6 Things to know about Short-Term Secured Loans

When you are looking for a loan, the bank offers borrowers options. You can apply for a long-term loan or a short-term loan as both have pros and cons. Today, we are going to emphasize the short-term types of loans.

Short-term loans are best suitable for people who require quick financing. They also promise the lender that they will pay the entire amount in a short time limit. Additionally, the lender may ask for collateral, which turns it to a secured loan.

The reason the bank asks for collateral is that they want to minimize risk. Lenders will often come for that asset if you default payment. If you’re going to apply for a short-term secured loan, here are six things you should know about it.

1. Examine all the options available

Before you walk into that bank hall, you should consider whether you require the loan or not. Some of the penalties incurred can be heavy on you.

Therefore, if it is possible, look for other options if the emergency can wait. If you decide to go ahead, shop for lending options.

In short, you have to pick the best option available because some offer loans with very high interests.

2. Are you creditworthy?

Getting short-term loans does not mean that it may come as quick as you desire. Banks need to take time to get details about you before they can give you that loan.

Some of the factors they will have to check include your credit history. Borrowers who may have a defaulted loan on their records may not get a loan.

The lender will also consider if you have a consistent income. Note, however, that these loan types come very easy compared to others.

3. Consider collateral type well

Before a bank considers giving you the secured loan, they will expect you to sign a document stating that you are ready to let go of a particular asset in case you are unable to meet payment demands.

With collateral, comes security. Therefore, the asset you surrender should be equivalent to the amount you indicate in your loan application.

Examples of assets that pass as collateral include your car (also known as online title loans), house equity, and investments.

4. Understand penalties

Do not think that the only penalty you can get is losing your asset if you refuse to pay the loan amount.

Some lenders can penalize you if you pay too early. By the way, late payments also come with penalties. Therefore, consider the time limit before applying it to avoid problems with the bank.

Consult with the loan officer so that you know the penalties early enough. It helps you make a solid decision.

5. Quick funding

Most people who run to the bank to get a short-term loan do so because they have an emergency at hand.

Banks allow quick funding because they know that the loan is low risk since they know they will get their money back.

However, experts recommend that you avoid it if there are other options.

6. The downside of these loan types

With the assurance that you will get the money quickly, the short-term secured loan comes with specific barriers or disadvantages.

Borrowers need to know that the bank expects you to make frequent payments. For some, you may have to pay them on a daily or weekly basis.

Most people have to make adjustments in their budgets to avoid penalties.


Be sure to think about the loan carefully before you decide to take a short-term loan. Many people lose significant assets because they could not finish paying the entire amount.

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