About Chris Pickard

After gaining a degree in Business Studies and IT, Chris Pickard started work for a large organisation, in the areas of web development and E-Commerce. A few years later he moved into Business Consultancy, working across the organisation in a variety of roles from project management to departmental reviews. Outside of work at this time he gained an MBA qualification from Kent Business School. After gaining further promotions to senior project management in charge of several E-Commerce teams, he resigned to take a career break. He spent a year travelling the world - including China, Egypt, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, USA and Australia - and funded his travel through personal trading and investing. After having many life changing experiences, he decided not to return to the company and now he's in the process of setting up his own company - My Guru - to explore a multitude of business ideas.

Your Holiday Decision: To Relax Or To Explore?

This is the question many people deliberate over each year when deciding upon what to do for their holiday. Is relaxing by the beach ‘a waste of time’ compared with exploring a new country?  “Too often travel, instead of broadening the mind, merely lengthens the conversation.”  – Elizabeth Drew I think she’s … Continue reading