4 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

The current crop of college students are exposed to a plethora of health risks that negatively affect their physical and mental wellbeing. Drug and alcohol abuse has become more rampant in campus, thanks to a terrible culture of inebriation that’s handed down by different fraternity groups and social cliques. One comprehensive study performed among college students back in 2017 revealed that 45% of students report having stress-related health issues while a further 49% have depression.

Alcohol addiction can potentially ruin a student’s career prospects. However, you can learn how to stop drinking and start leading a sober, more fulfilling life.

Here are 4 ways to stay healthy in college:

  1. Avoid drugs and substance abuse

Addiction can happen to anyone – it only takes a few puffs of marijuana (or several snorts of cocaine) to get hooked. The feeling of euphoria that’s achieved when you consume hard drugs gets harder to resist every time you try. As a student, you should focus your efforts on making a better future for yourself. Anything else that jeopardizes the achievement of your goals is merely a distraction that should be nipped in the bud. It’s important to choose your friends wisely. After all, bad company corrupts good morals.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercising offers a wide array of health benefits. Due to the demanding college schedules, very few students find time to work out. However, you can create a simple exercise regimen that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Start by walking to class every day. You can also try your hand in sports or cheerleading: whatever tickles your fancy. Most tertiary institutions these days offer modern gyms where students can work out at their leisure time. Join different fitness classes around campus and also take advantage of the free gym resources found in your college.

  1. Eat healthy foods

There’s a popular saying that you are what you eat – this statement especially rings true for college students. Your diet has a direct impact on your weight and immunity, so it’s wise to have a balanced diet every time. Avoid skipping breakfast since it’s the most essential meal. Eating breakfast helps to supply your body with enough energy to kick-start the day with vigor. In addition, incorporate some fruit and leafy greens into your diet. Be mindful of every food/snack you consume. Eating right can actually improve your moods and boost your weight-loss efforts. Therefore, avoid drinking caffeinated beverages or eating junk foods. Your body will certainly appreciate it.

  1. Relax your body and mind

Depriving yourself of ample sleep inexorably lowers your brain function and triggers headaches. However, most students overlook the benefits of having a good night’s sleep. If you struggle with insomnia or general anxiety, practicing mindful meditation could help. When you meditate, the mind becomes calmer and more composed. This level of relaxation can help to induce sleep. However, there’s a wide array of relaxation techniques you can implement apart from meditation. These include yoga and massage therapy. Remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water.

These tips will help you to stay healthy and focused while in college.

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