About David Thompson

A Londoner born and bred, David Thompson embodies that resourceful, resiliant pluck that makes citizens of that city so dependable. He loves hanging out with other geeks, online and off, sharing and learning more about the latest trends and future developments of technology. When he's not doing that he has a special fondness for speculative sci fi, Italian cookery and classical music. If there is one thing he'd change, it would be that London doesn't get enough rain. "Rain stimulates creativity," he says, "and it also means you can't spend too long wasting your time fooling around outside." Follow David on Twitter @DaveThomps

Are Smartphones Changing the Way We Learn?

There’s a long-held argument that smartphones have given us the access to all knowledge, but we use it instead to look at pictures of cats and argue with each other on the internet. This isn’t always true – while we may do these things, we also use our phones constantly … Continue reading