6 Reasons a Mosaic Weighted Blanket is the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

A weighted blanket looks no different than any other, but the strategically placed weight gives it a therapeutic advantage beyond anything a regular blanket can offer. Below are six reasons to give the gift of better sleep and comfort for any upcoming special occasion or holiday.

Wide Selection of Colors and Styles

Mosaic Weighted Blankets come in a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures, which make it easy to find the perfect one to gift everyone you know. You can choose from sleek, plush, firm, soft, and everything in between. Get the none you know they’ll love to use every day.

Perfect for Warm and Cool Weather

You can now give the gift of a weighted blanket that doesn’t cause you to feel overheated in the warmer weather. Special fabrics can allow heat to escape while keeping your loved one wrapped in comfort. It’s a unique design that allows the therapeutic benefits all year long and in any season.

Calming and Comfort

Therapies involving the use of weighted materials have been conducted for decades and prove beneficial for many conditions that cause high levels of anxiousness, restlessness, and help improve mental alertness and acuity. It only takes the equivalent of one-tenth of normal body weight to get the full positive effects.

Give the Gift of Better Sleep

Gifting someone you care about that has difficulty getting a restful sleep with a weighted blanket is like giving them what they need most, which is good rest. It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give this year, no matter the occasion.

Reduce Anxiety for Kids Away From Home

Attending summer camp, staying weekends with friends, or heading off to the dorm can all cause kids, no matter their age, to feel a level of anxiety at being far from home. A weighted blanket can give them the comfort they need to overcome feelings of anxiety at being in new locations and surroundings.

Give the Gift of Hugs to Everyone You Love

The feel of a weighted blanket is like getting a hug when you curl up to take a nap or sleep for the night. The recipient will drift off knowing that someone cared enough to give them a hug, no matter how distant they are in miles.

Comfortable blankets are always a great gift idea, but the weighted blanket is one that goes beyond basic aesthetics. Give the gift of comfort and tranquility everyone craves.

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