About Erzi Paris

Erzi Paris lives in London and loves writing, going to the theatre and watching films. Always abreast of celebrity news, his biggest hope is to be a reporter. He likes keep-fit too. His favourite authors are Michael Crichton, JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins and Rosalind Miles.

Talking Heads – The Play

Talking Heads is a theatre show based on the stories by Alan Bennett. The play was three separate stories being told from the point of view by the storyteller. There was no other cast present, only in shadows or voices behind the scenery. The first one was Miss Ruddick (Siobhan … Continue reading

Spectre (2015 film)

Spectre is the latest James Bond film starring Daniel Craig. This action packed romp also features Blofled, James Bond’s arch nemesis. This continues the current franchise’s story arch. All the essential Bond items are present. There’s fast cars, ‘a view to a kill’, helicopters crashing into buildings and even buildings … Continue reading


This new Fantastic Four film is a reboot of the franchise. There seems to be a lot of reboots going about but this is definitely one of the better ones. The characters are roughly the same. Siblings Susan (Kate Mara) and Johnny Storm (Michael B Jordan), although Susan is adopted … Continue reading

This is Where I Leave You

This Is Where I Leave You is basically about family dynamics. From betrayals to secrets revealed. Judd Altman (Jason Bateman) not only has to contend with his cheating wife but his whole family when his father dies. Their father requested in his will, his family live together for one week … Continue reading

Happy Days – The Musical

Happy Days – The Musical was a very good experience. The musical is based on the TV Series. We are back in the world of The Fonz. Henry Winkler who played the original Fonz is creative consultant and I think that’s why so much stayed from the TV show. The … Continue reading

The Need For Speed

Need for Speed is a great racing film, lots of excellent car chases, mayhem and destruction! It stars Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) and Dominic Cooper (Fleming‘s Bond). There’s also another familiar face for me Ramon Rodriguez – (Bosley – New Charlie’s Angels) who is one of the better ground workers. … Continue reading

Mr Holmes

Mr Holmes stars Sir Ian McKellen (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Vicious). This is a different take on the famous detective, in this film Holmes is over 90 years old and suffering with his memory. He is trying to piece together his last case. He is aided this time … Continue reading

Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee

Black Coffee is an Agatha Christie novel turned into a play. Jason Durr played the great Hercule Poirot! Black Coffee was first produced as a play back in the 1930s. The Belgian detective Agatha Christie created would go on to appear in more than 30 novels alone! Black Coffee starts … Continue reading

Calamity Jane – Stage Show

Calamity Jane hits the stage in stunning style. One of best musicals I’ve seen this year. All the old favourite songs were here, ‘The Blacks Hills of Dakota’, ‘Secret Love’, ‘A Woman’s Touch’, ‘Windy City’ and ‘Whipcrack Away!’ The cast were one of the best, Jodie Prenger (I’d do Anything) … Continue reading

Jurassic World

Jurassic World is the fourth movie in the Jurassic Park franchise. The dinosaurs are back and some the humans are still making bad choices when it comes to handling them! Someone has built upon what John Hammond started and made an actual theme park full of dinosaurs. Isla Nublar gets … Continue reading

The Riot Club

The Riot Club is nothing more than the obligatory swipe at rich kids able to attend an exclusive university. I was absolutely astounded by this film for all the wrong reasons. Although this isn’t the first film I’ve seen set in this environment (and I don‘t think it‘ll be the … Continue reading

Fast & Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7, (labelled Furious 7 for short) is the next sequel in the tale and last of the films that will have Paul Walker in a starring role. The team are in a danger yet again, just when they thought they could go home and live normal lives. … Continue reading

The Hobbit – Battle of Five Armies

The Hobbit – The Battle of Five Armies is the third and final instalment of The Hobbit trilogy. The battle rages for for Middle Earth! It starts pretty much where the second film ended. Smaug the terrible dragon (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) is ready to raze Lakewood to the ground … Continue reading

Dead Simple

Dead Simple is a play based on the book by Peter James. It stars Jamie Lomas (Hollyoaks), Tina Hobley (Holby City) & Gray O’Brien (Coronation St). It’s a very creepy tale indeed. A stag night prank goes horribly wrong for Michael Harrison (Lomas), his mates decide to pay him back … Continue reading

Dance Til Dawn

Dance ‘Til Dawn features the talents of Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace. They are better known from their time on Strictly Come Dancing. Once again they take the audience into a world of passion, flare and decadence. It all begins in a private eye’s office, Tommy Dubrowski (Teddy Kempner) who … Continue reading

Shaun the Sheep – The Movie

Shaun the Sheep has a movie! Yes I knew it wouldn’t be long before he got his own movie. I’ve been waiting since Wallace & Gromit’s : Curse of the WereRabbit. It really was just a matter of time. Although I was surprised by the time lapse. Why has Shaun … Continue reading


Blackhat stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor). It had the feel of being a showcase vehicle for Hemsworth. It has similar themes of films made for John Wayne. It starts of with hacks into businesses and finance institutions and escalates in a search for the gang who made the hacks. Nicolas Hathaway … Continue reading

Avengers – Age of Ultron

Avengers – Age of Ultron is the next Avengers assemble movie, featuring the main superheroes. This time they’re fighting a super computer program wanting to rule the world. The regulars are back (Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Capt. America (Chris Evans), The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlet Johansen), … Continue reading


Kingsman Secret Service is another comic book adaptation but this is a clever way of introducing a new angle onto a ‘James Bond theme’. Secret Service films have a lot of pressure to be individual and not be compared with the mighty Bond. I think this does this well. Gary … Continue reading


Foxcatcher stars Channing Tatum (The Eagle, Step Up, The Vow, GI Joe & many more!), Mark Ruffalo (Avengers Assemble) and Steve Carrell. Look out for appearances by Sienna Miller and Vanessa Redgrave. A movie focusing on a particular sport is like a sword. It can be very sharp or not … Continue reading


Unbroken stars Jack O’Connell as Louis Zamperini, a survivor of World War II and was also an Olympic hero. It’s an epic tale and very detailed account of Zamperini’s life. How he starts off as a petty criminal and wide-boy, to become a runner via his brother and live through … Continue reading