3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Mattress Already

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We all know that sleep is very important. Without sleep, we aren’t that much productive. Who can function properly if you are feeling sluggish all day? If you continuously become sleep-deprived, your well-being will be even affected in the long run. 

It has been established that if you consistently miss sleep, you will be at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. 

One contributor to your lack of sleep? Your mattress could be the culprit. Today, we will let know why you should give up that mattress already.

How old is your mattress? 

Are you one of those people who are still holding on to their mattresses despite its age?  Do you even remember the time you have acquired it? 

If your mattress is at least 7 or 8 years old, it’s time you should consider changing it. Even the best mattresses need to be replaced. Mattresses aren’t built to outlast you. Through the years, wear and tear would naturally change the bed.

What are the common problems of old mattresses? 

Lack of firmness – Your mattress will lose its firmness through the years. Expect it to sag and be lumpy on some areas. The materials used on the mattress, no matter how good they are would eventually break due to age and usage. 

When your bed is saggy and lumpy, you wouldn’t be getting the sleep you want. Needless to say, it’s uncomfortable. It could be even be bad for your back. Your bed is supposed to support your body alignment. When it no longer does that, you really need to replace it. 

Otherwise you wouldn’t just sleep well. If you need to changeyour sleeping position constantly through the night, you won’t have continuous sleep. Worse, you would even wake up with body pains. 

Hygiene issue – If your mattress is old, you don’t want to know what kind of stuff is nesting within already. It could be an assortment of allergens, dust mites, bed bugs. You also shed skin so expect that to go to your mattress. If you allow pets on your bed, they also shed. 

Imagine how dirty your old mattress is! The thing with this, they could trigger allergies and respiratory diseases. It will not just let you sleep, you will be suffering the effects during your waking hours as well. Imagine being sick just because your mattress is no longer that clean. 

Change of weight. – The weight your mattress carries will also affect it through the years. We’re not just pertaining to your body weight, you could probably have a co-sleeper now. 

If you have bought the mattress as a solo sleeper and you now have to share it, do consider getting a more comfortable bed.The overall weight that the mattress carries has changed. This would of course increase the wear and tear of your mattress.

Some people hold on to their mattress as long as they can because it can be quite a hassle to get a new one. If you worry about the bulk, get a mattress in a box. You get your regular mattress but compressed into a smaller package. 

You can even buy it online, so you won’t have to deal with the bulky purchase. Remember to check though if the seller offers more information on warranties and trials just in case you have an issue with your purchase. 

If your mattress is old and well worn, replace it as soon as possible. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t. You don’t want to be losing sleep just because your mattress isn’t doing its job anymore. Get a new one, you deserve a good night’s sleep.

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