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Chanel ‘C’ McFarlane is a 19 year old web enthusiast and Journalist, currently in University. Interested in near enough anything and everything, she shares strong opinions on any given subject/topics; whether she actually cares about them or not. Die hard Liverpool and Kanye West fan she is hard to categorise, making it easy for her to stand out. Her articles example her stance and view point on things especially if the topic is Fashion, Beauty, Music and even Sports. She is also on Twitter. Follow her @CocoAubrey_x

What Kind of Singleton Are You?

Being single is something we all seem experience at some point in our lives; regardless of how we end up being alone its inevitable for most. But like most things in life being single has its ins and outs, up and downs and miss and preconceptions.

We all know better than anyone else how we are when we’re single and overall it would ultimately come down to how we ended up like that, but nonetheless being the simple humans we are it isn’t very hard to slap a label on it. There are many different types of singletons and we all individually embrace it in our own ways, each to their own and all that, but it generally falls into it into 3 categories.

There is a slight misconception when it comes to leading the single life and it’s understandable… it would appear that being single goes hand in hand with having fun.There are worries that you can only have one or the other, independence or a committed relationship…introducing the YWF.

The Young Wild & Free (YWF) Single

This is pretty much what it says on the tin. People sometimes see relationships as a burden or a sacrifice of any remotely interesting life whatsoever, so when they are single there is an over excessive need to ‘live it up’.  Take the likes of pop star Rihanna; we constantly see outrageous images of her ‘enjoying’ being alone and you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming it was probably the best, unremembered, nights of her life. These are qualities the ‘YWF’ singles tend to have. Life is taken in its stride and every day is Friday *fist pumps*.

But don’t be fooled by the wild nights out, constant picture uploads and ‘OMG! WTF! BEST NIGHT EVER’ captions. It may look fun to an outsider looking in but the reality might display a broken person who is not very accepting of their circumstances at all. It’s all a façade… maybe?

Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum there are the people who just can’t seem to understand why the heck they are single?? In theory they have it all, looks, money; you name it, but always fall short at the hands of cupids bow and arrow. “What gives?” is a question they are all too familiar with; however there is no actual answer. This type of single carries a slight arrogance to their nature, obviously.  Many of us are guilty of this next point from time to time, but If you find yourself looking on at couples, more times than deemed sane,  and wonder what on earth she/he has that you don’t, that he/she is in a relationship and you aren’t… you are in fact the “Why am I single” person. But not to worry there’s never actually anything wrong with you; you’re apparently just “looking in ALL the wrong places”. ALWAYS.

Last but not least…

The WASP (well-adjusted single person)

The WASP. Possibly the best single person you can come across. They have it all in check. A WASP might be in a relationship and be completely content but can also completely accept when they are not. For them being single does not necessarily mean they are looking. It is the middle point between the previous two which allows them to enjoy being single without blind sighting the future in terms of love and relationship. The best quote for a well-adjusted single person would be ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’ and this is exactly what a WASP does. They have the blueprints for nearly everything in their lives; except of course how to stay in the relationship but not everything needs a plan I guess.

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When Beauty Gets Ugly

‘Too much of a good thing can end up horribly bad’

As women and even men pride in our appearance takes a number of stages. At one point in our life the concept of looking ‘natural’ gets lost behind the montage of beauty adverts we see all around us, everyone wants to look and feel their best and indulging in makeup routines and products seems like the only answer at the best of times, not to mention the worst; However beauty sometimes comes at a more severe cost than the £25 we may or may not have spent of the latest miracle concealer.

Being a self-proclaimed make up junkie I have had first-hand experience in the good the bad and the ugly side of makeup. Hearing frequently that I ‘don’t need make up and I look fine without’ has never change my obsession with buying, admittedly, a load of junk to pile of my face. Most would agree that with makeup comes confidence and I’ve always believed that not one person NEEDS makeup as it is possible to live without but one chooses to enhance or change an imperfection in a simple step(s).

There are various horror stories that eerily lurk around the subject of health and beauty. Extreme cases of being partially blinded by lipstick, reported in the ‘get a life’ magazine are read, gasped and laughed at as we apply our own lipstick. Such displays keep everyday users of various beautifying products, like myself, distanced from a quite bleak reality… That we are possibly doing more harm than good to our bodies and our confidence.

Recently after having had one of makeup hauls I purchased a product that has indefinitely changed my ideology on makeup. After suffering from an allergic reaction post using the new product I was left in irony as this beautifying product made me in a blunt shallow term …Ugly?

Although it is probably just ill fate, it did leave me in a state of wonder as to when does it all start to become ‘too much’ for us women. As I looked over my room full of illusion (make up) I personally decided I had gone far enough. It’s just a shame I had had to have my face practically melt off before I came to my conclusion however. Being mutated wasn’t the only drive behind my epiphany… recent trends like the ‘Sharpee block eyebrows’ and the ‘moth like eyelashes’ dawned in my mind. Is it not too much?

For a fee we can boost and elevate ourselves into an ideal, almost dream like image but quite literally under the surface we unknowingly diminish our confidence, only making it replenish when we feed into our makeup bags. Weird I know.

Some of us are not are not naturally blessed to look good without makeup but as an observer and participant in the extent we go to look good, makeup weighs in as more of a curse than a blessing and making more than £160 billion a year it doesn’t seem like the curse or inception will be broken any time soon.

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