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City Connect was first established in Cambridge and aims to spread to other cities nationally and internationally in the future. City Connect's online magazine style website reaches out to a wide audience and has something for everyone. City Connect offers a comprehensive range of features and articles, such as news, film and music reviews, trends and hot topics, dating advice, culture and style to name but a few. City Connect also holds networking events to join our writers, advertisers and readers together. City Connect events range from the casual to the formal, but everyone with a passion for networking is welcome.

Following a Kosher Diet? Keep These Rules in Mind

The term kosher has its roots in Jewish traditions. Kosher means appropriate, and regarding diet, kosher food is anything prepared and cooked using proper ingredients and cooking techniques. Kashrut is the Jewish dietary law that people must follow when preparing and cooking kosher food. Certain types of food are not … Continue reading

Terpene-Infused Cocktails & Gourmet Cooking? The Possibilities are Endless

Terpenes are rapidly gaining popularity as an ingredient among foodies and upscale establishments all over the West coast Every year, chefs and enthusiasts around the world continue to experiment with new techniques and ingredients, taking the food and drink industry to new heights. Two such trailblazers are chefs Noah Tucker … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

There are many different kinds of life insurance policies out there, but one of the most popular is guaranteed universal life insurance, also known as GUL. GUL is often called ‘secondary guarantee universal life’ or ‘no lapse’ insurance as well, and you’ll find out why once you learn more about … Continue reading

Give The The Right Personalized Gift To Your Loved One

Yes, we all know that twenty-first century is all about personalized gifts. These are one perfect outcome of the trending world, revolutionizing the way we gift each other. Each of these is available in a grand array of variety and the category is becoming big as life day by day. … Continue reading

Progress 101: How To Move Forward In Your Life

These days, many people have grown frustrated with the reality of experiencing various plateaus. Whether the plateau is personal, professional, social, or psychological, it’s important to know that there are multiple strategies individuals can utilize to remain on track to positive growth, development, and change. Below are three strategies that … Continue reading