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We have a growing team of writers and we’re always on the look-out for new talent, so if you’d like to apply to join our team of Features Writers, click here. Below is a list of our current features writers. To read their author biography and see an archive of their articles, please click their names. If you wish to get in touch with us directly or contact the editorial board, please click here.

Adam Shaw - Features Writer on Health – Adam is a multi-disciplined health professional who has helped thousands on their journey to better health & well-being.
Alan PhilippeFeatures Writer on Fashion and Culture.
Alexandra Abrahams - Features Writer on Entertainment and Food & Drink – Alexandra is also our Girl About Town and will attend any new party all in the name of research!
Alex CresswellBeauty Writer – Alex studied at the London School of Beauty & Make-Up and received a CIBTAC qualification in aesthetic treatments. She has completed a two year makeup artist course at Brushstroke Academy in Shepperton Studios. Her passion is skincare and makeup, however she has always had a strong interest in writing.
Alex Houlsby - Sports Writer – Alex concentrates on football and is a Sunderland fan.
Amanda Goldberg - Features Writer on Style – Amanda is an American design enthusiast and managing editor of the ‘Erie Construction Better Home Blog’.
Andrea RobinsonSports Writer – Andrea Robinson is a woman interested in wheels. She loves motor sports, driving classic and sports cars, particularly her MK1 MR2 which she fully restored.
Anja Jaencke -  Anja Jaenicke is a poet, painter, screenwriter, filmmaker and Thinker cum Arte from Germany. She started her career as a film actress for German film and television and was awarded with film awards like the German Film Award, the Bavarian Film Award and the BAMBI. In the last years Anja has written poetry and articles for magazines.

Bianca Lorena Bianca is an experienced actress and model. She has a passion for the creative arts and loves to perform.
Catey WhitmoreFeatures Writer on Style and Travel – Catey is a strong, quirky, impulsive, passionate and happy-go-lucky woman. Her hobby is making old and once-loved things look loved again. Her motto is “You Only Live Once”
Chanel McFarlaneFeatures Writer on Dating & Relationships, Entertainment, Events and Style – Chanel is a web enthusiast and journalist who has strong opinions and is a die hard Liverpool and Kayne West fan.
Charlotte RottenburgFeatures Writer on Entertainment, Style and Travel – Charlotte’s writing career began with a fashion blog but now she covers a whole lot more.
Cheryl BarrettCheryl has a love of theatre and has written and directed one act plays, murder mysteries, comedy sketches and pantomimes. As well as enjoying travel and socialising, Cheryl also sings jazz and is currently studying under acclaimed jazz singer Brigitte Beraha.
Chiedza ZvirahwaFeatures Writer on Culture, Entertainment and Style – Chiedza is a Media graduate from Nottingham Trent University. She is passionate about journalism and takes an enthusiastic approach to her work. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, singing and socialising.
Chris PickardFeatures Writer on Culture, Science & Technology and Travel – Chris has travelled the world including China, Egypt, Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, USA and Australia and he loves gadgets and sharing his opinions on current affairs.
Clara FreemanFeatures Writer on Entertainment – Clara has her finger on the pulse of America’s entertainment world and also champions women’s issues.
Craig BusekFeatures Writer on Culture, Sports and Men’s Health – Craig has a passion for fitness and loves rugby but his writing covers much more than this.
Damion GrossUSA Film Critic – Damion has over ten years of experience in the entertainment field as an actor in film, commercials and has done voiceover radio and co-hosted a podcast/internet radio show. Entertainment is his passion in life. Sports come a close second.
David ThompsonFeatures Writer on Technology – David loves sharing and learning more about the latest trends and future developments of technology. He enjoys science fiction, Italian cookery and classical music.
David PustanskyTV Critic – As well as writing, David Pustansky is also an actor and director and founder of The ImProDigies Theatre Company. He has written for both stage and screen as well as working as a freelance journalist.
David Dave Stephenson is a dedicated internet blogger that loves to write about lifestyle and the world, covering topics including family, health, and business, all the way through to technology, media and travel
Eleanor Plumstead – Features Writer on Current Affairs and Advice. Eleanor has been writing poetry and prose from a young age and writes in the advice column and on interesting current affairs.
