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Allegiant is the next one in the Divergent series. A society ripped apart by war are trying to fix their society. Some are being experimented on and others are trying to stop them.

Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) escape from those who are trying to control society by genetic work. Only those who are truly Divergent can save the world. Tris is one of them.

After escaping they think they’ve found a haven in another organisation called The Bureau. But as time goes go, Four is the first to realise not all is as it seems but Tris won’t listen. Can he get her to see the dark intentions that lie underneath in the race to purify the human race?

I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by this offering. To me it this franchise is like ‘The Host II – Warzone.’ The weapons look like they’ve been borrowed from other sets. I’m sure I’ve seen some of the guns elsewhere!
The futuristic ideals seem very fanciful, giving Tris her mother’s memories for example. I just didn’t see the point or why anybody would invent things like it. (No Google – don’t develop an app!)

Also the plot that the organisation was crooked, was very obvious and for me there was little imagination deployed in the script. I haven’t read the books (the books by Veronica Roth might be better) but the world that’s been imagined is just too similar to what’s already been out or coming out!

There are some good names among the cast, Naomi Watts & Jeff Daniels for example but I didn’t feel they were used well and appeared ‘just there’.

5/10 from me. If the next movie includes crossovers from the Host I’ll raise the score!

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