Guest Writer Agreement

As a guest writer for City Connect, I accept the following:

1. The Editorial Board of City Connect reserves the right to edit or withhold publication of any material which is considered not in keeping with the spirit of City Connect, prejudiced, inaccurate, defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, politically motivated or otherwise in violation of any UK law.

2. City Connect reserves the right to remove any article it believes to have been plagiarised from another source. I agree that I am responsible for ensuring that my content is properly referenced and/or written by myself to adhere to City Connect’s strict policy on plagiarism.

3. An internal City Connect email address will be created in my name in the format which is only used internally by City Connect’s webmaster to set up my biography picture and profile. My name will appear as Firstname Surname unless otherwise requested, and my picture be one I have supplied to the Editor. The email address is not active and the inbox will not be monitored. At no point will this email be used to contact you and must not be used by you for correspondence.

4. That I do not have the authorisation to change my assigned email address in the user section of WordPress as doing so will cause my profile picture to disappear as this is linked to the non-active internal email.

5. I will have an assigned WordPress login to be accessed at’s admin site with username: firstname and password as supplied to me.

6. I agree to only access and use the Post section on WordPress to draft my article (by pressing add new post) or edit my article (from the post section) and submit it for review (with the submit for review button) within agreed deadlines.

7. I agree that I am responsible for the security of my password and understand that I have been granted access of the User profile to change my password and nothing else in that section. I agree to change my password when I first receive it and from then on as and when I feel necessary. City Connect does not need to be notified of this password.

8. I agree that I will not change anything under my profile settings such as the wording of my biography without passing any changes by one of the Editorial Board.

9. I agree that City Connect retains the right to remove my articles or biography if I tamper with the user section without Editorial permission.

10. I note that I will retain the rights at all times to my articles and can have them removed whenever I wish.

If you disagree with any part of the Agreement or have any concerns, please one of the Editorial Board to discuss further. If you wish to only upload your articles by e-mail submission then ignore the login details above and just forward the articles to us at editor at

In addition please make sure you have supplied us

A) Your name as you wish it to appear
B) A head shot photo

We look forward to working with you.

City Connect Editorial Team

Please enter your name as you wish it to appear on your bio.
This e-mail will not be given out. It is for use by the editorial team only.
If you have a website you wish to link to your bio, please put it here.
Please type I AGREE below, if you are happy with the above.

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