Am I Eligible for Motability?

If you’ve been injured or have a medical condition that has affected your ability to walk, you can often feel trapped in your home. Fortunately, there are devices that you can lease that will help you regain some mobility, such as electric scooters and power chairs, but they can be expensive. Some companies, like Motability, have schemes that help you pay for these devices if you qualify for their programs.

Qualifying for Help

You can find out if you qualify for a Motability scheme to help you get a power chair or scooter so you can have more mobility when you go somewhere. Similar schemes help you get a reduced price on a device or allow you to lease one at a reduced rate. However, you have to qualify to take part in these schemes based on your income.

You or your child have to qualify based on your participation in one of these programs and have at least 12 months left on it:

·        Disability Living Allowance – You have to qualify on the higher end of the mobility component of the DLA, which is currently £57.45 per week.

·        Personal Independence Payment – You need to qualify for the enhanced rate of the mobility component, which means you score at least 12 points on the PIP mobility assessment.

·        War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement – This supplement gives financial support to veterans who were seriously injured during their time of service. Currently, it pays £64.15 a week.

·        Armed Forces Independence Payment – This payment provides support to current and former members of the armed forces for injuries they received during their service. Those who qualify for the payment can receive £139.75 per week.

Obligations if Qualified

If you receive one of these payments or allowances, then you can qualify to receive a power chair or an electric scooter on the Motability scheme. The scheme allows you to lease a mobility device at a reduced rate, but you must lease it for three years. In addition, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit upon delivery of your device.

Leasing and Buying Options

If you do not qualify for the Motability scheme, you may still be able to afford to lease or purchase a device on your own. Many companies, including Motability, offer used and refurbished power chairs and scooters. This allows you to get the device you need to improve your ability to get around on your own for a price you can afford. 

A power chair, scooter, or a stair lift can help you live more independently if you have trouble walking on your own due to an injury or a medical condition. If you qualify for financial support because you were injured during your time of military service, or you receive other help based on your income, then you should find out if you qualify for help leasing a mobility device. A power chair or scooter will allow you to leave your home more often with your family and friends.

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