8 Ways to Keep Up Your Fitness Routine While Camping

Family members, workmates or friends can be fun to camp with because this is the time everyone gets to loosen up from the serious character we are always forced to show in a formal set up. Getting in touch with nature can naturally motivate you to go wild in trying a new adventure and how knows, you might come out of the camp with a new hobby. Camping gives you time to do fitness routine in a fun way and trust me; you will feel the intensity of the exercises way later after you are out of the camp. The good thing about most camping sites is that the crew always have a set of different activates for their guests and they go an extra mile in offering healthy diets. To make this experience more fun, you can do the following activities;

  1.     Outdoor games

Camping sites have a way of relaxing our mind and this makes it easy for us to mingle freely with both strangers and friend. Picking up a simple but enjoyable game that can be played by all age groups is a great way of bonding as you still exercise your body. You can other games that do not strain your body much like volleyball, football, ski jumping among others.

  1.     Use natural equipment

It is a good idea to have a change of exercise equipment we are always used to in the gym and use things like stones and logs to do exercise. It is the time you should get nature’s dirty as you interact with it and you enjoy the feeling.

  1.     Resistance training

Many campsites are set up on the outskirts of town and this gives it the natural terrain that has not been interfered with by constructions. You can use such area to train for cardio and strength training due to differing intensities you get when running. Split running is a good strength training exercise.

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  1.     Hiking

Do away with the fear of heights by hiking with friends when camping. It is a thrilling but fun activity you should not try to skip during camping. As you climb up the height and then come down, your body gets enormous exercise enough for a day.

  1.     Riding bikes

You should take advantage of biking around with a good company to get more adventurous. Biking is both fun and also a great exercise that can keep your body fit. You can cover large distances when biking than on foot which is necessary for exploration. Next time you go camping, carry bikes for all members and get to enjoy the sceneries.

  1.     Swimming

Swimming in a river can give you a natural feeling that you may never get in a swimming pool. However, you should never do this without the guidance of the camp staff. The adventure is simply breathtaking and also keep in mind that swimming is a great cardio exercise that relaxes your whole body.

  1.     Water Rafting

This is fun and a great way of team building as you exercise. Rowing a boat takes a team effort to steer it in the right direction and therefore it is a fun way to exercise as a group. You can also compete in different groups to increase the speeds at which you are rowing.

  1.     Relaxing

Resting is a great way to let the body recuperate from wear and tears you get when exercising. After a day full of exercise, eat a healthy meal and then lie down calmly as you watch the stars and the moon.

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