is great to alleviate the symptoms of pre menstrual tension too.

The next tip works if you get in from work and you have got to go out and you don’t really feel like it. Mix one drop carrier oil, one drop of orange essential oil in a little bowl, get under the running shower and pour the oils onto your wet sponge with your usual shower gel and sponge your whole body over. (you can do this if time is short in the morning)

Drink a glass of orange juice as you go out the door in the morning and you will feel a whole new person.

Basil essential oil
Use the same as Orange essential oil. This oil is a great tonic, lifts fatigue, depression, sluggish skin, and getting the circulation going.

Eucalyptus essential oil
If you have a cold, Eucalyptus oil is a great way of relieving it. Add 1-2 drops into a sink of steaming water, (do not use any more) place a towel over your head , CLOSE YOUR EYES and breath deeply and slowly, this will help clear the sinuses, reduce fever, clear your head. Not recommended for children under seven years old.

Peppermint essential oil
Tired feet -  add 4-5 drops of peppermint oil into a large bowel of warm water and soak feet.
Headaches and colds - to a handkerchief add a 3- 4 drops of oil and inhale to help your cold or headache at work.

A note…
1. Do not take any essential oil internally, (lock them away safe if you have children).

2. When using carrier essential oils with children it is strongly advice to get guidance from a qualified Aromatherapy practitioner before using them as some can be potent to children.

3. Do not apply undiluted essential oils onto skin (they are not fragrances) they can burn and cause irritation to the skin).

4. Not recommended for children under seven.

5. If you’re pregnant ask for guidance first from a local Aromatherapy practitioner before using any pure essential oils.

6. Make sure you store all oils out of the reach of children and store them safely.

There are lots of uplifting essential oils on the market to help beat the winter blues try any of the citrus ones. You can also use your orange essential oil as a room spray to uplift the mood, or get rid of any doggy smells, cigarette smells etc. Just pop in 5 drops of orange or lemon oil into the water, shake your sprayer well, then freshen up the room with this lovely uplifting fresh smell.

What are you waiting for, go to your health store and stock up your bathroom with your little brown bottles and carrier oil, and you can be sure you will have a sunny winter, and get rid of the winter blues once and for all.

Image reproduced from businessblogshub.com

Treat Your Neck With Respect

turkey neck

With all the advertising campaigns going on about how to keep the skin on your face youthful, the most recognisable thing I have noticed with all the beauty hype is that there is little mention of the neck and yes the décolletage area (chest) is classed as the body but in “beauty therapy terms” the neck and chest are to be treated in the same way as your face.

If you’re in your early twenties or thirties you may think this article has nothing to do with you yet…. but it does, you need to take action before the skin around your neck and chest starts to show signs of ageing!

Remember the saying “prevention is better than the cure”. Well this is definitely the case when it comes to caring for your skin and keeping it young – especially in the neck and décolletage area.

Stress, smoking and sun damage all contribute to a skin that has nothing to do with the D.O.B on your birth certificate. The neck is one of the first places to show premature ageing as well as the chest. Skin is so much thinner in these areas, so a little TLC will go a long way.

How many times do you see a mature woman with – dare I say it “a turkey neck” or a crêpey chest trying to cover up with a scarf. Do you want this to be you in years to come?

With spring around the corner and lower neck lines starting to appear in the shops, we should all start to think about looking after this part of our body you will be so thankful in later years that you did.

Here’s how…

1. Collagen is the most important structure of the skin this keeps skin young, to keep it restored eat plenty of antioxidant foods such as fruit and veg.

2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day- water plump’s up the skin cells, giving it a more youthful look.

3. Cleanse your neck with a hydrating cleanser.

4. Use a mild exfoliator around neck and décolletage area.

5. Use a hydrating face mask to both areas.

6. Boost circulation around neck and chest area by splashing with cold water

7. Apply a rich hydrating/firming neck cream in both areas (if you’d sooner – after five minutes dab of the excess moisture with soft tissue). In the day time using a moisturiser with a sun block will be beneficial – never let the neck dry out, especially if exposed to the sun

8. Avoid spraying perfume directly onto the neck and chest area- as this is drying to the skin and over time will cause it to become crêpey.

9. With the top of your hand you can gently slap the underside of your neck 10 times, this will firm it.

10. Try reading a Carol Maggio facercise book. It will have neck exercises in it.

Come on all you ladies out there, start treating your neck with respect! If you ever run out of cream, don’t forget that there is always good old fashion Vaseline, so there really is no excuse for letting your neck and skin get old before it’s time.

