6 Strength-Training Tips for Women

Women should engage in strength training just as men do, and ignore the common myth that women who include strength training in their workouts will have very masculine physiques. They do not have to avoid strength training and concentrate on cardio alone. Strength training will help them build muscles, which burn more calories, thus helping them to lose weight.

How can women do strength training and achieve greater results in a shorter time?

1.   Strike a good balance between cardio and weights

You need to get a good balance between doing cardio and lifting weights. Only those who manage to have the right balance can achieve long-term success, as opposed to those who concentrate a lot on cardio machines to stay lean. For the most effective results, avoid overdoing cardio, as it reverses the muscle-building efforts. Instead, do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), as these exercises are six times as effective as steady cardio in burning calories, and are not as likely to reverse the muscle gained.

2.   Remain consistent and committed

The biggest mistake that most women make is to think that they can build muscles overnight. However, you must remain consistent in your training and be committed to your goals. Experts recommend at least two sessions each week for you to realize your goals. It is also important to keep your eyes on the prize and not give up midway or early on.

3.   Observe a proper workout order

Many women are guilty of rushing into the gym without any workout plan and doing some lightweight reps on any of the machines that are unoccupied or that look the least demanding. The order of your physical activities matters. As a rule of thumb, while performing full-body workouts, engage your muscles from the largest to smallest. For example, start with your glutes and hamstrings, since they comprise nearly 60% of your muscle mass, then exercise your back or chest before moving on to your biceps, shoulders, and triceps. Also, experts recommend starting with compound movements (those that engage more than one muscle) prior to isolation exercises. For instance, you should perform pull-ups before planks. While still working out, you can expedite building muscle and achieving your overall fitness goals by including steroids from one of the most reliable sellers, who you can check out at https://steroid-universe.com/.

4.   Incorporate variety to avoid a plateau

You need to be creative and add spice to your workout by adding a variety of exercises, even if it’s varying the order of activities, doing lighter weights with more reps, doing heavier weights with fewer reps, and so on. Sticking to one thing will make you hit a plateau and stagnate your muscle-building journey.

5.   Take shorter rest breaks

Avoid taking too long breaks to achieve the cardio burn you are working toward. Things like texting or admiring yourself in the mirror should not feature anywhere in your workout. Take rest breaks of 15-30 seconds in between cardio sets, when you choose to do cardio within your strength-training routine. In instances where you are combining moves in a superset, try to take very little to no rest from one exercise to another. In the case of circuits, 45-60 seconds rest is ideal.

6.   Rest days

After training your muscles, you need to provide them with vitamins and macronutrients for them to grow. Rest is also paramount to allow muscle and joint recovery, and to avoid injuries. Have one full-body rest day per week or rest one or several muscles for a day or two.

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