5 Essential Items for Studious College Students

With fall fast approaching, university students everywhere are preparing to slip back into familiar academic routines, shedding summer bathing suits in favor of cozy sweaters once again. For those who are more academically inclined, fall is the perfect season for stormy-day studying, warm coffee in the mornings, and long, lingering days spent writing or poring over books. Here are some aesthetically pleasing and useful tools for studious college students this autumn.

1. Yellow Legal Pads 

A handy catch-all for notes, doodles, essay outlines, schedules, and even poetry — a yellow legal pad is casual, durable, and adds a little dramatic flair in all your classes. Never forgotten or left behind because of its unique color, it can carry you through all the classes and activities that are on par for the course of a busy college student. 

2. A Comfortable Backpack 

You take it everywhere, so you may as well make sure it’s both stylish and easy to carry. No one wants backaches after just a few days of use, and especially for students in rainy regions, waterproofing is essential, as well. Some might prefer aesthetically-pleasing messenger bags while others will go for the classic backpack. 

3. Reusable Travel Mugs 

Better make sure to get two or three, since these rapidly become an everyday essential. Once finals roll around, you might even keep two in your bag all the time — your coffee will stay warm and that extra dose of caffeine is sometimes all that gets you through a day’s classes. There are plenty of stylish options on the market, too, and some even pepper their mug with stickers to really exhibit their personality. 

4. Nice Pens

You use them every day, so why not invest in pens that run smoothly and don’t make your hand cramp? Some prefer colorful pens for their notes and others stick to a simple black and blue — whatever your preferences, there are thousands of options on the market, so you’re sure to find some you like. Better yet, why not go really pretentious and just adopt the use of a quill? you can always use Custom Essay Meister if you need help.

5. A Good Book

Sure, the definition of this one varies a bit by the student, but during that awkward twenty minutes between your two classes, it can feel nice pulling out a good book. Whether you’re interested in astronomy, fiction, poetry, or psychology, hopefully, there’s a local bookstore near you that can recommend a fun read. 

Students preparing for a cozy, productive fall term will find these items essential to their everyday needs. With a little intention and a lot of hard work, you can accomplish all your goals this fall — and even in style, too. 

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