Album Review: Alex Day – Epigrams & Interludes

Image courtesy of dftba.comThree years since the release of his last album and now with three Top 40 singles under his belt, Youtuber & Musician Alex Day is back with a brand new collection, Epigrams & Interludes.

The album consists of a vast mixture of his older work, brand new tracks, chart toppers, collaborations, and songs he’s produced for other artists. All combined to create a incredibly addictive and complexly layered album.

Day’s style is distinctively different from other music of the moment, it’s lively, upbeat with a nod towards 90’s pop. Lyrics are not vague with hidden meaning but stories, telling us tales of love, friendship and bread. The majority of the album is heavily produced brimming with catchy drum beats most prominent in the dance anthem styled “Poison” sung by the talented Carrie Hope Fletcher. Though it also includes a few acoustic tracks, such as the beautifully mature “Losing a future” which showcases Day’s vocals at their very best.

What’s most remarkable about this album is the growth shown in Day’s work from “Holding on” to “I’ve got what it takes”. He’s become confident in the production of his songs, breaking away from the safety of his guitar to create new, more complicated sounds with a polished finish. It provides us with best of Alex Day and the perfect introduction to his music.

Tracks to skip straight to are “Bread” eerily reminiscence of “The nightmare before Christmas” with it’s Burton style of storytelling and insanely hyper “Lady Godiva” guaranteed to stay in your head for the rest of the day.

“Epigrams & Interludes” brings a breath of unique life into the monotone of the music industry and is certainly well worth a listen. Even better ten of the twenty tracks are available for free download at so try a taste of Alex Day a musician you’ll be kicking yourself that you’ve never discovered before.

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