4 Important Issues Facing Congress Today

It is no secret that America is at a political precipice today. The people are crying out for change, yet Congress appears to be in a state of constant gridlock. Regardless of what side of the aisle you are on, you likely agree that change is surely coming. Which direction that change is headed remains to be seen, but there are some items that need to be resolved sooner, rather than later. Consider the following 4 important issues facing Congress today and decide for yourself which is the most critical and pressing.

Healthcare Reform

This is actually not a new issue, but it is one that Mike Crapo will tell is still just as important today as it was a few decades ago. America’s healthcare costs have almost grown out of control. Healthcare in the United States is arguably the best in the world, but it does come at a price. That price is now out of reach of the average American, and this is a problem. A prosperous nation needs to be able to take care of its citizenry, and this is why healthcare reform is so desperately needed today.

Rewriting the Tax Code

Senator Mike Crapo and his colleagues in the Senate and House of Representatives are also increasingly concerned with the existing tax code in this country. The system has grown so complex that it is almost out of control. There are people paying way too much in tax, while others are using loopholes in the current laws to get out of paying their fair share. A nation that collects so much should not have a debt that is so high as well. There is something wrong with the existing system, and the average American is more than ready to a new system that will be more equitable and fair across the board.

Climate Change Initiatives

Climate change initiatives seem to sway with incoming and outgoing administrations. This is an area where the two major political parties simply cannot seem to agree on much. America has recently signed onto the Paris Accord, much to the chagrin of many in Congress. Others agree that this is definitely the right path to take and that America needs to be doing even more to shore ups its place as a leader in combatting climate change. Eliminating harmful pollutants and cleaning up the environment should be front and center in this debate.

Job Stimulus and Growth

Having just coming out of a prolonged recession, far too many Americans continue to be out of work. Growth is needed in the economy across all sectors in order to stimulate the type of job creation that is needed to get Americans back to work. There is some agreement across all parties as to how this can be accomplished, but there is much work to be done. Tax breaks, incentives, and more are needed to keep companies from moving overseas in the long term.

There are actually many more issues that some readers will consider even more important than these. This demonstrates the reality that we live under today. Support your Congress. Contact your representative and senator and let them know the issues that are important to you. They can’t read your mind, so they need to hear from you.

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