5 Signs You May Want To Consider an Assisted Living Facility

As family members age, you may notice their quality of living start to decline. This can happen slowly, so you may not recognize the signs right away. It’s never easy making the decision to send a loved one to a senior care facility, but a better quality of life could be just around the corner. Here are some signs it may be time to consider a senior care residence.

1. Longer Recovery Times

If it is taking longer than usual for an individual to recover from incidents like falls or illness, then more focused, continual care may be needed. A weakened immune system could be the culprit, in which case an assisted living community Denver can offer more frequent one-on-one attention.

2. A Decline in Home Upkeep

Keeping up with a home, especially maintenance tasks, can quickly become overwhelming to aging loved ones. If you notice the home showing signs of disrepair, or lack of general upkeep like a neglected lawn or stacks of dirty dishes, day-to-day tasks may be getting too difficult. In addition, a stack of mail could be indicative of several larger problems. There could be cognitive issues or problems with finances you may want to have a discussion about. 

3. Improper Eating Habits

Some elderly individuals may not be getting proper nutrition, especially if preparing food becomes too difficult. You may notice fluctuations in weight or an accumulation of pre-packaged meals. An experienced facility can keep up with a proper eating schedule that includes hot and well-rounded meals.

4. Neglected Pets

If your loved one owns a pet, keep an eye on the animal’s living conditions and general well-being. If the animal is lacking water or food on a consistent basis, your loved one could be having trouble moving around or remembering a feeding schedule. While a pet can be wonderful company, it’s important that the animal’s care does not become a burden. Moreover, if individuals are forgetting to feed pets, they could also be forgetting to take important prescriptions.

5. Disinterest in Social Activities

Elderly individuals can easily become isolated, especially living alone with no close neighbors or visitors. Without regular company or someone to check in with, your loved one may become withdrawn. Senior care facilities can alleviate some of the problems elderly individuals experience. For example, driving may become difficult or scary, which in turn can keep individuals from attending events or participating in activities that previously brought enjoyment. Sometimes simply asking if your loved one is satisfied with his or her living situation can segue into a conversation about improving a lonely environment.

As people age, routine tasks gradually become more difficult. While many individuals value their independence, a senior care facility can greatly increase the quality of life through both excellent physical care and activities to encourage social interaction.

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