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Growing up on the West coast of Scotland, Jennifer Campbell has always been keen to get out, see the world and experience new cultures and cities. Currently studying music journalism in London, Jennifer uses writing as a way to express her thoughts. Having travelled to many places and lived in America for a short period as a teenager, she has many experiences to bring to the table when sharing her thoughts with others. A real risk taker (skydiving for charity) and an optimist, Jennifer believes you should live your life to the full. Her favourite quote: ‘You only get one today so go out and enjoy it’. Jennifer is just your typical Scottish girl trying to find her place in the world.

The Lost Generation

How most kids at school now will probably never own a physical copy of anything…

Do you remember what it is like to buy a brand new album, the joy it brings to remove the protective cover and slip the disc into the player while you pull out the sleeve and read it cover to cover?  Or when you take out a book from the library and flick through the pages while it reveals that old, musty smell you only get from an old book?

I bet children of this generation will never get to experience this. With all this growing technology, it really gets you thinking about how it is affecting them.  It seems that they will never understand that feeling when you buy a new CD or record.  Or when you buy a new book or borrow one from the library and fan the pages across your face to get that smell. 

It is a shame in many ways to know that in school they are now on computers most of the day and are expected to have homework typed and printed from a computer.  What happened to the days of the good old pen and paper? 

Or they walk around with earphones in making it hard to socialise when out and about, every piece of music they own is probably downloaded.  Unless they are die-hard fans of music in which case they buy the physical copy then put on their iPods.

Then we have the Kindle which means that instead of going out and buying the book to have and hold, you just download onto this new piece of technology.  Ask yourself, If you are going to spend £10 on a downloaded version of the book that you will never get to physically hold, then why wouldn’t you just go to your local bookstore and buy the real thing?

It is kind of like your favourite restaurant having an ‘app’ that you can download your favourite meal from the menu and all you can do is smell how it would be if you had the real thing.  There really is no comparison to having the physical product in your hand and the joy it can bring when you re-discover that album or book you thought was lost.


Technology is advancing far more quickly than our minds can process it.  With iPads, iPods, Kindles and laptops it is hard to step away from it all and get a kid to read a book or write a letter.  Rather than typing a text or having their heads buried into a screen all day long.

It is a shame and if we as a society don’t try to make it better, then it will be too late.  Say goodbye to the days of going into a music or book shop and wondering around for hours taking in the smells and sounds. And say hello to the World Wide Web, where you don’t get to experience the smells and sounds you once loved. 

You are probably reading this thinking it is some old, wise and bitter person who hates technology because they can’t figure out how to work it.  But it is not, this is a woman in her early twenties who feels we are losing the generation that are the future of our nation. 

Now this is not saying technology is a bad thing, of course it isn’t.  Just that maybe it is time to stand up and show the younger generation that life isn’t all about getting the latest downloads and gadgets, that there are alternatives like having the physical product in the palm of your hands.

If they just got the revelation that you can still go to the store and buy the product then maybe we can put a stop to losing not only this generation but losing our beloved high street.

This of course is a whole separate matter…

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You’ve Graduated! Now What?! – Part 1

Graduated Now WhatThe time has come. That moment that you have spent that past 3 or 4 years dedicated to achieve. Graduation. The time has probably crept up on you and now you’re faced with the decision ‘now what?’ Well, fear not, we have lots of options and advice to get you started on your life journey. We spoke to graduates who have been in the same position a few years ago and found out what they got up to when the time came for them.

The prospect of growing up and leaving student life behind to go out in the big bad world on your own can be a scary thought. There come lots of worries and a responsibility that you may feel uncertain of facing but the plus side is that you have a whole new world waiting for you and can literally do anything you wish. The first 5 years after university are the times you have to find who and where you want to be. You can make mistakes and learn from them.

