5 Home Remedies For Dry Skin

When your skin gets dry, take it as a warning sign. The cause of this issue could be aging, the weather, environmental factors, or the use of unsuitable products. Whatever the case, dry skin isn’t just itchy and uncomfortable, but can also lead to several other problems such as breakouts, wrinkles, lines, etc. 

Trying out even more products to combat dry skin might be risky. So, why not start with a few home remedies first?

Here are some of the most common and effective options to consider: 

1. Moisturize With Oil


Sunflower seed oil is a great all-over moisturizer and usually much cheaper than the tiny tubes of cream that you can find in stores. The best and most effective method for using this to combat dry skin is to take a bath first, and then, apply the oil to the body without drying off. This will lock the moisture inside the skin – just make sure to apply the oil liberally!

Other great options for moisturization include coconut oil and argan oil. This recently published article gives us proof of the effectiveness of argan oil for dry skin. In a recent study, coconut oil was also found to be useful for skin.

2. Try An Oatmeal Bath


You must have heard of people with allergies taking an oatmeal bath to soothe their inflamed and irritated skin. Dry skin isn’t much different from this. So, it makes sense to take regular oatmeal baths to nourish and revitalize that essential organ.

All you have to do here is add about half a cup of powdered oatmeal in a full bath of lukewarm water. You can also look for creams that contain oatmeal if the natural method sounds too troublesome.  

3. Drink More Milk

Cleopatra bathed in milk to enhance her beauty. Why not use this super drink to get rid of dry skin? Along with drinking more water, it’s also a good idea to increase one’s intake of milk to improve the condition of dry skin.

The reason behind this intriguing fact? Well, milk is packed with various nutrients such as vitamins A, D, and lactic acid. You can also use milk topically to see the differences in the elasticity of your skin.

4. Apply Honey

Honey is a miraculous superfood; it lasts forever, is an excellent sugar substitute, and is also good for treating several kinds of skin diseases. Not only is it a moisturizing agent but honey also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It can repair wounds quickly and soothe inflamed skin. 

To use honey for dry skin, you can apply it directly to the most affected areas. However, since honey is an expensive option (especially if you go for the organic kind) it might be best to use it only on the face or extremely dry spots. 

5. Don’t Underestimate Aloe Vera Gel

It’s easy to keep an aloe vera plant at home. They don’t require much upkeep; as a bonus, they give you fresh aloe vera gel for all your skincare and beauty needs! For dry skin, apply some of this gel on the affected area. 

You can cover the applied gel with a cloth, glove, or sock to avoid making a mess. To be safer, it’s probably best to conduct this practice just before going to bed. 

The Takeaway

The effectiveness of the above remedies could vary from person to person. Before you try any of these out, make sure to conduct a patch test for ruling out any allergies. Apart from that, these methods look fairly simple and safe. So, try one out today!

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