A Guide to Decorating Your Home After Moving to Thailand

Many expatriates consider locations like the Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, and South Africa because the American dollar goes further compared to back at home. In addition, living outside of the US gives retirees, teachers, artists, former military personnel, and families the chance to travel as well as experience a different culture. While living in Thailand is quite inexpensive comparatively, there are also a few caveats that have to be kept in mind. First of all, you actually have to get to Thailand, which will most likely be by plane. Next, you have to get your most precious personal effects to Thailand with you, which might be sent through plane or even an international moving agency. Use this guide to decorating your new home in Thailand so that you can stay on budget while still living quite nicely.

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Finding Local Art and Accessories

Furniture won’t be hard to find in Thailand. In fact, a lot of rentals come already furnished so you could find that you really only need to get the perfect pieces of art and other accessories to make everything comfortable. This Banksy stained glass painting from Project Picasso is colorful, modern, and just slightly avant garde. You could put it in a room decorated with traditional wood furniture just as easily as hanging it up next to a leather overstuffed couch. There are many artisans, painters, and even interior decorators in Thailand who are around to make your new home look picture perfect.

Decorating Specifically for Your Home

Where you are going to be living in Thailand will have a big impact on how you go about decorating it. Expatriates living in smaller apartments may just want a few tapestries or paintings, and perhaps a throw rug or two. Those who have large sprawling houses that have several floors will of course want decorations for each room. If you are buying property, of course you have a lot more say in how to decorate things. It may be necessary for you to paint each room and consider landscaping as well. If you are going to live in a short-term rental, you simply need decorations that you can easily pack up and take with you on your next adventure.

Considering the Climate

Thailand stays very warm year long, so you should forgo heavy drapes and go for materials that are light and airy. Likewise, you won’t need to purchase lots of heavy blankets and comforters. Instead, your home is likely to benefit from keeping the windows open and the cool breeze moving. On rainy days it might even get a bit muggy inside. So, when you are decorating your home in Thailand, pick items that go best in warmer climates. Rattan furniture, canvas fabrics, and tropical houseplants will fit into your home seamlessly and go perfectly with the climate. Seasonal decorations are also a consideration when deciding on home furnishings, regardless of where on the planet you reside in right now.

It is not very likely that you will just take all of the furnishings you owned in the US and have them transported to Thailand. For one, that is a very costly option and secondly, a lot of those furnishings may look out of place. Spend a few weeks in Thailand, get to know the locals and the culture, and learn where you can get the most appropriate home furnishings.

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