6 Tips to create more space in your house

Do you want to create more space in your house because the walls are closing in on you? Then you can literally create more space or make your home feel more spacious. We list 5 tips for you.

1. Place a veranda

It is an investment, but with a veranda, you create a lot of space. You certainly don’t feel claustrophobic underneath it, because you generally have a lot of light and aren’t looking at walls. You can close the sides for more privacy, but if you want to eliminate that trapped feeling, you leave the veranda as open as possible. Or you can install glass sliding doors in it, so you can do both when you want. Moreover, a glass roof is a good option, because you can simply look through it. With glass on your veranda, you create more optical space than with, for example, a wooden roof. After all, sunlight creates a more spacious feeling. If it gets too hot under the glass, you can choose to install sunshading.

2. Light colours on walls

If you want to give certain rooms indoors a more spacious feel, it is a good idea to put light colours to the walls. After all, light colours such as green, blue and yellow reflect more light than dark colours and make your interior look bigger. For this reason, it is advisable to provide walls that receive little light with a light colour. Dark colours make a room more intimate and therefore more cosy because they absorb the light. For instance, you could give the wall behind your TV a dark colour so that you also look at the screen more comfortably.

3. Incidence of light

If you want to create a spatial feeling in your home, make sure you get as much sunlight as possible because this creates a spatial effect. So try not to block the sunlight with plants or closed curtains. Especially in the dark months, you can definitely benefit from artificial light, although you should not opt for bright and direct lighting. This has an adverse effect.

4. Create depth

Another way to make a room look bigger is by adding depth. You can do this with coloured cushions on a plain sofa, a rug that is coloured differently or with a large mirror. In these ways you can add depth in your room.

5. Breaking down walls

A more rigorous measure to create more space is to break down walls in your house. If, for example, the kitchen is separated by a wall, you create more openness when you remove the wall. Do be careful not to tear down load-bearing walls.

6. Tidy up

If you fill a room with plants, books, works of art and other stuff, it certainly doesn’t get any more spacious. Therefore, if you clean up the mess and throw out some of your stuff, you kill two birds with one stone. You literally have more space in your house and inside you also tidy up a bit on the inside.

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