You have many routes you can choose from; you can take some time out to find yourself and go travelling. You may go job hunting or if you’re lucky you may already have a job waiting for you. Whichever you path you decide on, you need to go out there and walk it confidently. We spoke to some recent graduates who have been out of university for about 5 years to see what experiences they have had after student life.
Let’s say you want to take the career path, where do you start? Have you got a portfolio of work and an appealing CV? If not then this is your starting place, you need to make sure it is up-to-date and that it sells you as a person and employee. Depending on what industry you are going into, you need to be prepared and know what is expected of you. For the creative industries it is a good idea to have an imaginative approach that is creative and shows off your skills. For the technology industries you need a similar CV but concentrate on the design aspect showing you can use certain technology and so on.

A good example of a well-thought CV, a man got an interview at Google and so he designed his like a search page of Google. This is exactly the kind of thing you want to aim for, get creative and make your CV stand out and be memorable. Prepare a good cover letter to send along side it, you don’t want to make a general one that you send to multiple companies. It has to be adjusted to fit with the job and company you are applying to. Mentioned before was a portfolio of work, this is appropriate when applying to more creative industries or any industry that requires it. For instance if you are applying for a job at a magazine it would be good to have a portfolio of written and art work that can show your skills for the job.

Searching and applying for the job takes hard work and dedication. You need to be prepared to spend some of your days trolling the internet for job vacancies. A good idea is to make a wish list of companies you would like a job within then find out everything you need to know about the company, do your research and be prepared. Often large organisations take applications months in advance especially for work experience. You may need to prepare yourself to work for free for a little while, that is why it is essential you network and get placements whilst you are still a student. It is vital to know people and like they say ‘It’s not what you know but who you know that matters’. A tip is to remember the word ‘networking’ and apply it to your life daily and you will soon see your contact list grow. You need to show determination and be ambitious and you can be sure you will achieve. However, if you do opt for the career path, it’s important to be prepared for rejection and have the attitude that you will continue until you succeed. It’s a tough market out there at the moment with the economic state but if you are determined and ambitious this will show and someone will give you the job.
We spoke to Helen from London who told us about how she got her career rolling by doing work experience and working for free before she was offered a full-time position at a well-known PR company in London.

‘I graduated 3 years ago and it took some time for me to realise what my ideal career would be. I had work experience at a magazine, a modelling agency and a PR company before I decided exactly what it was I wanted to do. I did my final work placement at a PR company and it opened my eyes to see that this was the career for me. I have spent the past 6 months learning the ins and outs of the company and have been given a promotion. My advice for anyone coming out of university is that you have to work hard and do it with a smile on your face even if you hate what you are doing. Commitment and hard work does not go unnoticed and you will be thankful when the company gives you a shining recommendation that may just land you the career you want.’

Read Part 2 of You’ve Graduated! Now What?! next Friday

December Sessions O2 Greenwhich

The festive season is well and truly in full swing, take a walk round London and you can’t resist feeling excited for Christmas. What better way to spend the time leading up to Christmas than going to free gig? The December Sessions are well under way at the O2 London. Through-out the month the venue and promoters have put on a series on nightly live music, seeing 100 bands play over 20 nights for free. What more can you ask for? There is no need to buy a ticket, you just pop along to the event and enjoy a night of free music. You will get to experience the up and coming acts of 2012 before most people will know who they are. It kicked off on the 3rd and will run until the 22nd, each night around five bands take to the stage, specially constructed for this event, within the London Piazza of the O2.

There will be many bands playing through-out the period, some include Tree Top Flyers who recently won the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition and Planes who’s lead singer and guitarist is none other than the drummer Steve Forrest from the band Placebo. This is an excellent event for both the musicians playing and the audience experiencing, so make sure you get to at least one night of December Sessions. You won’t have much time but there are still a good few acts to be seen. The December Sessions not only have music, they also have the double decker bus for the British Music Experience, well worth a look. All you have to do to find out information is Like them on Facebook where there is a list of who is playing when.

