5 Places to Tour in Barcelona

Gorgeous buildings, impressive museums, stunning views, and fantastic food and leisure activities – these are the main attractions of Barcelona! Still, every time I visit it, I discover something new about this multi-layered city.

But if you’re not used to the Catalan way, you may get stuck in the standard touristic attractions. So today, I’ll walk you through some of the most recommended places to tour in Barcelona, when you want to feel the city and meet its people.

#1: The Gaudi Creations

Wherever you go to Barcelona you’re bound to reach one of Antoni Gaudi’s creations. He is one of the most famous architects of the past, with buildings like Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló under his belt.

But he also designed a castle (see Bellesguard), the Teresian College of Barcelona, and the well-known ark Güell (among others). So, you don’t have to muster a special interest in architecture to enjoy this tour – you’ll be amazed either way.

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#2: The Beaches (in summer)

If you’re the kind of tourist who enjoys the sun and a nice beach, Barcelona may be just the perfect vacation destination!

The city is surrounded by gorgeous beaches (some farther away than others) where you can lay in the sun all day long. The good news is that there is a location for every type of tourist, from beaches for party people to ones where you can be in the nude, and beaches that are specially arranged to accommodate kids.

There is something for everyone!

#3: The Museums & Other Cultural Objectives

For the tourists who enjoy bathing in a spot’s cultural heritage, Barcelona is the perfect destination. It has lots of museums and places of culture where you get to learn about the history of the place and how they come to be.

You shouldn’t miss the Museu Picasso (a fantastic objective for art lovers), the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Barcelona City History Museum, or the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. Of course, there are others on the list, but if you’re trying to understand the Catalans better, you should start with their history and art.

#4: The Restaurants & Local Food Taverns

The Catalan cuisine is simple and healthy, so you don’t run the risk of putting on a few after a trip here. They like to create the taste based on high-quality ingredients rather than add sauces and too many spices to the mix.

In conclusion, you don’t risk eating anything weird if you decide to go local. Try tapas in every taste and shape you can find and always combine them with the right wine (the locals will know which one goes best). Also, if you truly want to feel the local foods, you should visit the La Boqueria Market (or the Las Ramblas Market). Here, you’ll find a combination of fresh fruits, sweets, meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other delicious foods the locals consume on a daily basis.

#5: The Old City

Like most European cities, Barcelona was built around and over the old city which can still be seen in the district Ciutat Vella. In this part of the town you can see how time and various civilizations shaped the modern Barcelona into the jewel it is today.

There are still streets that used to be walked by Romans, you can even see some pillars of the old Roman Forum, there are walls where Picasso used to practice his skills, and buildings from the time when the Catalans were under the dominion of the Visigoths.

Barcelona is a rich city in both culture and history, and it takes more than one visit to get to know it. This is why so many tourists return with every chance they get!


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