4 Things You Need to Know About Beauty Treatment Injuries

Have you gone to the hairdresser or the spa and ended up injured? Did you suffer a burn, a cut, a scald, or an allergic reaction? If you suffered an injury that was not your fault, and it was caused by the negligence of the stylist or therapist, you could be eligible for compensation.

Here we take a closer look at the types of beauty treatment injuries that may affect you, and what you need to do in order to make a legal claim for compensation.

  1. Steps a Beauty Therapist Must Follow in Order to Protect You

A beauty therapist or hairdresser has a duty of care to protect you and your body as you are in the salon undergoing the treatment. They must carry out the procedure in question to at least the standard you could expect from another professional with the same field of expertise. While carrying out the treatment the therapist must discuss any allergies or prior health conditions with you that could affect the outcome of the treatment. They must carry out skin tests or patch tests. They must also tell you about the appropriate aftercare procedures you need to follow in order to heal well. And they must follow all guidelines and procedures properly when operating equipment or applying dyes, tints, wax, and other chemicals.

  1. Probability of Being Injured During a Beauty Treatment

Unfortunately as more and more beauty salons and spas are opened, and none of them have to be regulated by a governing body, there are more and more therapists who do not have the right levels of expertise or experience. Unfortunately it is now more likely you will suffer from a beauty injury, and consequently beauty injury claims are on the rise. You must always vet the qualifications of a new therapist and check what experience they have carrying out beauty treatments.

  1. Common Types of Beauty Treatment Injuries

The most common beauty treatment injuries you can experience include cuts, abrasions, wax burns, scalds, allergic reactions to any of the chemicals used in the procedures, and injuries from equipment that has not been maintained or is used incorrectly.

  1. What to Do If You Are Injured During a Beauty Treatment

If you suffer injuries, look for a specialist beauty treatment injury lawyer. They will be able to advise you on the next steps in securing a compensation claim. It is important to document all injuries and get your injuries looked at by a doctor. Taking photos can also help.

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