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4 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

The current crop of college students are exposed to a plethora of health risks that negatively affect their physical and mental wellbeing. Drug and alcohol abuse has become more rampant in campus, thanks to a terrible culture of inebriation that’s handed down by different fraternity groups and social cliques. One … Continue reading

Spending the Perfect Week-Long Honeymoon in Thailand

A honeymoon is a very meaningful time in a couple’s life. It’s a marker for what’s to come, a time to reflect, look forward and simply enjoy some time off relaxing. A memorable honeymoon doesn’t require the most expensive, top of the line getaway to a luxury resort.     … Continue reading

5 Things You Should Know About Bowel Health

You may feel uncomfortable discussing bowel health, but it is a good indicator of your overall general health. One should develop and maintain a regular bowel health routine to stay healthy. Improper bathroom habits such as ignoring the urge to defecate and not allowing enough time to empty the colon … Continue reading

3 Benefits to using a free payment processor

A free payment processor is a company that is responsible for sending payment data from the merchant to the issuing bank and then to the acquiring bank without paying any fee. Typically, free payment processors help businesses to eliminate the problem of high costs of accepting debit and credit cards. … Continue reading

Three Tips That Will Transform Your Business’s Front Entrance

First impressions are so important for the success of your small business. This begins with your front entrance. As potential customers walk through your front doors, they are already forming an opinion of your products and services. Make sure that your entryway is giving them the impression you are after … Continue reading

Diet High in Vitamins and Fish May Protect Cognition and Brain Size

US scientists have found people with high levels of certain vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids in their blood do better in cognitive tests, and are less likely to have brain shrinkage associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The study, which is published online in the journal Neurology on 28 December, is one of … Continue reading

Body Positivity: Embracing and Loving Your Curves

  The year is 2018, and it certainly has brought to light a lot of events concerning various issues about representation. The LGBT movement has found momentous achievements in the year with society becoming more accepting of their identity and their rights as fellow human beings. One of the biggest … Continue reading

8 Ways to Keep Up Your Fitness Routine While Camping

Family members, workmates or friends can be fun to camp with because this is the time everyone gets to loosen up from the serious character we are always forced to show in a formal set up. Getting in touch with nature can naturally motivate you to go wild in trying … Continue reading

Don’t Feel Guilty When You Reserve a Luxury House for a Short Holiday

When booking an accommodation option for a holiday, you try your best to squeeze everything in the budget that you set. You don’t want to go beyond the said amount since you have other expenses too. On a short holiday, you can’t plan a trip heading to faraway places. The … Continue reading

A Guide to Decorating Your Home After Moving to Thailand

Many expatriates consider locations like the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, and South Africa because the American dollar goes further compared to back at home. In addition, living outside of the US gives retirees, teachers, artists, former military personnel, and families the chance to travel as well as experience a different culture. … Continue reading

Ways to Reduce the Number of Hours You Spend Using Your Phone

Given that your phone can do almost anything today, it is not easy turning it off. Before you decide to put it down, something else comes up, and you need to use your phone again. The problem is that continued use of the phone could increase exposure to radiation. Therefore, … Continue reading

How You Can Support Someone in Recovery Over the Holidays

While going through recovery for a substance abuse disorder can be difficult at any time of the year, the holiday season is notorious for being a particularly challenging and tempting time. Many people find it difficult to celebrate the holidays with their friends and family while continuing to abstain from … Continue reading

It is Immoral to Stop People from Medical Marijuana Use

People suffering from different types of pain and illnesses clamour for the legalisation of medical marijuana. These people won’t advocate for it if they think there are other options out there. They have tried several forms of medications through the years, and they found medical marijuana to be effective. Therefore, … Continue reading

5 Places to Tour in Barcelona

Gorgeous buildings, impressive museums, stunning views, and fantastic food and leisure activities – these are the main attractions of Barcelona! Still, every time I visit it, I discover something new about this multi-layered city. But if you’re not used to the Catalan way, you may get stuck in the standard … Continue reading

Best Fitness Bands in the Budget-friendly Range

Activity trackers have been on the rise. A lot of people are looking forward to keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping track of how many calories you have burned during a workout actually gives you more motivation to exercise. Moreover, an activity tracker keeps tabs of your heart … Continue reading

Why Sleeping on Memory Foam Isn’t for Everyone

Since the introduction of memory foam technology to the bed industry back in the 1980s, all manner of people have rushed to purchase memory foam beds with the poor assumption of a “serve-one-serve-all” notion. This is after plenty of misleading advertising over the years from mattress salesmen who needed to … Continue reading

Following a Kosher Diet? Keep These Rules in Mind

The term kosher has its roots in Jewish traditions. Kosher means appropriate, and regarding diet, kosher food is anything prepared and cooked using proper ingredients and cooking techniques. Kashrut is the Jewish dietary law that people must follow when preparing and cooking kosher food. Certain types of food are not … Continue reading