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City Connect was first established in Cambridge and aims to spread to other cities nationally and internationally in the future. City Connect's online magazine style website reaches out to a wide audience and has something for everyone. City Connect offers a comprehensive range of features and articles, such as news, film and music reviews, trends and hot topics, dating advice, culture and style to name but a few. City Connect also holds networking events to join our writers, advertisers and readers together. City Connect events range from the casual to the formal, but everyone with a passion for networking is welcome.

5 Things To Consider While Choosing A Drug Rehab Facility

Drug addiction is a serious problem that needs to be addressed with great care and concern. Not only does it causes a number of health issues but also affects the quality of life. Addiction causes problems at home and at work, sometimes even destroying relationships and career. Timely detection and … Continue reading

Great Ways to Make Cooking More Comfortable

People have been cooking their own meals ever since the discovery of fire. However, in this day and age it almost seems as if the benefits of cooking have been forgotten completely as people prefer canned or restaurant food to meet their day to day requirements. Adopting such a lifestyle … Continue reading

International Clinical Trials Day 2018: The voyage of drug discovery

On 20 May 1747 James Lind started the first ever clinical study to test the cause of scurvy in sailors on board the HMS Salisbury. His trial consisted of just 12 men, grouped into pairs and given a variety of dietary supplements from cider to oranges and lemons. The trial … Continue reading

3 Tips for Planning a Girls-Only Getaway Trip to NOLA on a Budget

Whether you just got over a rough relationship or just want some much-needed “me” time away from your family, NOLA is the ultimate destination for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends. One-of-a-kind culture. Amazing food. Stellar sights. New Orleans is truly a gem of the South, boasting plenty to see … Continue reading

Make Your Life Easier With The Most Important Tips For Good Money Management

The frugal life does not necessarily imply that you will become miserable all of a sudden. Sadly, when people associate frugality with a penny-pinching lifestyle, it`s clear as a day that they don`t quite get the picture about it. Also, the notion of a thrifty living is not about dooming … Continue reading

DIY Upcycled Item Suggestions for Bathroom Use

Whether or not you’re a “do-it-yourself” enthusiast, a bathroom renovation can be a pretty exciting prospect, but if you are on a mission to accomplish it by up cycling or repurposing, things can get even more interesting!   So where do you start? Both urban and rural areas alike offer a … Continue reading

Latest Fashion Trends for 2018

Fashion trends have not been cooled by the winter chills. The year 2018 promises to be one of the hottest years yet, in terms of fashion. There are so many innovations and discoveries that continue to inspire designers from all corners of the world. Communication Pushing Fashion to Extremes Communication … Continue reading

At the point when (and Why) Would it be advisable for you to Sign an Individual Certification to Secure Financing?

Throughout the following year, 61 percent of entrepreneurs hope to grow their organizations. For some, that will mean they will be looking for capital. What may amaze them is they might be required to sign an individual assurance to guaranteed loans. The following are seven things you have to think … Continue reading

Are You Searching for High-quality Limousine Hire in Melbourne?

You’d think that hiring a limo, of all things, would be easy. But there is a lot to check when it comes to making sure you have something high-quality – what price is it, for one thing, and for another, what kind of services does it offer? You’d be surprised at … Continue reading

Do You Know Hypnosis Has Positive Impacts On Memory?

Do you remember what you had for breakfast this morning or lunch this afternoon? Do you remember the last time that you did laundry, or the last time that you talked to someone on the phone? Some people can answer those questions in a few seconds; others may not remember … Continue reading

Which Type Of Mattress Beds Are Best For Pre-Race Sleep?

This year, I’ve done a couple of races, but most of them have been quite frustrating. I’ve had a difficult time trying to get some sleep the night before I go racing. So, what do you think could be the problem? Well, while there may be a lot of reasons … Continue reading

Qualities to Consider when Finding the Best Live-in Care

When searching for the best agency offering care services, it can be very tasking. This is especially true for people without a clue of what to consider. When you get to the right agency, you can be assured of the best caregivers. You can also be assured of the best … Continue reading

Important Things to Know if You are New to Dating

Dating hasn’t been the same since the invention of the internet. Here are just a few tips on how to traverse these waters. Online Dating is as StillDating You still need to be on your best behavior. Presenting your best self is still key in attracting someone. There are still … Continue reading