You can make a day and night of it, the O2 is huge and full of entertainment to keep you amused through-out your experience there. With an abundance of food places to choose from you will not go hungry. Fancy a movie? Why not hop on up to Cineworld? Take your pick this festive season, if you and the family or friends like to have a good time, and then make sure you don’t miss out on a fabulous time at the O2 Greenwich. It has something for everyone from free music to delicious food and even a cinema you really cannot go wrong.

Let’s make this Christmas a little more special while taking advantage of this free music event and getting into the holiday spirit.

Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.

Festival Guide 2013: V Festival

V-FESTIVALIf there’s ever that one person that the world wants to see, then you will find them at this year’s V Festival. This independent woman took some time out last year to have a baby but she comes storming back this year to cities and festivals all over the world. Who am I talking about? Well it’s none other than Queen B herself, Mrs Carter, Beyoncé!

Tickets sold out within minutes to all of her tour dates, and if you were lucky enough you may just have caught yourself arguably the most wanted tour tickets ever. If you weren’t one of those lucky ones, then maybe you were when it came to getting tickets to V Festival this year. The organisers of the festival announced earlier this year that Beyoncé is to headline the Saturday night of the weekend festival so you can imagine the excitement that fans felt.

beyonce virginmediaV festival is a subsidiary of Richard Branson’s multi-million pound company Virgin. This year it is in popular demand due the fact Queen B is headling, but there also some other acts to tide you over while you wait for the performance of the weekend. Calvin Harris, Sterophonics, Rita Ora, Of Monsters and Men and The Fratellis are just some of the artists taking to the stage over the weekend with many more still to be announced. The festival runs from 17th to 18th August so is ideal to end your summer. The festival runs from two parks Hylands Park near Chelmsford and Westin Park near Westin-under Lizard over the weekend so you can chose where you would like to go for an amazing weekend with one of the biggest stars in the world. As with all festivals in the UK you have to prepare for any weather Mother Nature might throw at you. Make sure you get your willies ready and waterproof jacket in case the summer is a wash out but it shouldn’t dampen your spirit with the amazing Beyoncé taking to the stage.

We all know that, though it will be nice to see the other acts, the one who everyone wants to see is Beyonce. So if you can, then you should try hard to get tickets to this hugely popular musical event of the year.

Tickets are sold from reputable sources. You can find out more on http://www.vfestival.com/tickets/official-ticket-outlets

Tickets start from £89 for day ticket and £185 for a weekend camping ticket.

You’ve Graduated! Now What?! – Part 2

Graduated Now WhatA career path is an excellent choice after all you have studied for years to get the qualification in your chosen field of interest. Getting your foot in the door straight after university is a wise idea as you can get experience and really chase the career you want from day one.

However, if you chose the other path of taking some time out to decide what you want from life then this is also a great choice. You can enhance your life and really find out what you want from life and there are many options you can take. Whether that be a round the world trip, volunteering or simply just relaxing, it is a good idea to plan well and be prepared. It’s exciting to try something new and explore the world. Whilst this is good and you should always know how to keep safe and secure on your adventures. Always check that your source is from a reputable place and any agencies that require travel are backed up with ATOL and ABTA as well as ensuring that you have the correct insurance that will cover you in all cases. Most of all be safe and use your instincts to judge whether something is good or not, it is usually right. That aside, let’s get talking about all the exciting things you can do in a year out from the responsibilities life can bring.

If you chose to travel then you have a whole world to explore. Perhaps you always wanted to go to America and do Route 66 or dip your feet in the Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean whilst soaking up the sun in Australia. How about a ride on an elephant or being a wildlife care taker where your days are looking after kangaroos or swimming with dolphins? Sounds amazing right? Whatever you chose to do you can be sure that it will give you a whole new perspective on life. You will grow as a person and discover what you really want from life. There are many companies who can help you plan and organise your year out such as Bunac, Trek America and PGL.

