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City Connect was first established in Cambridge and aims to spread to other cities nationally and internationally in the future. City Connect's online magazine style website reaches out to a wide audience and has something for everyone. City Connect offers a comprehensive range of features and articles, such as news, film and music reviews, trends and hot topics, dating advice, culture and style to name but a few. City Connect also holds networking events to join our writers, advertisers and readers together. City Connect events range from the casual to the formal, but everyone with a passion for networking is welcome.

Five Musical Experiences You Have to See and Hear When You Visit Nashville

There is no shortage of things to do when you’re vacationing in Nashville. Some of Nashville’s hottest attractions include architectural wonders, like a complete recreation of the Parthenon, as well as countless tours that will take you through the city and tell you about its history, but no trip to … Continue reading

‘Heat-Not-Burn’ Tobacco Products and How They’re Different From Vapes

These days, we’re always looking for healthier alternatives to our food and activities. One hotly debated subject is smoking. With so many documented risks to smoking, cigarette smokers have been very open to trying new methods of nicotine consumption.  Vaping has proven itself to be a safer option for nicotine … Continue reading

Myths Behind the Use of Dietary Supplements and the Truth Behind Them

You might feel confused about whether you should take food supplements or not. You may think that they are beneficial for your health, but other people might tell you that they do not have any positive impact. Spreading false information online is prevalent these days, so you need to know … Continue reading

5 Things All Athletes Should Do to Improve Their Performance

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur one, everyone reaches a bottleneck where it becomes difficult to improve your performance. The days of breaking records every month are long gone and you wonder what went wrong; here are four things you can do as an athlete to break … Continue reading