Emily KissockFeatures Writer on Fashion & Beauty – Emily is a freelance make-up artist, writer and model. She loves to write about fashion, make-up, being an agony aunt and writing about various high concept topics and interests.
Eno EnefiokFeatures Writer on Entertainment – Eno enjoys writing short fiction and reviewing film and music. She is also a self taught guitarist.
Eric WoodFilm Critic – Eric adores all forms of writing and loves movies. His first novel comes out this year and Eric will be directing his first feature length film in Summer 2013.
Erzi ParisFilm & Theatre Critic – Erzi loves the cinema and theatre. He writes reviews on the latest films and shows in an engaging style.

Fatima Ahmed – Fatima is a psychology student in London and is evolving into a running and charity enthusiast.
Fiona KirkNutritionist and best-selling author Fiona Kirk knows good nutrition… and isn’t afraid to talk about it! Her “Fat in the City” series for City Connect exclusively brings you tried & tested fat busting tips and advice every month to help you get maximum fat loss in minimum time.
Helen JacksonTravel Writer – Travelling is Helen’s passion. She has travelled extensively around the world. Her love of food combines well with travelling and she is writing a Central American cookery book.
Holly SmithFeatures Writer – Holly is a confident, lively and passionate 20-something who loves to write about everything from Entertainment to Relationships and much more.
Jagruti DhanechaFood Writer – a housewife and a mother of two teenage kids. She communicates wonderfully tasty dishes to the world and runs the food blog “Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey”.
James RydgeFeatures Writer – James is a Research Officer and works at the Grantham Research Institute. He is passionate about communicating the economics behind climate change to the public.
Jan HaleyFeatures Writer on Science & Technology – Jan is passionate about living in harmony with the natural world and empowering people to realise their potential.
Jennifer CampbellFeatures Writer on Culture, Entertainment and Events – Jennifer is studying music journalism and loves to travel the world and experience new cultures.
Jenny SkiltonFeatures Writer on Style – Jenny runs a vintage clothing shop in Cambridge and loves to share her passion for all things vintage.
Joanna HallBeauty Writer – Joanna is a professional make-up artist with 20 years experience who has progressed on to Beauty Therapy. She has worked for famous names like Chanel and Yves St Laurent. Her aim is to use her knowledge and beauty secrets to make a difference to women’s everyday lives.
Jonathan HornSports Writer on Cricket – Jonathan is a keen sportsman who follows cricket with a passion. Cricket may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Jonathan likes to think that he can be as good as Sky Sports David Lloyd.
Julia WoodFeatures Writer on Culture – Julia is is an author, Oscar Wilde scholar and personality known for her Edwardian lifestyle.
Julie PodberyBeauty Writer – Julie has been passionate about Makeup, Skincare and Hair from a really early age. This passion lasted throughout the years and Bridal Hair and Makeup which started as a hobby then became a Career. She is now running her own Bridal Hair and Makeup Business and is loving it!
Katie BowenFeatures Writer on Style – Katie is an experienced Personal Stylist and has lots of helpful fashion advice to share with readers.
Keifer DerrinFood Writer – Keifer is the creator of food blog and shares his passion for food through his weekly recipes.
Krystal VolneyFeatures Writer – Krystal writes poetry and is also interested in the Biological Sciences.
Laura DenmarFeatures Writer
Louis MauratiFilm Critic – Louis is an engineer and is very passionate about films. He reviews the latest releases and runs his own film blog.
Luca SenatoreFeatures Writer on Health and Life Coaching. Luca is also the co-founder of Salus Wellness.
Mariam NoronhaFeatures Writer on Life Coaching, Style and Travel – Mariam is an educator living in India who writes on a variety of topics based on her experiences.
Massimo GaetaniFeatures Writer on Business Coaching and Sports – Massimo is a certified coach for business owners and managers and a passionate martial artist. He is the co-founder of Salus Wellness.
Melanie Macro – Features Writer on a variety of subjects – Melanie is a professional singer and has travelled the world. Her interests are eclectic; she believes all subjects can be of interest if you keep an open mind.