Have you ever thought about experiencing a new culture first hand, learning the traditions and living like the citizens? If you like children and have some experience with them (babysitting a sibling is fine) then a good way of soaking up a culture is to Au Pair. You can do this all over the world and there are many agencies that work with families and are fully checked so you are sure you will be safe and have the time of your life. If America is the culture you’re interested in then Au Pair in America is a very experienced and trusted agency that have been helping young women have a year of a lifetime for over 25 years. The process is thorough and safe so you know that you are well looked after. You sign up online and begin payments (which are very little for what you get) then you are matched to families who meet your requirements. You then spend some time getting to know some families who contact you before making a decision on who you are going to live with for the year. During your time in America you are giving an orientation in New York before you fly to your family and begin a year of a lifetime. You take care of the family’s children and get pocket money of roughly $200 per week which is yours to do as you wish as the family take care of all your food and bills.

Someone who knows all about spending time out is Emily from Sussex. She took a year out in 2008 to do Au Pair in America. It was an exciting time for her and a decision she has never looked back on. Emily began her journey on August 4th 2008; she boarded a plane to New York where she would spend 3 days on orientation before heading to Atlanta Georgia for her year of a lifetime. She got the chance to live with an American family and was treated like an older sister to the kids she looked after. She had her own apartment in the basement of a luxurious house in a picturesque neighbourhood and loved every minute of her time there. Emily told us ‘If someone is looking to gain independence and experience a new culture then this is the perfect way to do it. I had the time of my life there and would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing a similar thing to grab it with both hands.’

This is just one of a thousand options you can take on your year out. The world is your oyster and you can choose to explore it in your very own unique way. So if you are thinking of taking time out to travel you should investigate all of your options. The same applies to that of volunteering; there are many companies that deal with opportunities to volunteer either here in the UK or abroad. As will the career path, you also need to be prepared that things won’t always go to plan and sometimes situations may arise which may lead you in a different direction. You need to be wise and have your wits about you especially if you are going half way across the world on your own and you don’t know the culture. Remember every country is different and although the UK and the USA have similarities, the cultures are very different and the way the Americans do things can be very different and you may find yourself in dangerous situations. So always do your research and do the best planning you can to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable adventure.
This is an exciting time in your life, you are taking a large step from being a student to being a grown up. You should take it with both hands and go running into your chosen path. The road may be smooth but most likely you will run into potholes or come up against dead ends but do not give up. Life is a journey and we learn the most when times get tough and they make us stronger. It is good to have ambition and that drive to succeed; it’s what is going to make you great.

Plan, prepare and do your research. You will achieve great things if you do this. Graduation is just the beginning of a long road to achieving the life goals you want and if you let it, it will be a fantastic adventure.

Festival Guide 2013: Glastonbury

glastonbury-festivalThis year we see the return of Glastonbury after taking a year out last year. It is sure to be an epic comeback from the family friendly festival set in the beautiful backdrop of Somerset in the West Country. This year the stars set to grace the famous pyramid stage are rock legends The Rolling Stones, The Artic Monkeys and Momford and Sons are the headliners for the festivals 3 day weekend line-up. The festival runs from 28th-30th June 2013 and is jam packed with music that is suited to every generation.

Glastonbury is known for its laid-back and family friendly atmosphere and eco-friendly vibes that makes it a special festival for those who enjoy it. On top of the great headliners, this year we have a massive line-up which is sure to meet all those going to the festival’s needs. Some of the other acts include; Jake Bugg, Foals, The XX, The Smashing Pumpkins, Crystal Castles, Seasick Steve, Bobby Womack and Dizzee Rascal to name a few.

Most people know that the main stage for Glastonbury is the Pyramid Stage which hosts some of the festivals most high-profile acts. Previous musical legends to appear on the stage include; Stevie Wonder, U2, Blur and Queen B herself Beyonce. The stage has had many, many incredible acts in the past and this year is no different.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

The festival isn’t just about the music; it also likes to mix things up by throwing in many different acts which makes the festival exciting. Waiting to be discovered away from the music scenes are inviting circus surprises, theatre specials and beautiful spoken word for all to enjoy.

