Your Access to Homoeopathy is Under Threat

"homeopathy"There is some good news and bad news related to homeopathy, and its access in the UK. The last 30 years have seen a great increase in evidence and studies that show homeopathy works. This has pushed a few countries in Europe to promote regulations in this sector, which is a very positive idea in principle. For example, Switzerland has decided to include homeopathy as part of medical courses, and France requires pharmacists to have a one-year training in homeopathic remedies.

In the UK. the Medicines Act is being reviewed and this will affect access to homoeopathic medicines. If the current proposals are endorsed by the government the following would occur:

1. You would no longer be able to get homoepathic medicines by telephone or online.
2. Homoeopaths would no longer be able to dispense or prescribe medicines to you.
3. You would have to get your homoeopathic medicines personally from a handful of licenced homoeopathic pharmacies in Britain.In short, homeopathic remedies may be even more restricted that conventional medications with known side effects.

You can change this by filling this online petition:
You can also contact your local MP and expressing your disapproval. You can contact your MP by using the following link:

Please help us to stop the MHRA from limiting our choices of access to alternative healthcare!

Thank you!

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