A Comparison between Walk in Showers and Wet Rooms: Which is Best?

When it comes to showers, most of us are probably familiar with the three most common options. Firstly, there’s the shower enclosure – which includes a shower tray, side panels, and a shower door. Secondly, there’s the walk in shower, which is composed of the shower tray and the shower screen. Thirdly, there is the wet room, which requires only the shower screen. It can be difficult to choose which is best for you and your family, as there are advantages and disadvantages to each of them.

However, many people are becoming bored with the normal, traditional shower and opting for either the walk in shower or the wet room instead. They have good reasons; there are indeed many benefits. However, which on is more appropriate for you? Here’s a comparison between walk in showers and wet rooms: which is best?

The walk in shower

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages – here are some of them:

  • Some advantages
  • Speed of installation. Installing the walk in shower happens very quickly – which means it is not only convenient but also economical in terms of manpower and salaries.
  • Cost. The costs are low – not only for initial installation, but also for maintenance.
  • Investment and return. Excellent return on investment.
  • Disadvantages
  • Whilst there are some disadvantages, they are proportionally few. The major ones are: you may want to choose another option if you don’t like the lip of the shower tray and you may want to install some safety features for elderly people.

The wet room

Here are some advantages and disadvantages for the wet room:

  • Some advantages
  • You’re able to create an aesthetically pleasing environment because you basically have to choose all the components yourself – it’s great but may cost you some more.
  • Like the walk in shower, it is a very efficient use of space.
  • Disadvantages
  • It tends to cost a lot more than other available options, especially since you have to design it all by yourself and if you opt for features that are out of the ordinary.

Which is best for you?

You can understand why many people have trouble choosing between the walk in shower enclosure and the wet room – it’s often hard to choose as there are both advantages and disadvantages for both. However, it should be noted that the walk in shower is becoming more and more popular for two simple reasons: it can save money and time in both installation and maintenance, and it offers class and style a common wet room simply doesn’t. When most people are asked about which they would prefer, the resounding answer would be that the walk in shower comes at the top of the list. However, you may feel differently. Think about it carefully and choose wisely.

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