About Erzi Paris

Erzi Paris lives in London and loves writing, going to the theatre and watching films. Always abreast of celebrity news, his biggest hope is to be a reporter. He likes keep-fit too. His favourite authors are Michael Crichton, JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins and Rosalind Miles.

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is a film starring Hugh Jackman (Wolverine/X-men), Zac Efron (recently Baywatch), Michelle Williams (Dawson’s Creek) who I know. Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya I’ve not come across before. The film is more or less about how PT Barnum (Jackman) started his circus to become ‘The Greatest Showman’. Struggling … Continue reading

Magic in the Moolight

Magic in the Moonlight was an okay film. The plot was simple enough and it started very well. A family close ranks when they believe a girl who’s getting closer through a family member might be passing herself off as a clairvoyant but is actually a fraud. Colin Firth plays … Continue reading