About Jan Haley

Jan is passionate about learning to live in harmony with the natural world and at the same time empowering people to realise much more of their potential. She is a permanent student of life, science and spirituality. With a background in public relations and then retail, she is now 'taking time out' to write her first novel. “I'm writing about the life I want to live. Once the book is out, I'll be looking for a place to put down eco-roots myself!” She keeps a sporadic blog at http://joy-generation.blogspot.com/

Transition Now Before It’s Too Late

If permaculture is bringing answers to the awkward questions around sustainability, then community is how we can make permaculture a reality on a meaningful scale. For a brief introduction to permaculture, see my earlier article here. I’m delighted to report that many communities are now finding their feet and getting … Continue reading