4 Cultural Events for Students in London Worth Visiting in 2020

Even the most dedicated workaholics need a vacation sometimes. College students are no exception. The best kind of relaxation is a change of pace. Jumping straight into the fun after months of hard work can be a tricky endeavor, though.

So let’s go over some of the most exciting and useful events to put on your bucket list in 2020. Choose carefully and book a flight to London!

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R. U. Hacking? 2020

Although techies have their own, very specific ways of having fun, some events better not remain neglected. IT specialists’ education usually consists of going through tons and tons of various fields. So it can be really refreshing to finally get to do something you have a knack for in a company of like-minded people.

R. U. Hacking is one of the most significant hackathon events in the UK. Grab your friend, a laptop, a student ID, and set out for a 24-hours programming marathon. This will be a perfect place to test your skill with the console. One will also be able to try out the latest ideas or get inspired by the projects of the rival competitors.

Just be sure to turn in all your assignments beforehand as the event seems like a promising adventure. And if you can’t make it in time – don’t be shy to outsource an assignment or even a few to professional essay service. While they take care of your papers, you can dive into the hackathon without getting distracted by any academic debt.

UniMed Doctor for a Day

Being a doctor or a nurse is definitely not for everyone. Having said that, we also need to highlight that some medical skills can definitely come in handy. So, if you get an opportunity to take a break from your studying process, this event may be the right one to attend.

Being both fun and extremely useful, this course will introduce you to the world of advanced medicine as well as help distract yourself from the studying routine.

While the course is targeting medical students, people with no experience whatsoever will also be able to learn something new, exciting, and useful. Keep your eyes and ears open, dive right into the deep waters of innovative medicine, and you will acquire some spectacular skills. Just make sure you’re not too squeamish.

Silent Sounds Boat Party

Slowly but surely getting to the fun stuff! Those weird medical and tech students sure have a different concept of fun than many of us. But all the rest need someplace to actually hang out. The Silent Sounds boat party is that place.

Many have heard of parties like this, but a few have actually attended one. And it’s not an experience you should just gloss over. Putting on your headphones is like opening a doorway into a whole new world of fun and partying. There’s no feeling quite like being a part of this world. The legendary party checklist will be showing all the ticks below guaranteed:

  • Taking place on a boat
  • Good music
  • Lots of cool people to meet and hang out with
  • Booze
  • Cool theme
  • Acceptable entry fee

And a student needs nothing more than that!

New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival

Movies are an incredible art form. It’s not just about what films one enjoys. It’s about how you enjoy them.

There’s a huge difference between watching a film at home on your laptop’s monitor and going to see one in a movie theatre on a giant screen with all the surrounding sound.

To attend a film festival is totally another experience. There’s something magical about having grass, blue sky, and fresh air surround you while you enjoy obscure gems of cinematography with hundreds of like-minded people.

Even if you’ve never been to an event like this, you will most likely enjoy it nonetheless. Here is the deciding top of the cream for students: the entrance is free.

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/iTZOPe7BpTM

Final Words

Knowing when to let go and have a little fun is as important as having the discipline to study hard. Regardless of what field you are pursuing or interested in, don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your cozy comfort zone and expand the horizons.

While studying, you can still enjoy the freedom of leaving everything for an unplanned one-day trip to nowhere, so get the best out of your college years.

It is definitely better to try out as much stuff as you can than sit tight and slowly become more and more jaded as time goes by. It can get too late to get aboard the party train, but it’s never too late to bail out, so don’t be shy.

Open yourself to new experiences, and you will definitely not regret it.

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