Mina JoshiFood Writer – Mina shares her love of authentic home-cooked food in her Taste of India and Vegetarian Cookery recipe series.
Nadia TejaniFeatures Writer on Health & Beauty – Nadia is a Personal Trainer, nutritionist and fitness model so she knows her stuff when it comes to health & fitness!
Nayna KanabarFood Writer – Nayna writes the Simply Food recipe series and also shares her passion for healthy eating and home cooking in her own food blog.
Oak HaraldsScience Writer – Oak is a recent biomedical science graduate embarking on a masters in medical ethics and law, a sympathetic passion that has spurred her to pursue the perfection of science literary art.
Patrick CrawfordFeatures Writer on Food Politics – Patrick is a lawyer and is passionate about proper nutrition and the effects of modern nutrition on human health.
Pia MadisonFeatures Writer on Health & Beauty, Dating & Relationships and Philosophy. Pia is an experienced psychologist who trained under the eminent Prof. Petruska Clarkson.
Prathima RaoFood Writer – Born & brought up in South India amongst hardcore food enthusiasts, cooking & food have always been important to Prathima.
Rebecca FortuinFeatures Writer – Rebecca writes on Culture, Dating & Relationships, Entertainment and Health & Beauty. She was a finalist in the Writers Club 2012 Tournament. When not writing, she is a passionate thespian and takes part in various amateur dramatic productions across the year with the NQSC.
Rebecca RipleyFeatures Writer on Dating & Relationships – Rebecca often uses humour to make light of dating disasters and relationship lows. In addition to writing about her own current and past relationship issues, Rebecca also draws inspiration from the dating faux pas of others.
Sarah James-CyrusFeatures Writer on Dating & Relationships – Sarah always has great advice not only for singletons but also for those in relationships too.
Serena MarijaSerena is a model, actress and self-confessed sports enthusiast. Her writing benefits from her subject knowledge of health, fitness, nutrition and dermatology.
Sloan Sheridan-Williams Sloan is a renowned life coach and relationship expert . She writes primarily on therapy and life coaching.
Sumaya AnwarFeatures Writer on Science & Technology and Health & Beauty. Sumaya is a student of biological sciences at UCL, with a special interest in genetics. She perseveres to make science assessable as well as understandable to everyone.
Tammy TansleyTravel Writer – Tammy is a dancer, actor and model. She has a background in business, stage management and choreography. Tammy has a very keen interest in travel, fitness, diet, nutrition and health.
Thierry ClercHealth Writer – Thierry is an experienced Homeopathist and writes about health issues and the benefits of homeopathy.
Thomas MahonFeatures Writer on Style – Thomas is one of the most experienced tailors on Savile Row Tailor and communicates his profession and passion to the public.
Tiffany RooneyFashion & Beauty Writer – Tiffany is a self-confessed beauty junkie and avid subscriber of fashion magazines. She loves nothing more than discovering a beauty must-have and experimenting with different looks. She is currently working on her first novel.
Tom LewisWine Critic – Tom is the Cambridge Wine Blogger and uses his knowledge and experience to help you enjoy buying and drinking wine.
Tony FosterArt Critic – Tony is a talented mural artist who reviews art exhibitions and galleries for City Connect.
Verity DanboldFeatures Writer on Culture & Travel – Verity was nominated for Best Emerging Writer at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival and shares with us her travel adventures and love of The Arts.
Vimbai ChapunguFashion Writer – Vimbai adores all aspects of fashion and keeps her finger on the fashion world’s pulse making her a great source of advice on trends and styling. She has also featured in model campaigns such as The Face of Colour. Her favourite designer is Yves St Laurent.
William Addison-AtkinsonFeatures Writer on Culture, Entertainment & Travel – Will is studying English Literature and is passionate about the Arts, food and travelling the world.
William WhitbyFeatures Writer on Science and Philosophy – William is an engineering student who always had a great interest in how things work. His main drive is the pursuit of knowledge and the most important question, why are we here?
Zara KadirFeatures Writer on Health & Fitness and Style – Zara is a studio instructor and is passionate about helping people enjoy and understand exercise.

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