9 Amazing Ways To Make Him Feel Special On Valentine’s Day

Love is often an overrated feeling. The swanky gifts and extravagant gestures of love are often associated with the special feeling.

Honestly, love is all about building sweet memories and winning the heart with cute little gestures. And especially if it’s about special ways to treat a man, it’s quite simple. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to plan something out of the box and let him know how much you love him with special gestures.

Here are 7 ways to make him feel special on Valentine’s Day and give him a day to remember. Take the guide:

  1. Plan A Movie Marathon

This is quite different from the usual sophisticated diner-date kind of celebration. All you both need to do is sit in your pajamas at home with a bowl of pop corns and watch your favorite movies back to back.

  1. Cook Something Special

If you don’t cook at all, this is your chance to make him swoon in love with his favourite dish. If you cook, surprise him something exotic. Instead of planning a fancy dinner at a restaurant, try going home-made this time. He is sure to notice and appreciate your effort.

  1. A Romantic Treasure Hunt

This is new and full of adventure. Plan a trail of hints that lead him to his much awaited gift. Winning his Valentines Day gifts is something that he will remember for a long time to come.

  1. An Impromptu Getaway

Plan a getaway to some serene place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Spend some time alone. A beautiful place, silence and just you two. Doesn’t it sound perfect already?

  1. 101 Reasons Of Love

Take a fancy jar. Use some colourful small cut papers and write 1 reason on each till they are 101 in number and put them in a jar. Now, each time he opens it, he will find a new reason of why you love him.

  1. Flower Surprise

He must have often surprised you with flowers and teddies. This time, it should be you doing so. Surprise him with his favourite flowers. You could either present it yourself or have it delivered at his doorstep.

  1. Show Off Your Love

You can use social media handles like Facebook and Twitter to display your affection. Let him know how confident you are in love by posting some cute pictures of you two online with an adorable message of love.

Well, there are various ways to show love. But with these adorable ways to make him feel special, you are sure to win his heart for good.

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