Image reproduced from youbeauty.com

Ten Tips for Happy Summer Feet

summer feetWith the weather deciding it’s not quite ready for spring, our poor feet have had to endure months of being covered up in socks, opaque tights and heavy boots, our feet are crying out for a breath of fresh air.

But as the warmer months arrive, so our feet could do with a well deserved overhaul. If your feet are in a bit of a sorry state at the moment and are suffering from callouses, corns,  athletes foot etc. then you should make an appointment with a chiropodist, or there are treatments you can buy over the counter at your local chemist. Sort the problem out first before you going to the next step of your foot care.

There are two ways you can treat your feet, you could go to a Beauty Salon and have a luxury pedicure, or give yourself one in the comfort of your home

Here’s how…

1. Remove any nail polish from toe nails

2.  Trim your nails, cut straight across (the reason being you do not want to create any ingrown toenails then use a nail file (filing straight across- you don’t want jagged edges)

3. Soak your feet in a warm  foot spa , then using a body or foot exfoliater – remove surface dead skin all around the whole foot area, if you have a lot of hard skin around the side of the toe, heels or balls of the feet – use a foot file or pumice stone to remove excess dead skin

4.  Apply cuticle cream massaging into the cuticles

5.  Place one foot back into the foot spa for a few seconds and soak then repeat with other foot

6.  With a hoof stick, gently push cuticles back using circular movements

7.  Give your feet a well deserved nourish by applying a rich moisturiser and massage the whole foot

8.  Before applying nail polish remove excess lotion from the toe nails with a nail polish remover

9 . Apply a base coat (this prevents any staining to the nails)

10. Now apply two coats of  your favourite nail colour ( leave enough time between each coat) and finish off with a super glossy top coat , this ensures your nail polish will last longer and nails look gorgeous. Nail colours on trend at the moment are pink, fuschia, mauve, tangerine, blue and green.

More Tips

Indulge in a paraffin wax foot spa, the end result is really smooth soft feet. Your hands would benefit as well.

If you’re a mature lady, fuschia pink looks youthful on toenails.

You should moisturise your feet after a bath to keep them soft all year round.

If you notice any nail discolouration/ridges/warts or anything that you’re not quite sure of, seek medical advice.

So go on draw attention to your feet in a good way, get your feet out and make them worthy of those sandals or gorgeous strappy shoes you have just invested in.

That goes for you guys out there too… but of course omit the strappy heels and nail polish!!!

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Two Minute Make-Up

OK so the alarm didn’t go off, or you just fancied a lie in – either way you are LATE for that all important interview or special occasion or you’re a busy mum, you have got to look your best but just don’t have the time and you’re in a dilemma. Don’t panic… I can help you.

If you have been following my recent article Bare Faced Beauty you’re halfway there. Here is a quick and easy out of the door NATURAL make-up that takes only two minutes to achieve.

1. Apply a Tinted Moisturiser. This is a 2-in-1 product – a moisturiser and a light foundation. It hydrates skin but still gives a bit of colour & evens out your skin tone but leaves a natural finish.

2. Apply a concealer in areas where needed i.e. under eyes or any imperfections. If you have mature skin, put some around the nasal labial area (nose to mouth) as this softens the line.

3. Apply a face powder, swooping across the T zone, around the cheek area and the chin. Powder keeps your make-up looking fresh all day.

4. With the side of your eyebrow pencil with tiny strokes reinforce your eyebrows. If you’re very fair try using a soft brown eye shadow on the brows, when finished soften with a cotton bud. Then to accentuate the eye brows put a little concealer above and below the brow bone – this looks great.

5. Apply a rose coloured blusher, or near to a natural glow , apply on apple of cheek area using a medium brush and with circular movements. Apply softly and try not to load the brush with too much product. You can always repeat application if you need a little more. You don’t want an 80s harsh line showing. Keep it natural.

6. Apply an eyeliner / pencil as close to upper and lower lashes as possible, then soften with a cotton bud.

7. With your favourite mascara apply one coat to top of lashes then for speed using the tip of the mascara wand move it side to side on lower lashes then separate lashes.

8. With a lip pencil a shade darker than your natural lip colour, follow line of lips and then apply a little lip balm and blot excess with tissue then press lips together this gives a natural look but still accentuates your lips.

9. A lip stain lipstick is great and lasts all day if you don’t want to have to keep re-applying lipstick.

Other Tips

If your skin is dry, when your bathroom is still a bit steamy after your shower apply your tinted moisturiser – this locks in any moisture and keeps the skin hydrated all day

Cream blusher works well if you don t like powder blusher as it leaves a more dewy look. Apply this before your face powder.

