7 Unusual Ways to enjoy a Date

It does not have to be the usual formal dining over and over again for your date. There are numerous ways a couple can enjoy dates according to Happymatches experts no matter where you come from. The most important thing is that both of you are enjoying the date. The key is going what both of you find fun in.

Here are the 7 unusual ways to enjoy a date. Read on to get an idea.

Watching the Sunset

This is absolutely a romantic idea for people who love nature. Better still it is a free activity if you pick a free site. Most people live to remember such memories that they spent together. Both ladies and men find it romantic to watch the sunset as they hold each other or have some snack of their choice. To spice it up, a rooftop joint in your city will make the view spectacular.


Not many people who would think that taking a port is a perfect way to enjoy a date. A good one is full of fun and nothing offers a better opportunity than kayaking. Almost all water bodies offer this option in numerous places around the world. Take your partner for kayaking and explore the waters together to create a memorable date.

Sample Street Food

It may seem funny to have a date along with the streets. However, it is an endless fun to sample the street food rather than dine in a quiet restaurant away from the city. This date is unique and gives both of you an opportunity to meet different food sellers and enjoy the hand foods like meat on skewers, chicken wings and many others.

Mini Golf Fun

Mini golf centers are becoming popular in the cities. Most of them are neatly organized for couples and families to enjoy playing the golf. So, why not visit one and challenge each other with the available competitions. If non, just enjoy what the mini golf has to offer and wind down with a café treat before heading back home.

Enjoy a Comedy Show

Most dates end up in movies with a box of popcorn. But this time, you should take your partner for a comedy show. It may take a shorter time than a movie but the tickles of the jokes from popular comedians in your town will create memories that will last for long. There is nothing better than laughing together for the entire evening.

Watch a Soccer Game

Whether you choose to do it at home or in your favorite joint, watching a soccer game together is an excellent way to enjoy a date. It is considered a men’s affair but inviting your partner to watch with you will make it more interesting and memorable.

Take a Nature Walk

Nature walks are usually romantic when together by two people in love. If there is a park nearby, do not hesitate to do this at any time of the day. Nature walks provide privacy and a cooling environment to talk about your relationship and ambitions.

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