5 Things to Know Before Moving to a City

Whether you just want a new scene or have somehow landed your dream job while in quarantine, when the lockdown is lifted, and you decide to move to the hustle-and-bustle of big city, there are some things you should know first. If you are constantly searching Boston houses for sale while binging House Hunters on your couch, make sure you do your research before taking the leap.

  1. Know the cost of living
    • You need to know how far your dollar will stretch in your new city so you don’t become “house poor.” You should research the cost of housing, transportation, if you need a car, food and nightlife. You don’t want to move and then realize the only thing you can do is work and pay rent because you have no money for anything else in your life. Look at online housing listings, gas prices if you are moving states and even restaurant menus to see if you can afford to go out to eat once everything is paid. And if you need help moving to your new house, be sure to check out Mesa Moving and Storage for the best services.
  1. Research job opportunities or learn about your new job
    • If you have landed your “dream job” it is still smart to look into what other job opportunities are in your new city. There is always the chance you don’t enjoy your new job, but do enjoy your new digs. You need to make sure there are interim jobs you will get hired at such as bars or restaurants to make ends meet for a bit while you are able to find another job in your field.
      • If you are positive this is the job for you, make sure you research the company. Are they offering you relocation benefits? Also, try to learn about their corporate culture, job expectations, and work/life balance.
  1. Make connections
    • Make sure you see if you already have family or friends in your new city. If you don’t, you can use your alumni network to find past or present connections, or even an alumni group that meets regularly. Maybe you are Facebook friends with someone who lives in the city but haven’t talked since high school graduation. Reach out and try to see if they are interested in meeting for coffee, anything to give you some footing in your new city.
  1. Explore before you move
    • If you have the option, try to visit your city before you make the move. If you can’t, you can always learn the lay of the land via the internet. Research neighborhoods to live in and find out what  areas are residential and which ones are commercial. Definitely make sure you find out which neighborhoods are considered dangerous and which ones have features like parks or yoga studios that you would be interested in.
  2. Learn about the transportation
    • Figure out if you will be driving a car around town or if it is easier and cheaper to use public transportation. If you need a car, make sure you find out your parking or storage options. Do research on which bus or train you take to work so you don’t move into a neighborhood where that line doesn’t drive to.

All in all, moving is a big responsibility and takes some research. However, you should also make sure you throw yourself a goodbye party. You need to give hugs to all the important people in your life that got you on the right path to that big city move. You will leave your old city on great terms, but it could even lead to new connections in your new one.

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