Try an easy home-made tinted moisturiser by mixing a little of your face cream with a little foundation.

If you can’t be seen at the beach with no make-up on but still want perfect skin try adding a little bit of foundation to your SPF product and you have a little colour as well as protection.

For a quick style put your hair in a top knot, it’s a catwalk look and trendy and it only takes a few minutes to do but looks great.

If you don’t have time for your Starbucks coffee fix in the morning, a fresh orange juice is a great way to start your day. Your breath remains fresh and it is packed with vitamin C. Your skin will love you for it.

Good luck ladies!

High Maintenance: Does Beauty Matter?

high maintenance beautyIn a changing world, women are taking on more masculine jobs which do not include the daily ritual of makeup, perfume, manicures, etc. Well, you get the point.

It makes me cringe every time I hear the phrase “High Maintenance”. It’s a a term that has come about over the last few years, in my view it is a phrase you would refer to when describing perhaps a garden or an old classic car!

So does beauty matter?

In the surgical and non-surgical cosmetic clinics across the board, it seems it does matter! As demand has rocketed over the last few years, it is not just celebrities that are on the client list of many top clinics, it is everyday ordinary people that want to hold back the years, slim down or make a change to their lives and the way it would make them feel about themselves.

They do not necessarily fit the stereotype you would imagine. In a survey I carried out recently High Maintenance could also mean to some people – emotional, needy, materialistic, attention-seeking, someone that spends a lot of money on themselves or expects their partner to pay for lavish demands that they may not be able to afford. But for most I surveyed the finger pointed quite clearly to High Maintenance meaning a visual thing, a woman who had fake hair, fake tan, too much makeup, false eyelashes, acrylic nails and designer clothes. In fact, it’s things that fashionable women in the 1960s could not live without and nobody questioned or said a bad word against.

Would a guy still date a woman who spent hundreds on horse riding? Who still had her hair done every month and got Botox regularly? Would he call that High Maintenance? There are a few women out there that are secretly High Maintenance even though you may not think so to look at them.

So does beauty matter?

In my opinion, yes it does matter.

In the corporate world of fashion and design, these job roles demand a well-groomed look. I myself have been in the beauty industry a long time and would not possibly turn up at work looking like I was going out on my morning jog or a stroll along the beach. However some job roles you can be more relaxed in your appearance but who are we to judge. Certainly if you turn up at a wedding you would not wear tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt! We all make the effort at special occasions.

Let’s just say through the decades men and woman have made a huge effort with their looks, for example 80s Punk fashion whose look would take loads of time and effort, but did we care? No.

Women have loved clothes, gone to the hair salon, manicured their nails, prettied up their toe nails, wore a little makeup since the early civilisations. It’s called being feminine.

In an article I read recently many British men are reportedly turning towards other nationalities because women are more feminine and demure in those foreign cultures. It is not that these women are weak in any way, many are high earners and don’t need any financial assistance. What it comes down to is simply the way they look and act which attracts these men.

I feel the word High Maintenance is somewhat used quite flippantly lately. If she has lipstick on then she is high maintenance. Although an attractive girl can look like a supermodel just getting out of bed, running a brush through their hair, putting on a good outfit and they are as good as done, there will still be people who could call her High Maintenance because she is naturally beautiful, but for most women we all need a little time to beautify ourselves and this tends to become longer as we get older.

Modern men these days love to look good as well. They want toned muscular bodies. They have a daily skincare routine. A far cry from a long haired hippie of the Seventies who didn’t wash their hair for days!

If today’s guys and girls want to spend their hard earned cash on looking good then why not? Nobody bats an eyelid at people that smoke or drink and spend money on this. Surely, it’s a matter of choice.

So does beauty matter?

YES it does. Where would we all be without TV shows like “10 Years Younger” and Gok Wan’s “How To Look Good Naked”. So many people on these shows have partners who want them to lose weight or care about themselves a little more, apply a little makeup or put a feminine dress on once in a while. It really does not take much more time to look good.

In a world full of beauty hype and magazines promoting the latest health craze and must-have skincare product, who doesn’t want to look good and stay fit and healthy. There are even those who are obsessed with it all.

I say thumbs up to all of you out there who bother about yourselves.

There is a huge demand for gyms, spas, salons, nail bars, beauty clinics, health farms, pageants etc. so it seems that BEAUTY DOES MATTER and if it didn’t the world would be a very dull place without it.

Do you agree or disagree with Joanna that beauty really does matter? Let us know your comments.

8 Ways to Get to the Bottom of Cellulite

How many times do you look in the mirror and pick up on those dimply thighs and that wobbly bottom? Don’t you just hate it and wish it was not there?