If you enjoy music festivals but no the average pop or rock one, then Glastonbury may be for you and your family alike. With hundreds of acts over a summers weekend what more could you ask for? Get you camping gear at the ready and be prepared to be blown away with some of the best music acts around. With less than 2 months until they hit the stages you best be sure to get your tickets while you can.

Tickets for Glastonbury 2013 cost £205 (+ £5 booking fee per ticket & £6 P&P per order). Entrance for children aged 12 and under remains free.  The ticket price covers entry to the Festival site from Wednesday 26th June until Monday 1st July 2013 and, as ever, includes a free programme.

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Festival Guide 2013: Wireless

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

If you can’t get to T in the Park this summer perhaps Wireless festival could be the one you go to? Also running from 12th-14th July like T in the Park this is perfect for those in the South. With Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z headlining over the weekend and an additional day added this year it is sure to be one amazing weekend. This year the festival has took advantage of London 2012 and it will be based on the grounds of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. What a fantastic location to soak up the summer sun in the middle of London for a weekend you won’t forget.


Snoop Dogg

The headline acts that are considered legends in the music industry plus many more acts throughout the weekend including Rita Ora, Frank Ocean, Trey Songz, John Legend and Snoop Dogg.

This pop festival is perfect for all those who love themselves a bit of Justin Timberlake who makes his comeback this year. Not into camping? Then this is perfect for you, just arrange your coach or tube travel each day and you are sorted.

Wireless festival is great if you are not into the fuss of packing for the weekend and preparing not to get a decent wash until after the festival has finished.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

You can buy tickets for each day you want to go or buy a 2-3 day package ticket to suit you. You can also hire a locker for any essentials you need for the day but don’t necessary need them on you whilst you are enjoying the music. If you fancy getting a little personal treatment, you can get VIP tickets, where you will be given first class treatment. You will receive complementary food and drink, fast track entry and exclusive areas that get you away from the crowds whilst you wait for your favourite act to hit the stage.

The location is fantastic, with many easy transport options to get you there each day and back again and a place full of memories and achievements that will be there forever. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is an amazing place to hold a festival. It isn’t held in the stadium but the grounds surrounding it, so with beautiful views of an important part of history for the UK and a stage full of musical acts that will have you singing and dancing the weekend away, what more can you ask for?

Tickets start from £83.50 plus booking fees and are available from selected ticket retailers which you can find on the festival website http://www.wirelessfestival.co.uk/tickets

You can find full details of the line-up so far at http://www.wirelessfestival.co.uk/line-up

Next time we’re talking about the legendary Glastonbury Festival which returns this year after taking a year out last year and what a festival it will be.

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Festival Guide 2013: T in the Park

The time has come when you are beginning to make your summer plans.  Depending on what stage you are at in your life, these plans will vary from person to person.

One thing that happens every year is the music festival.  We have an extensive choice of festivals worldwide, so whether you stay here in the UK or venture abroad, we are sure you can find something to suit your taste. Join us over the coming weeks as we fill you in with everything you need to know about the music festival.

T-in-the-ParkThis week we begin north, Scotland’s number 1 music festival, T in the Park.  Out in the middle of a nowhere in Kinross-shire, on the second weekend of July, a massive crowd descends on the fields of Balado ready for a packed full weekend of madness and music.  A lot of musicians say that Scotland has the best crowds, this is clear to see when you are amongst the fans that are more than ready to fill their boots with music for the weekend.

This year T in the Park celebrates their 20th birthday, and what a celebration it will be.  With headliners; Mumford and Sons, Rihanna and The Killers, it is sure to be an amazing weekend. There are many things to keep each individual busy whether that be ‘Dressing up Friday’ which has become a tradition where you can make or buy your costume and get into the spirit of the festival from the moment you arrive.  If you’re the thrill seeker of your group then the Fairground could be for you, with the bungee ball and the bomber throwing you through the air or the giant wheel that gives you excellent views of the festival then of course fairground favourites like the dodgems and the waltzers plenty to keep you occupied until your next favourite act hits the stage.


