3 Tips for Planning a Girls-Only Getaway Trip to NOLA on a Budget

Whether you just got over a rough relationship or just want some much-needed “me” time away from your family, NOLA is the ultimate destination for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends.

One-of-a-kind culture. Amazing food. Stellar sights.

New Orleans is truly a gem of the South, boasting plenty to see and do for those looking to get away from it all.

And trust us: there’s much more to the Crescent City than its “party hard” reputation. For the sake of saving money and having a more meaningful trip, perhaps it’s best to avoid the traditional tourist trap hotspots and seek out a healthier, happier experience while you’re there.

Below we’ve outlined three tips for planning your NOLA getaway that go beyond the bar scene. While there’s certainly no shortage of things to do, these tips will set you up for a trip to remember, all the wheel keeping money in your pocket.

Square Away Cost-Effective Accommodations

There’s no denying that New Orleans boasts some absolutely incredible hotels in terms of architecture and accommodations.

That said, don’t expect to stay in one without paying an arm and a leg. Likewise, competition is absolutely fierce for prime locations downtown.

Other than staying outside of the city proper, a brilliant yet overlooked way to save big on your NOLA trip is by making it a road trip and going the RV route. You can actually find RV rentals in New Orleans that are in close proximity to downtown, meaning that your favorite attractions are just a trek or Uber away.

Sample the Local Fare

No matter how you slice it, New Orleans is known for its food and drink.

In fact, the city is a total foodie paradise given its hopping restaurant scene and variety of local dishes that are so unique NOLA. Along with the staples of Cajun cuisine and Southern sweets, some must-eats when you’re scouting the French Quarter or suburbs include seafood gumbo, muffalettas and beignets.

The good news? Eating well in New Orleans doesn’t mean spending big.

Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to where you dine, too. Don’t be afraid of little mom and pop shops if it means saving some cash: oftentimes those old-school restaurants are the ones that surprise you the most.

Stay Moving

For the sake of your health and keeping money in your pocket, finding freebies to do in NOLA is always a plus.

Perhaps one of the best ways to spend your time productively is by considering some health-related activities. Downtown New Orleans is incredibly walkable, especially with a group, as you marvel at Southern mansions and the likes of the Mississippi River.

In addition to the tons of awesome trails in New Orleans, also consider that there are a variety of fitness events sprinkled throughout the city on any given weekend. Whether it’s pop-up yoga in Jackson Square or the Crescent City 5K, there are endless opportunities to get your blood pumping while you’re on vacation.

Perfect for a weekend getaway, it’s totally possible to have a great time in NOLA without overspending. By sticking to these tips as you plan your vacation, you can do exactly that next time you check out the South.

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