There has always been a debate whether or not cellulite exists but if you suffer from the orange peel effect on your bottom, thighs or even your tummy area, you will quickly realise that it does exist.

What causes the lumpy effect is a fat and toxin build up just below the surface of the skin and sometimes genetics have a say in the matter.

There is however something you can do to help break down those stubborn fat and toxin deposits and help reduce the appearance of this somewhat annoying dimply effect.

Here are 8 simple ways to try and get rid this unsightly enemy:-

1. Exercise not only will burn off that excess fat that can cause cellulite, it also increases the blood flow and it plumps up the skin making it less noticeable (you don’t see many athletes with it). To combat it I do jogging /squats and skipping on a spot with a rope – no costly gym memberships involved.

2. Eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables as these foods are low in toxins.

3. Cut out caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as these are extremely high in toxins

4. Body brush with a spa brush making sure you always brush upward towards the heart. This speeds up the lymphatic system which removes unwanted toxins in the body. You can also use a gritty exfoliator to remove dead skin cells on surface of the skin which in turn will really improve skin tone as well.

5. Massage is a MUST along with body brushing. Use a body moisturiser or massage oil and massage movements upwards towards the heart. With both hands pick up a section of thigh like a pinching effect starting from the outside of the thigh and gently squeeze then slowly roll down with your thumbs. Do this all over the thigh. Using your knuckles in a fist, gently make circular movements making sure you always have enough oil or moisturiser so skin does not dry out. Do this massage as a daily routine but if you find you don’t have the time every day then make sure after your evening bath you massage moisturiser into the skin on legs and thighs. Just by massaging the cream in you’re helping break down fatty deposits without even trying.

6. Always keep skin moisturised around these areas mentioned, it will give your skin a much better appearance and try not to have too hot a bath as heat dehydrates the skin..

7. A salon massage is a great way to expel unwanted toxins from the body and reduces build-up. It is also a fantastic way to promote a feel good factor within yourself – so treat yourself now and again.

8. Invest in a good self tan product as tanned skin will make your dimply bits less noticeable.

We all want to have a great body shape but remember most photos you see of celebs have been airbrushed, tweaked and enhanced so don’t be disheartened. There is never a quick fix to any beauty solution and nobody has the perfect body. Be thankful for what nature has given you but it is down to you to look after yourself so go on and give it all a go, you have nothing to lose except for the dimply bits!

Bare Faced Beauty

How do you feel when you look in the mirror each morning? Do you like what you see? What does your skin look like… how does it feel?

My aim is to help you ladies out there to feel confident within your skin. So many magazines promote all sorts of skin care products, your skin IS the most important part of any beauty routine.

Like an artist, his canvas must be flawless before applying any paint. Now I am not suggesting we wear paint, but you know what I mean. For years people have have come up to me and assumed I am at least 20 years younger than my actual age, I would love to let you into my beauty secrets, so you can forget about all the hype and nonsense that play on our insecurities, this is just plain back to the basics stuff.

Beauty really does start from within, trust me you will really notice the difference. Here are my tips for a beautiful bare face:

1. Firstly take at look at what you eat and drink. Eat plenty of fruit and veg every day. Drink plenty of water this boosts the skin leaving it looking replenished and radiant.

2. Exercise will tone your skin and reduce tolerance to stress.

3. Stop smoking, this ages your skin terribly. Smoking starves your skin of oxygen and will age it by ten years.

4. Try to get at least 7 hours sleep. This will help fight against dark circles uner the eyes.

5. Exfoliation is a MUST. It gets rid of dead skin cells that build up, evens your skin tone, brightens skin – I use an everyday one, there are some products you can use once or twice a week depending on your skin type. After exfoliating your face, use cotton wool and tone, then splash your face with cold water 15 times or gently shower your face with cold water for a few seconds. This will tone, tighten, and get rid of sluggish skin leaving it looking healthy and more youthful.

6. Apply your favourite daily moisturiser, use a different product around eye area as the skin around eyes is as thin as a postage stamp and too much moisturiser will leave this area puffy.

7. Apply a lip balm to the lips.

8. Treat yourself to a face mask once a week.

9. To improve your bare face even more, have your eye brows shaped and tinted, you WILL notice a HUGE difference, try having your lashes tinted if you are fair. With an old clean mascara brush, dab a tiny bit of Vaseline on it and once a week when you’re not wearing any eye make-up brush onto lashes – this conditions them and leaves them beautiful when applying your mascara.

10. With an old toothbrush brush lips to exfoliate them and before bed, just like a night cream, apply lip balm to moisturise lips.