Let’s talk about the music, TITP is known to have a great line-up year after year and often sells out before the headliners are announced. Previous stars to have graced the stage are Eminem, Muse, Jay Z, Kasabian, Coldplay and Foo Fighters.  As mentioned previously this year the headliners are; Mumford and Sons, Rihanna and The Killers. Three major acts are just some of the musical highlights to come over the weekend.  Other acts include The Script, Sterophonics, Emile Sande, Chase and Status, Calvin Harris, Snoop Dog, Alt J and Frank Ocean.

The festival caters for all music tastes from huge artists who play the main stage and the Radio 1/NME stages to smaller acts in the King tuts wah wah hut and the unsigned acts trying to make their break on the T-break stage and the BBC Introducing stage.

T in the Park is a great festival for all and you will be sure to find something that is right up your street so to say.


Join us next time as we move south to cover more of the UK’s best festivals before throwing in some foreign festivals to mix things up.

For full details of the line-up visit http://www.tinthepark.com/line-up.aspx

Tickets cost £194 for a weekend camping ticket for full details on tickets visit http://www.tinthepark.com/tickets.aspx

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Can Music Save Your Life? – Part 2

Jennifer Campbell continues her exploration of music and the powerful effect it can have on our lives. To read part 1 of Can Music Save Your Life, click here.

Music is featured almost everywhere, we can even go as far as saying that we each have our individual soundtracks to our lives. And as each year passes and we go through a little more we add to it and even when you’re dead, those songs that once helped you are playing as you make your exit from this world. We all remember the songs we listened to from our first to our last loves, the songs we listened to during our school years and of course those songs that remind you of a loved one who may still be with us or not. Music is like a fingerprint, each of us is different and unique in our particular styles and what gets our hearts pounding with an array of emotions.

In a recent online survey, one of the women who answered the question “what does music do for you?”, said:  “It gives me a rush and can completely change my mood. It also gives me confidence in life”. Another respondent said “Songs can hold strong memories, so even if the music seems to be in the background it makes a huge difference to the setting and mood of a situation or memory”.

It is evident to see from the above comments that music is helpful to many people in a variety of situations. It doesn’t just stop with helping people through emotional times in life but music can also be used as therapy to those who are disadvantaged in life. The work of one charity in particular is phenomenal, Nordoff Robbins. They work as a music therapy based charity who works with a wide range of people from all ages, disabilities and illnesses. They particularly work with people who are very isolated or cannot communicate verbally. As with everyone music therapy needs to be adapted to suit each individual, there isn’t just a one trick wonder that will cure everyone instantly. The charity begins by working with the individual and making music with them until they recognise what they respond to then build from that. Often they help people who used to be able and very independent but due to a sudden and unfortunate life event have suffered from isolation.

Speaking with the Director of Music she shared this story in confidence, so he is anonymous. One man in particular lost his receptive and expressive language abilities following a stroke. He felt isolated, cut off and extremely depressed. He began taking music therapy on his own then his wife started joining him in the sessions, there was something magical about what she was witnessing. It went from his wife taking care of him, to them becoming partners again through the power of music.

Another organisation you may be familiar with is Samaritans, the work with people in confidence who are in extremely low places emotionally. Just recently there was a CD release called ‘Songs to Save a Life’ in aid of Samaritans. It featured many artists including James Morrison, KT Tunstall, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and The Overtones who donated their time to a cause they feel strongly about and they each chose a song of significant meaning.

KT Tunstall, multi-platinum singer and songwriter, on recording the album: “I’ve always had huge admiration for Samaritans; their existence is so vital to aid those in desperate need of someone to talk to. And music too can be a route out of places too dark to stay.”

