Air Pollution in the UK -Is It Still a Problem?

Folks in the UK as well as experts from across the globe first recognised air pollution as a major problem in the country back in the early 1300s. It was duly recognised as an alarming issue when fumes coming from coal power plants started causing detrimental health effects on many Britons.

While the current air pollution issue has significantly improved compared to earlier years, the problem continues to plague the land. Thousands of Brits still develop respiratory issues due to the harmful substances in the air.

A brief history of the UK’s air pollution problem

Air pollution has been a major concern in the country for many years. Back in 1306, a Royal Proclamation was released to officially prohibit the use of soft coal in furnaces of craftsmen. Five decades later, the Sanitary Act and Public Health Act were signed to control and eliminate smoke nuisances.

Fast forward to the 20th century, a clean air strategy was published for the reference of local authorities from Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The strategy outlines the objectives and standards that the agreeing local governments need to achieve.

Even with the relentless effort of the government and its people to address the issue, it’s still a huge problem affecting millions. To prove this point, an article published in The Guardian reported that around 2,000 sites in the UK have extreme air pollution issues.

A problem affecting millions of Brits

The report says that areas like Kensington, Chelsea, Leeds and Doncaster have the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide. This harmful compound triggers the development of respiratory diseases such as colds, asthma and bronchitis. If exposed to this compound for a long period, you may eventually suffer from a chronic form of pulmonary cancer.

Thankfully, companies such as continuously create green technology to help minimise the adverse and detrimental effects of air pollution. They install green walls both indoors and outdoors to help reduce the amount of pollutant in the air. There are also organisations like Friends of the Earth UK who tirelessly push for better air quality in the country.

Group effort to save the planet

Collective effort is indeed the key to addressing the issue. The situation has considerably changed compared to the early years. However, there are plenty of things to be done. For example, aside from addressing the emissions coming from vehicles, the government also needs to find ways to reduce or eliminate ammonia released from farmlands.

Aim to amplify your efforts to slow down the effects of air pollution and hopefully turn the tide. Tell your friends about your cause, join organisations, and contribute to solving the issue by simply switching to eco-friendly options.

There are a lot of simple and effortless ways you can help. For example, you should opt for public transportation more often instead of using your private vehicle. You should also try to reduce the use of wood in fireplaces.

Everyone should start making necessary lifestyle changes or adjustments to avoid contributing to the existing air pollution problem in the country and the world. Every little effort counts! Start the change today.


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