Go on! Give it a go. You’ll be pleased with the results… even if I say so myself.

Image reproduced from shesaid.com.au

Time for Body Detox

I can hardly believe it’s March already, I expect you are all looking forward to the coming spring and summer months and venturing abroad for your summer holidays or just looking forward to spending some time in the sun.

detox seaweed wrap

After the cold winter months we may have all indulged on rich food and perhaps been over eating and hiding under our big winter jumpers. Our skin will be in great need of vitamin D from the suns rays as it is likely to of become sallow/less radiant and it won’t be long until we expose our skin a little more.. So you ladies out there could all benefit from a great body detox treatment to prepare your skin for the warm season ahead.

When I worked as a Therapist at a world famous Spa, A detox treatment that lasted one hour was extremely costly. So I’m going to show you how to achieve a real deep down cleanse to your body and get rid of accumulated toxins in a more cost effective way.

1. Make sure your bathroom is warm, start off with an empty bath and step into it, exfoliate with a gritty exfoliater in circular movements and work all over the body.

2. Rinse off and then towel dry.

3. Apply a mud or seaweed mask to your whole body.. YES! It is a bit messy but worth it later. You can find mud or seaweed masks online or at a champneys shop- there is one in Chichester.

4. With a body wrap or a couple of thin bin liners, wrap your body in it.. For health and safety reasons be sure to keep your head well away.

5. This is where the mask will take effect. Now totally relax for 20 minutes.

6. Shower off the mask then run a warm bath

7. Relax in it for 10 minutes, and then blast your body with tepid or cold water to boost your circulation. Your skin will look and feel amazing

8. Drink a glass of water after any treatment to keep hydrated and help flush away toxins.

9. Do not apply any creams or other products to the skin as the treatment would have already done wonders to your skin.

body maskDetox Tips

– Make sure that you don’t mind using an old towel

– Before using mud or seaweed check you are not allergic to it

– Avoid detox treatments if you have highly sensitive skin

– Avoid this treatment if you have cuts/abrasions/open wounds (wait until healed)

– Do not detox if you have any heart or blood pressure problems

– If you are pregnant or epileptic do check with your doctor before using any products stated.

– Remember this is a body treatment so only apply products externally

Ladies, remember to check your diaries before starting this treatment - you don’t want to be opening the door to guests looking like a swamp monster!

Happy detoxing!

Image reproduced from lydiasarfati.com and naturaltherapypages.co.uk

Winter Party Make-Up Tips


Tis the season to be jolly… It’s party time! Whatever party that you are going to, you will want to look absolutely stunning and it’s the time of year that you can. No party dress and accessories are finished off without your sexy party make-up. If you haven’t already read about this season’s make-up, it’s all about smokey eyes, a feline flick and red lustrous lips.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to a more glamorous you, which isn’t hard to achieve…

For staying power, apply a primer to your face after moisturising – this will keep foundation fresh all evening.

After applying foundation, leave for 5 minutes before applying a loose powder – this will give staying power even on the hottest dance floor.

Use a primer or foundation on eyelids, this keeps the eye shadow on longer and the colour will stay true and won’t crease.

Don’t forget eyebrows – use an eyebrow pencil that will enhance them, i.e. brown/dark brown/black depending on your hair colour. Use a gentle sweeping motion following your natural brow line to emphasis them.

Choose three colours to use on your eyes – neutral/warm/dark. With the lightest shade sweep across the whole of your eyelid up to the brow bone. This will make your eyes stand out.

Next take your darkest colour i.e. golden/bronze/soft grey/brown. Use a flat eye shadow brush to follow in the crease of the eye socket. (Underneath the crease but not on the actual eyelids) you want that feline flick to stand out.

With a freshly sharpened eye pencil or eye liner following as close to your lash line as possible and carry on a little further (about 2mm to create a feline flick.

Underneath the eye follow the water line with the pencil just to add a little more definition.

Apply a blush colour of your choice to the cheeks, Sweeping up towards the hair line.
to contour the face.

With a lip pencil as close to the colour of the red lipstick that you will be using- apply by following just above the natural lip line.

Apply a deep red (cream) lipstick. Chanel is a good option, but there are plenty of lipsticks on the market. Using a lip brush apply to the lips and blot with tissue. Then re-apply with or without the brush. This will give super staying power for the evening. Don’t use lip gloss this will smudge the lipstick. If you can’t live without it, just use a tiny bit in the centre of the bottom lip.

If you’re not sure about the red lipstick let your eyes do the talking by using more eye shadow and a nude lipstick instead.

You go girl! Enjoy that party with confidence, super sexy eyes and a beautiful smile.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.