Catherine Johnstone, Samaritans Chief Executive, on the album itself: “All the profits from the album will fund our essential 24-hour helpline service to support anyone feeling suicidal or with nowhere else to turn. We’re extremely grateful to all the artists and to the Songs to Save a Life production team for helping to make it happen. By buying this album, you could help us to save lives.”

The Songs to Save a Life album was named after the production company behind the project. Two music-industry experts, Richard Cardwell, musician/producer and musical director and Phil Armorgie, who has 20 years’ experience in the music industry, approached the Samaritans out of a desire to ‘put something back’ from an industry that had served them both well over the years and their mutual respect for such an incredible organisation.

Every year, Samaritans receives 5 million calls for help – that’s one every 5 seconds and every 60 seconds, the charity answers a call from someone feeling suicidal. The Songs to Save a Life is an album that can help Samaritans help others.

It just goes to show us, that no matter what situation we are in, whether it is a break up or a life altering event such as a stroke, music can do wonders for us. It can save us and bring us back to the life we love.

Images reproduced from cleveland.com and samaritans.org

Can Music Save Your Life? – Part 1

“I cannot tell you how many times in the 6 year period of severe depression I felt hopeless and that there was nothing to live for in this world. I thought about killing myself numerous times, sad to say. But the one thing that always stopped me from wanting to die was music. I knew that I’d always have it and that if I left this world I would not be able to listen to the beauty of it anymore and that is how music saved my life.”- Anonymous

Music always helps, no matter what you’re going through. Whether you’re going through a really bad break-up or just miss someone so much it hurts, there is always something out there that will get you through it. Therefore it is always a good thing when we find some kind of music that helps us through those particular moments in our life.

A recent online survey proved this theory, where 80% of you who took part agreed that music got you through life events and even changed or saved some of your lives. The thing about music is that it doesn’t care what age you are or what background you come from, it will always be there to help and inspire if you let it. The other 20% were unsure that it had the power to save but believe it can change their mood instantly.

There is something powerful within the melodies and lyrics in a song that can do something to your emotions. It is almost like we as humans cannot help but be moved by rhythm and beats of the music we listen to. Notice that even your feet cannot help but tap to the beat of just about every melodic moment. Look out for it; your feet will be dancing away without you even noticing. It is amazing how musicians and the music they create can tug on our heartstrings, everyone reacts differently and we all have that one song that may remind us of someone special or of a big change we went through in our lives. So, why do we respond the way we do to music?

Rachel Verney the Director of Music at Nordoff Robbins said: “We are hardwired to respond to music. It can affect our feelings, make our bodies move, change the way we think and – when we make music with others – offer a way of communicating and connecting with people in a way that doesn’t rely on words, but which can be very powerful.”

We can’t help it, as humans it is in our blood. This is why music is used just about everywhere, people know it can affect your attitude and mood making you feel inspired or uplifted. We hear music when we are doing our shopping, or when we go out for a meal at our favourite restaurant. Even flicking on the TV you are guaranteed some sort of music throughout every show whether it’s the opening theme credits or songs during scenes, it is always present. It stirs emotions within our hearts so that we can empathise with the situation on screen.

A show that has used music as a tool to connect with viewers is One Tree Hill. I am sure quite a few of you girls have watched this and are hooked. The hit series is on its 9th and final season and through-out the show it has had many musicians take part, making the show a success. Mark Schwahn the creator of the show has a close connection with music and the titles of the episodes are mostly from songs, bands or albums.

Some of the bands who featured on the show included My Chemical Romance, Wakey Wakey, Angels and Airwaves and Fall Out Boy. One anonymous fan wrote on www.othforums.com “I was suicidal in 8th grade and just really depressed. Then I watched the school shooting episode of One Tree Hill. The music featured literally saved my life.”

Stay tuned for the second part of Jennifer Campbell’s exploration of music and mood which will be out next week on 31 January.

Images reproduced from cleveland.com and fanpop.com