4 Ways in Which Traveling Can Develop Your Creativity and Essay Writing Skills

While there is a lot to be said for simply learning how to properly write an essay in a classroom environment, there are a lot of experiences out there which can help improve your writing and your creativity in general when it comes to writing essays. Travelling, for example, is good for creativity and writing because it expands your horizons – with more experience of the world, people have more to talk about. This experience will go directly into helping in making a better essay, because the experience allows people to talk with more authority. While it might not directly help with writing skills, having more experience definitely helps people overall when they are writing.

When Travelling Can’t Be Considered a Useful Experience

There are some occasions when travelling can’t be considered a useful experience – if the trip itself is one which is very sheltered and isolated, then the amount of experience to be gained from it is small. If, however, someone takes a trip which encourages them to interact with the local culture, which allows them to meet people and take part in new activities, then it can be very beneficial. Travelling does not help with writing as such, but it can and does help with the creative process. Travelling can broaden people’s horizons, and give them more life experience to draw on when writing a college essay. They can speak more broadly about certain things because they have experienced more of life.

Travel Stimulates your Mind

Your brain works by creating neural pathways in response to certain stimuli. Travelling offers entirely new experiences to people, and so it naturally causes new neural pathways to be created. Changes in environment and the chance to interact with people and animals which otherwise would not be available all cause new neural pathways to be created and stimulated, with the result that people have more to talk about in essays. A mind that is more stimulated is a mind which is more creative.

Travels Opens your Mind

Travel is said to be fatal to prejudice (to use a quotation from Mark Twain), but there are other benefits besides the huge one of being more open-minded in general. If someone takes the time to appreciate new experiences, and take on new ideas, then their minds will correspondingly become more flexible, and used to grappling with new ideas. Opening your mind will make things easier whenever you need to write an essay, because it will be more accustomed to working with new ideas. Interacting with new cultures and ideas directly makes your mind more flexible, which helps it to become more creative when writing.

Travelling Helps your Identity

As academic writers who work for EssayZoo.org have said, one of the hardest parts of writing essays is developing a particular style. Having your own style means that your essays will stand out, no matter what you are writing about, and that people will know it is you writing. Travelling is one thing which can help you to develop your own style by helping you to become more creative and open-minded. Meeting new people and writing about your experiences is something which can work in different ways: number one, it can help directly by giving you more experience in working with words and learning how to better say what you mean, and number two, meeting new people can allow you to formulate your own sense of self more effectively. Knowing how you are allows you to show that on paper, giving your writing its own unique spin.

Unique Travels are Better than Mundane Ones

We are all familiar with the spectre of spring break and college students by now – it is the same the world over. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this makes for a good travelling experience which will expand any writing ability however – most people who go on spring break never stray outside the expected borders. Don’t despair though – you can still gain unique experiences while going to the usual haunts. When going to a particular area, if you want an experience which will broaden your mind and horizons, try to choose activities and events which will bring you into contact with the local people and culture, rather than ones which keep you inside a bubble.

Contact with another culture will broaden your horizons and help to gain a better understanding of yourself and other people. This will be reflected in your writing.

Travelling Helps your Faith in Humanity

Living in one place and keeping your eyes and mind in that area can create what is known as an echo chamber, where everything is repeated and passed along until you no longer hear anything from outside your own circle. This can obviously have an effect on writing, as echo chambers make it difficult to seek out new information.

Travelling can break the cycle, and give you a new outlook on life and different people. Meeting different people, experiencing new cultures, and getting their perspective on world events is something which can work wonders on helping you understand their views, and understand them as a whole. It’s been shown that experiencing new cultures can help us to feel better about humanity as a whole, because it promotes better understanding of the world. This is also reflected in people’s writing, as their greater understanding of the world is used to inform what they write.

Travelling in Longer Time Spans is Better

Studies have shown that longer time periods spent travelling is better than short time periods. This is because a long time spent in one places allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture, and possibly learn the language if that is what you choose to do. Short travel times do not allow for this to happen, at least not on the same scale. Writing benefits from long periods of time spent travelling because it changes the way you write; new ways of thinking can come from spending time travelling, and your writing will reflect this.

Wrapping it up  

Travelling is something which can widen your horizons in many ways, if you take the time to do it properly. While it will not help with writing itself – at least not unless you take writing classes while you are away – it helps your writing by broadening your horizons, and helping you to learn how to think in different ways. Travelling is something which can help people in general to loosen up and see things from a different perspective, something which is useful for any kind of writing, as it helps with general problem-solving and critical thinking.

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