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City Connect was established in Cambridge in early 2011. It originated from the minds of three people who decided that there were many good Cambridge events around but these events were not being used to connect people who would otherwise not be connected. A plan hatched not only to highlight the more diverse Cambridge events but to use these events to help our readers and writers network. As the event category grew, we realised there was call for more information, bringing not only Cambridge people together but ideas such as Cambridge news too. The idea took off and after a month of being quite singular and just featuring Cambridge events and Cambridge news, we expanded our pages to London covering London events, theatre, art galleries, museums and news to name a few. The following month our readership had gone global, with a great deal of new interest in France, United States, Canada and Australia. We stay true to our original idea of keeping our events sections predominantly filled with Cambridge events with a spattering of London events and UK seasonal events but have expanded our other categories to reflect our global interest to accomodate our new fan base.

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